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Americans With

“Alternative Views”

Could be Labeled Crazy,

Have Guns Taken

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Preppers, people who complained about corruption previously deemed…

“mentally defective”

Paul Joseph Watson
January 5, 2016


Second Amendment advocates are warning that Americans who hold “alternative views” could be declared mentally ill and have their firearms seized as President Obama announced a raft of new gun control measures. Columnist Jeff Edwards notes that, “American citizens, through mere suspicion by the government, could be denied a constitutional right.” Highlighting California’s already stringent gun laws, under which a judge can order cops to seize someone’s firearms on mere suspicion alone, Edwards fears that Obama’s new control push could lead to Americans with divergent political beliefs being disarmed. “If given the authority, how many people of the far right political persuasion would progressives label as “domestic terrorists”? How many people concerned about the expansion of government would be labeled “crazy” because they hold alternative views?” asks Edwards, adding that a person who spends $5,000 dollars on a weapons collection could be “deemed crazy by a judge”. […]


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

This article was posted: Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 1:07 pm


Think Washington might get ‘DARPA’ to invent some sort of metrosexual death-ray with which to deal with all of these gung-ho homegrown terrorist gun addicts that can, with very little blood-spilling, hit the aberrant gun owner right between the eyes with a blinding flash of flaggart-light that causes them to drop their pants and root anything of the same sex up until they’re so shagged out their guns can be taken? 😉
Damn, now THAT really is a sully idea ~ Think that might work America?  😉

Bugs Bunny Martian metrosexual death ray Salt Lake City


I like how your definition of terrorist has shifted from someone who commits violence to someone who is merely existing with a different view than you….


Very good, you passed the first test and are hereby entitled to sit the exam which decides whether you are a loyal and true member of the elite New American Century ~ The exam consists of a simple two part question with the first part thus…

“Do you agree you trust the state enough to cease turning up for elections and will you agree to simply register your choice of #01 A Republican Masonic Zionist or #02 A Democrat Masonic Zionist as your preferred candidate to become America’s new head of state for the 2016 presidential elections”
The second part of the question is much simpler and can easily be answered if you got the first part right ~ It goes thus ~ “Do you agree the state has the right to sodomize you after they lobotomize you with an impact drill if you’re deemed a gun owning homegrown terrorist who fails to surrender your guns prior to fulfilling your other (Other) obligation of believing whatever banal idiotic shit they tell you”
Masons in good-standing with Grand Lodge are exempted as their vote in 2016 has already been recorded on a Diebold Machine like yours has…

except THEY know about it and you don’t, sucker  😉

Diebold Machine


Psychologist already contract with local governments to spy on the general population. Where else do you think university psychology graduates pumped out of the university system find work? Anyone who refuses to be leached of all natural defense mechanisms is diagnosed as schizophrenic. Freudianism is basically homosexualism dressed up as science. Many women who have been schooled with Freudian like psychology, likely homosexualize their own children as they self-manifest their psychology education as their reality, and then your children are in public school with their children. Perverted psychology is the religion of your modern graduate. Logic for the most part went out the window long ago. Your modern or you might say post modern graduate is a psychobabbling cliché stamped out of a die at university. Everything you say to them means something else to them. They are literally perverted. People believe what comes down from above. Freudian pseudo science has been institutionalized in the educational establishment and is therefore believed by the masses of university graduates, since it has the weight of an institution behind it. It comes down from above. The young woman who has been put up on a pedestal by popular culture and her vanity amplified by her education hugs her psychology books as she walks across the university campus to her next class.


I’ve just consulted with an eminent colleague of your well known war hero, patriot and part time clinical psychologist Sen John McCain, and he says that it’s pretty damn obvious you have a deep seated Oedipus Rex complex along with a latently suppressed homosexual desire for submission that causes you to need to appear to be free, plus, he says you’ve got a great butt and you need to surrender your guns…

because otherwise you’re a terrorist…

Doctor Cocaine condom


The mental defectives probably represent the most concerning group of candidates for gun confiscation. Anyone discussing so-called eyewitnesses to the San Bernardino and Sikh Temple shootings who supposedly reported things not in the official narratives is clearly a threat to national security. Worse, perhaps, are the birthers who claim Obama’s birth certificate was proven to be fraudulent and that the President has been using a Social Security number issued to one Harry J.Bounel since the 1970s (Social Security doesn’t issue the same Social Security number twice). And what about that controversial talk about the Obama administration creating ISIS, the so-called swine flu hoax and Baxter incident of his first term and his BLM’s blatant land seizures in Nevada, Oregon and Texas. There’s a lot out there. Or so they say. Who says? The crazies, of course. Can’t let them have the microphone, can we? No way. My president right or wrong! God bless him. And God bless you for being good Americans.


No-problemo, now we’ve got this one’s name of ‘Harry J. Bounel‘ we can all finally accept that it was his Kenyan born split-blastocyst half brother from a separate surrogate birth mother to Dunham, the one elected in 2008 with the Photoshopped birth extract known as ‘Barry Soetero’ who’s since just up and disappeared who was this one’s doppelganger ~ You know, if I’d not known better I’d swear the Zionists made this so damn complicated that you will immediately look stupid…

the moment you articulately explain it  😉

Look, of course I’m being (Partially) sarcastic here in that I’ve no idea what the name of this (Fake) Obama was ~ I’d note two things tho, first, just like the original US Marine Vietnam vet John Kerry and this fake that wrestled for a short while in the early 1970’s that’s taken his place, the voice prints of the two Kerry’s, this one now and the real one won’t ever match, and neither will any high quality computer (Digital) photo comparisons of the minutiae of things like that triangle facial recognition looks for, at least in Kerry, however there’s also the number of skin pores per centimeter in high quality photos which won’t match because this Obama now that was elected in 2012 is simply not the same man as was elected in 2008 and that’s a fact ~ World Masonic Zionist fascism has long played with eugenics in a big way but just as Nazi Foo Fighters proved the concept of anti-grav flight by the 1940’s the Nazi eugenics doctor Joseph Mengele brought his science to an art form by splitting the blastocyst at 16 cells into two sets of 8 making identical twins which he could place in separate wombs and, was upwards of 40 to 50 years ahead of the rest of medical science ~ This is where your president Obama came from America, Malcolm X’s seed combined with Ann Dunham’s egg resulting in two identical twins who’ve been used to turn America into a confused  mess after the Cessna Pilot charade turned them into a sad joke…

Obama Harry and Barry how dare you think twice


The nightmare has come to pass. The defensive attack must be x10.

We The People have been backed into the corner.

Obama has just succeeded in deepening societal divisions.



Do you see Trump pictured below in the Economist 2016 magazine?????

No, you do however see Killery……….She like other future “Presidents” was a “guest” at the Bilderberg Meetings a couple years back.


Mahatma Gandhi had a right idea ~ ‘Passive Resistance’ can, if well done, achieve almost anything active resistance can’t ~ Russia under the oppressive Masonic Zionist Stalinism their own stolen gold was used to finance turned it into an art form after they’d been conned into handing over all of ‘THEIR’ weapons…

Then they’d try to do almost exactly what they were told in such a literal yet slack assed manner that whatever the state required of them would fail…

So the state wants your guns? ~ Well, Umm, Err, Ah, Umm, Err…

Stalin finger FEMA CAMPS

Trump To Hillary: If Guns

Don’t Keep You Safe, Disarm

Your Bodyguards

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Ed Adamczyk
UPI January 5, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump challenged Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to travel without armed bodyguards to prove that guns don’t keep people safe. “Hillary said that guns don’t keep you safe. If she really believes that she should demand that her heavily armed bodyguards quickly disarm!” Trump said Sunday in a Twitter post. As a former First Lady and now as a presidential candidate, Clinton has had the protection of armed Secret Service guards. She also has a long record of favoring gun control, and in October said if elected president she’ll take executive action to curb gun sales, involving restrictions on people regarded as dangerous. President Barack Obama is expected to issue executive orders this week to place more restrictions on gun sellers. Trump has said if elected president he would immediately veto or “unsign” any executive action on guns that violated the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Read more

This article was posted: Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 7:12 am



Make sure you either register to vote with the republican party OR change your party affiliation to republican soon, so that you can vote for Trump in the primary, even if you are already registered republican, if you have moved you need to make the address change and find out your new polling place. This primary will be just as important as the general election. If you are not registered republican, you could run into problems even in open primary states, so don’t risk it. It takes 5 minutes and a postage stamp, so anyone can do it. You can change your party affiliation back after the election. Don’t wait until the last minute, some states require you do it at least 90 days before the primary, other states maybe only 30 days.

Do it now so you don’t have to worry about it later.

TRUMP 2016


A safer-bet would be to register with their new ‘Israeli-Aid influenced Masonic Lodge Controlled Super Delegate led Electoral College” in 2016, because no matter which rat bastard takes the cheese, the Zionist trap will still snap shut on You America
There’s nothing much positive to say about American politics now…
The lies since ‘911’ are flushing what little is left down the crapper…

Swastika Smiley Super Delegate 2016

Obama Bans Himself

From Buying Guns? Shrink

Suggests President

Mentally Ill

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President “irrational and erratic and perhaps not exactly what we might want to deem sane,” says psychologist.

Kit Daniels
January 5, 2015

President Obama, whom many have speculated suffers from various mental issues including narcissism, may have just banned himself from buying firearms under his latest executive order.

Back in 2014 for example, psychology expert Dr. Gina Loudon indicated that Obama’s decision to trade five “high risk” Taliban leaders for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was an irrational decision that you’d expect from someone with mental issues.

“I am very, very concerned about the mental stability of this President at this point,” she said on Fox. […] “It really seems to me like this president is demonstrating behavior that is not only anti-American, but irrational and erratic and perhaps not exactly what we might want to deem sane,” Dr. Loudon added.

This article was posted: Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 3:56 pm



The word EVIL seems more appropriate….

this felon doesn’t deserve the sympathy a psychotic diagnosis would provide.


Hay, anybody remember this guy? ~ I’ve little sympathy for the pretender in chief but as I’m writing this St Rand Paul, son of that famous American saint and indomitable grass roots sly-tooter and bent straight-shooter St Ronald the anal virgin Paul, and St Paul the Lessor (Eck) is waffling on about Muslim terrorists who overran the Benghazi compound and swam in the American swimming pool there (Yuck, sweaty Arab water) but he forget to mention the whole thing was ‘RENT A CROWD’ while the real Libyan’s were quietly trying to get world attention to the fact that a bunch of ex Delta Merc’s had helped Gaddafi steal over 30 years of their national wealth thru only trading oil for gold bullion, and forget to mention that according to the Libyan people that was one of Gaddafi’s illegitimate cousins who got whacked in his place so the Zionists running America could steal the Libyan gold, after already stealing Iraq’s gold at the “Mission Accomplished” moment of Dybya the Divine…
Oh yeah, before I’m sidetracked too much, remember this guy in the photo below, the one who was part of the ‘GET OSAMA’ op which surely must have gone to Hades rather than Pakistan, because the fake Osama America refuses point black to acknowledge (Not the fake Obama) had been dead since early 2002 at the latest…

So again, remember this guy, Smokin’ Joe Biden, the Masonic man who really runs things behind the scenes while America at large pretends that the (Other) Masonic man Obama #02 runs things? He sure looks good for his age Biden does, considering what a low down lying thieving manipulative “German-Jew Zionist SOB’..

wheeler and dealer gold thief he is…

Obama and Biden What Gold

#### ####### #### ####### ####

It’s time for me to move on now so stop trying to corner-me Zion, that’s dumb  😉

I’ll be needing either Liberty or death  (Justice or euthanasia) to keep the peace  😉

god-killer-ap-round RED BORDER 680

You’ll be needing these to protect you from Zion’s treason on your species  😦

#### ####### #### ####### ####

Illogical Captain ~ Rock paper scissors Spock


I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated nobodies ~ All past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) plus all past present and any future royalties also remain those of the original lawful owners  😉

You tortured-me at least twice at the age of 3 years, America, literally  😦

You’d previously tortured me at least twice at the tender age of two, America  😦

But thanks to you, least the dirty stinking rotten Commies didn’t get me  😦

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