‘Allah took their sanity’:

Putin accuses Turkish

leadership of



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December 3, 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out at “part of the leadership in Turkey” during his annual address to the parliament, accusing Ankara of having trade ties with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. He also promised more sanctions for Turkey over downing of the Russian jet. Putin said Russia still cannot comprehend why the downing of the plane happened.

“We were prepared to cooperate with Turkey on most sensitive issues and go further than their allies. Allah knows why they did it. Apparently Allah decided to punish the ruling clique in Turkey by taking their sanity,” Putin said. Putin stressed that Moscow’s anger over the incident is directed at particular individuals and not at the Turkish people. We have many friends in Turkey,” he said. “They should know that we do not equate them and part of the current Turkish leadership, which holds a direct responsibility for the deaths of our troops in Syria,” he said. He added that the killing of Russian officers would have long-term consequences for those responsible. […]

This article was posted: Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 7:49 am


Can the US trade leaders? We will throw in California.


How about Jehovah and Allah swap rooms in a mental asylum instead? 😦
The Abrahamic Jehovah could (Temporarily) move out of ‘ROOM-23’ in the great psyche ward in the sky, then move into Allah’s old room ‘ROOM-23’ while angry Abrahamic Allah could move into angry Abrahamic Jehovah’s old room ‘ROOM-23’ then both could be placed under 24 hour observation to……….

1/ First, see if they both really even exist in the real world……….
As well as 2/ See if they’re the same same angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic deity (Illusion) causing all of that never ending imaginary trouble over in the Middle East, then both can be placed on high doses of some new angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic psyche drugs?

Then you’ll see if the Abrahamic delusion still exists 😉

What? ~ Whaat? ~ Whaaat? ~ ‘Spose you think that’s sacrilegious?  😉

Dave Allen god devil for Christ's sake


Dear Putin, encourage the Turk Army to retake control of the Government.

Reinstate ranking officers purged by islamists.


That’s a truly great idea, except then you’ll have nothing but Masons in the Turkish officer class, and the entire Masonic establishment are (Secret) Zionist, so it looks like good old “Catch-22” whichever way you go there Baaarb 😉
On a lighter note, in the context of the US Govt replaying that Psy-Op crisis actor stunt with the ex US Military guy playing ‘SAD FCUK’ or ‘Saed Farook’ or whatever the turkey-fcuk his name is, here’s an alternative plan…
Every morning in the White House Rose Garden, the president lines up all of those ‘LYING TURKEYS’ he’s gonna need for that day’s lies and he pardons them all in advance, kind of like a ‘Mass Turkey Pardoning’ every morning 😉
You think that’ll work ‘Baaarb’, you fcuking turkey you? ~ Huh?  😉

Turkey Mason


As a mason, I find your ignorance beyond belief. Obviously you have been molested while having your Turkish delight bath. Much like a Catholic choirboy, I know you feel soiled and dirty, but remember father Sully loves you and so does his god. Remember suicide is a sin, try to make it look like an accident.


Yeah, Heh-Heh-Heh  😉

I’m sure Masons in congress and in ‘CIA’ would help me out there ‘Baaarb’  😉

CIA Wally World Quality Canned Worms ~


With assisted suicide, bum boy?


Watching American Masons give themselves a reach-around more like it you treasonous piece of olde world idiocy  😉

Jim Jeffries amnesty America ~ Mason FCUKING COMEDIAN

PS: The times are wrong on the comments posted due to their subnet-hack  😦


Maybe the American president can give all of his pardoned turkeys a medal?  😉

Yeah, sure, Nuts, beats the hell out of reality tho, right America? ~ Right?’  😉

America’s true reality really is crazy now, absolutely fcuking crazy  😦

Treason Amnesty Bible Belt inbred turkey


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