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‘notherPRICK in the wall  😦

AMERICA‘ (Und Felix)  😉


White House Prepares for EMP

That Would “Wipe Out Power, Render

Cellphones and Internet Useless”

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Mac Slavo
November 7, 2015

Every prepper knows about the possibility – even eventuality – of an EMP attack, and most have taken some basic precautions. Washington and the powers that be know about the threat of an EMP, too, of course, which could come from a powerful solar flare or more dramatically from a foreign enemy. Nearly everyone admits that such an event would take out the grid, and leave the mass population without power, food, water and other essential services, triggering riots, chaos and mass death within days and weeks. A number of people in Congress, Homeland Security, the Pentagon and now the White House are strategizing for the big one, and war gaming out how to protect their critical infrastructure, and perhaps salvage mainstream society as well. The Daily Mail reports: The U.S. government are preparing for a catastrophic solar flare which could wipe out power across the world for months. […] The massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from solar flares could wipe out power grids, bringing an end to modern civilization as we know it as cellphones, credit cards and the internet were rendered useless. In the U.S, alone researchers estimate the cost on the fragile economy would be up to $2.6 trillion, according to a 2008 National Academy of Sciences study. The report warned that power outages after an extreme solar storm could last months or even longer if it wiped out the transformers.

Coronial mass ejection

They know something is coming… and so do you.

Are you as ready as you could be?

This article was posted: Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 6:05 am

“Nearly everyone admits that such an event would take out the grid, and leave the mass population without power, food, water and other essential services, triggering riots, chaos and mass death within days and weeks.” Wow. That’s an argumentum ad populum (everyone knows fallacy) and an emotional appeal fallacy all in one. The EMP thing is based on Starfish Prime, where a high altitude nuke took out a string of streetlamps in Hawaii. It didn’t take out all electrical power in Hawaii. The engineering data shows that most electrical transformers will survive such an attack. Motors, transformers, and most high input inductance devices are very resistant to EMP do to their high impedance to high frequency surges. IF the grid goes down, look to your government pulling the plug on you. They’re actively researching ways to take out your phone, computer, television and radio – all techniques that are useless against military hardened devices. Poop. You have more to worry about WW III starting in Syria than some “terrorist” doing an EMP attack. The government will pull the plug on you, then send the friendly “We’re from the government and hear to help you to the FEMA camp” agent to your door.

“IF the grid goes down, look to your government pulling the plug on you.” They could do that very easily, but it isn’t solar flares or their own devious manipulations they’re worried about. It is Russian Tesla technology, and it absolutely CAN take out power grids. See USS Donald Cook in the Black sea that was neutralized into uselessness by Russian Tesla technology. Russia has been working on it since the early 80’s, but most specifically since 1986. Not only can it take out power grids, but it can also neutralize systems from one side of the world, bending around the curvature and take out a target on the other side. And yes, it would cause a COMPLETE halt to all deliveries and communications leaving those in the urban areas unprepared, causing them to be killing each other over food and potable water.

You do know Tesla was crazy, and in love with his pigeon, right? And yeah, Windows sucks. Not sure why they were trying to use Windows to run a navy combat ship.

Tesla was a genius.

The idea of AC power transmission was a first. However, it was hardly genius. Maybe by comparison to Edison he was a genius, who was ignorant of elector-magnetic physics. He had a number of good ideas, like the beautifully simple Tesla turbine, but even that was a sub-optimal design which has been discarded. The rest of Tesla’s more exotic “inventions”? Well, there’s no proof, and in 70 years since his death, there’s been no hint of any of his stolen and suppressed technology. No one has been able to duplicate it, or re-discovered it. And quite frankly, any claims of perpetual motion machines are just crank on the face of it.

And he was, literally, insane about that pigeon.


Russian Jews and their pigeon-love aside, the Tesla tech of pulling power from earth’s magnetic field is a fact and not one of the tinfoil hat ideas ~ Your account was often the most logical profile here once, so ‘Wasssup’ Hun? 😦

Tesla Power powers a 30 mile deep-bunker system from underneath the Australian Federal Parliament out to the city of ‘Cooma’ 30 miles away, with the huge stainless steel antenna above the bldg. a cathode or anode or whatever the fcuk the correct scientific term is ~ Come out of the fascist closet Yank and you can finally tell the truth about shit like the US abducting Vietnamese Cambodian and even 14 y\o Iranian boy soldier slave labor to build ‘YOUR’ bunkers ~ Even the wonderful (FAKE) human rights oasis of Australia used East Timorese slave labor (Literally) whom Indonesia helped abduct to build our bunker system, so ‘WASSUP’ huh?  😦

Flag Canberra Parliament


Show me the physics.

That doesn’t look like the Wardendyffe Tower, which was made to transmit energy rather than collect it.

I’d show you your ignorance but, for those who understand what the Tesla shit mainly was (Collecting electricity from earth’s magnetic field rather than transmitting it thru the air) you just showed them ‘YOUR’ grasp of physics, as well as political psychology, which lean to the old “Hook line and sinker” law…
Transmitting power like ‘HAARP?’ ~ Yeah, Wardenclyfe etc…
That tower above the Oz parliament is merely to collect power…
Like most German’s of Nazi-Jew descent you’re a dishonest ‘POS’ 😦
No comment on good old ‘Aussie’s’ using Timorese slave labor?  😦

Oh well, truth is dead in modern America anyway, so follow the beat of ‘THAT’ drum…

So, you could show me the physics, or you could build the device yourself, but you don’t? It’s easier to say I’m ignorant.

Here, here’s a demonstration of “String Theory” physics on a truly massive scale, the power for that gained from the Twin Towers themselves both being built as Tesla field generators pulling electric power from earth’s magnetic field, with the old company of Nazi Prescott Bush the building supervisors ~ Although the Towers were indeed successfully weakened via small thermite explosives as some claim to further weaken the structure for total destruction, the inbuilt Tesla shit placed there by the building supervisors, a ‘BUSH COMPANY’, was what powered the string theory physics which powdered the concrete and structurally weakened the steel, in the process leaving pools of molten metal at 2000 degrees for months after ~ In addition to that melted iron engine blocks in cars and trucks half a mile away and a hole in Bldg 6 right down thru to the basement level are proof of both the string field theory concept, and the massive power needed for such an event proof of Tesla field generators built into the Towers, otherwise they would’ve had to suck all the electricity out of the New York grid, ‘IF’ that would’ve been enough ~ The ‘Kiddy Pool’ for logical debate rather than Troll psychology is at the other end dude, whoever you are, but you have a real nice day dciking Washington’s suck, Ya-hear?  😉

Twin Towers falling

Photo of the Towers collapsing due to an attack by Cessna Pilots  😦

WTC Bldg 6 (3)

Photo of the hole in Bldg 6 ~ Mildly debunked Cessna Pilot attack? 😦
And now, a word from your fairy godmother  😉

Fairy Godmother Patriot's Ball FascistsFire Truck 9-11-memorial-museumMelted engine block 911

(Fire truck with the front almost dematerialized, iron engine blocks melted)  😦



Phony Payroll

Jobs Number

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Paul Craig Roberts
November 7, 2015

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced today that the US economy created 271,000 jobs in October, a number substantially in excess of the expected 175,000 to 190,000 jobs. The unexpected job gain has dropped the unemployment rate to 5 percent. These two numbers will be the focus of the financial media presstitutes. What is wrong with these numbers? Just about everything. First of all, 145,000 of the jobs, or 54%, are jobs arbitrarily added to the number by the birth-death model. The birth-death model provides an estimate of the net amount of unreported jobs lost to business closings and the unreported jobs created by new business openings. The model is based on a normally functioning economy unlike the one of the past seven years and thus overestimates the number of jobs from new business and underestimates the losses from closures. If we eliminate the birth-death model’s contribution, new jobs were 126,000.

This article was posted: Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 6:02 am

The Obama regime BLS regularly spews out garbage only to quietly change the number months later.

Ignoring the idiocy of berlieving in fairies or Cessna Pilots flying 757’s, the American Masonic Zionist ‘REGIME’ has done nothing but spew out ‘BS’ since Nov 22 1963 when they faked John Kennedy’s death very publically using his security double as a cover story, because he himself had been shot (Dead) in the back (Literally) by his German Jew (Bavarian) Illuminati masters round 2 weeks before that ~

It’s all been downhill since then…



Legendary US Army Commander

Says Russia Would “Annihilate” US

In Head-To-Head Battle

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Zero Hedge
November 8, 2015

Late in September, we brought youUS Readies Battle Plans For Baltic War With Russia in which we described a series of thought experiments undertaken by The Pentagon in an effort to determine what the likely outcome would be should something go horribly “wrong” on the way to landing the US in a shooting war with Russia in the Balkans. The results of those thought experiments were not encouraging. As a reminder, here’s how (Link) Foreign Policy summed up the exercises: [….] To be sure, the fact that this is even under consideration is somewhat surreal. Sure, no one took Hillary Clinton serioulsy when she presented Sergei Lavrov with the now infamous “reset” button (which actually didn’t say “reset” because thanks to a “typo” the prop said “peregruzka” which means “overcharged”), but with a Nobel Peace Price-winning President in The White House, no one expected things to deterirotate to the point that NATO was seriously contemplating a war with the Russians.

Read the full Politico story here

This article was posted: Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 6:56 am

That statement is false. DOD propaganda designed to apply pressure to increase the military budget.


AGREED us weapons are far superior to Russian plus the Russians are so broke they can’t even buy the weapons they build in quantitu.  Look they can’t win in Ukraine and in Syria their tanks are whacked. Syrian rebels are retaking areas and the Syrian army is taking serious losses.

You’re friggin dreaming! The Su-30-33-35 Aircraft can kick anything we have’s ass. The supersonic Yakhont, anti-ship cruise missile can sink a carrier from 160 miles away and there is no defense against it. Just ask the Pentagon experts. The Russian EW warfare capabilities are electronic jamming weapons that we can only dream about (Just as the sailors aboard the USS Donald Cook) when the Russians fried all of their electronics and left is dead in the water in the Black sea. It had to be towed to a Bulgarian port. So much for our advanced technology.  In short those generals and Admirals are on the money when they say we would be annihilated. It’s only those asshole Neocon Khazar Jews that think that they can win in a head to head battle with Russia the dumb asses think they are the supposed “Chosen Ones” and can’t lose, LOL.

They’re not a ‘Khazar’, cause true Khazar’s are the dark eyed dark haired Turk’s the Assyrian Emperor placed in Samaria after the 10 tribes went elsewhere under his Swiss Egghead master’s patronage, they’re mixed Nordic ‘Norman’ descent from those who bivouacked in Switzerland for 200 years under Charlemagne onwards until the Norman Conquerors rode off to conquer Gaul and the Vatican’s gold stash + Britain, tho that’s just picking holes in your otherwise accurate appraisal of the dynamics of the deception the illuminated turds of Washington pull on America today  😉

Norman says he's not a Mason ~


I’m curious of your opinion on the genetic research that does not support the Khazar/Jew narrative as it is told. I know Jews motivate much genome research and so could be controlling results either way. Many less “Zionist” Jews want to strengthen the Khazar theory and on the other side, Zionist Jews believe it will lead to the collapse of the concept Israel, if this is more widely embraced.

I’ve read a bit on both positions. I can’t honestly decide either way. What is your opinion? Do you have more info to look at?


Other than what I’ve written, without simply going into greater detail on that, looks like you’ve got it covered ~ I’m a German-Jew descent myself from the Normans via the English Stuart line, then a bit of the Astor’s and look more like a Scandinavian mongoloid (Heh-Heh) than those dark haired types with the curly sideburns 😦
It ‘IS’ what it is, most people of real power in the world, apart from Saudi Arab rulers who descended more directly from Solomon’s 1200 offspring, came thru the Nordic Diaspora tho the Sikhs and the ‘HAN’ Chinese plus ‘White Russians’ are also from the Assyrian Diaspora, so it certainly is a case of “Faaark that’s confusing”  😉

Breeds of dog


You have it exactly180 degrees ass backwards! True Jews are are Semitic peoples exactly the same as Arabs and originated in the Middle East with all the other Arabs. [….]


I-descend from Israelites from an Assyrian Diaspora via Scandinavia, then the Norman Conquerors via Switzerland, then English Stuart royalty, then American Astor’s…

then German Nazi Pater = ME  😉

Don’t like the reality? ~ Then spin to infinity on it, wankaaaah  😉

Non-stop political spin ~ Dizzy ~

(And just for the record, according to the anally-retentive Palestinian born Astor Jew known as Adolph Eichmann my Russian born birth mom was Jew, tho other Nazis dispute that, but him being such a stickler for precision and perfection I’m betting he’s 100% correct)  😉


The US should be eternally grateful to Russia, because it was the Russians who did not let France and Britain invade and reoccupy the USA during its civil war.


It’s not us Whites in the US that take umbrage with Russia, it’s the KikeJew Neo-Cohens that are still fuming because their Bolshevik Revolution > Jewish Communism wound up eating it’s tail by the time Stalin got in and chased them all out. But your right, Whites in the US need to embrace their genetic ally and stop being led around by the Political Zionist interests.


Wow ~ What think-ye of KKK (Order of the Golden Circle) Masons in the pre Civil War South, 2\3rds of landholders who brought wealth with them from Europe, Anglicizing their names either prior to that or at that time, ‘THEN’ claiming to be anti Jewish ever since, when in all truth they’re effectively part of the (Big) illuminated ‘Kika’ Poo-Do’ kosher central (Snicker) Zionist power structure in the world?  😉

Gee, guy in the vid looks more like Bill Hicks at the start than Alex, but be that as it may ‘AJ’ or “Bill” or whatever got set up for that one and, well, lets hope it bears good fruit ~ I’d chosen the vid hoping it would be a ‘FUNNY’ one of David Duke who, off camera, actually does have a functional sense of humor ~ Never mind, it’s one where Duke plays “Hardass Illuminated Dcik” and, well, how “Illumining” 😉
(Hey-Ya Dave, you too Alex, Err, Bill, Ah, Err, Umm, whatever)  😉

Look at the gleam in Hillary’s eyes in the picture above. She loves being evil. TPTB don’t fear nuclear Armageddon because they have bunkers here and possibly off planet sanctuary courtesy of the secret space program most of us have heard about over the decades. The movie, “Elysium” comes to mind. Anyone else notice how the Southern Hemisphere is being cleaned out and mostly young aggressive men are being herded up into the Northern Hemisphere. Now the air currents and ocean currents in the Northern Hemisphere (Fukushima) do not intermingle with the Southern Hemisphere’s air and ocean currents. So the Southern Hemisphere is cleaner than the Northern. George W. Bush bought a 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay that sits on the largest underground fresh water source. Earth is being re-terraformed for the post transhuman agenda.

Yeah, pretty-much ~ Transformed for the post trans-human agenda ~ All they need is your willing participation in their (Masonic Zionist) treason past & present, then, you wont even be needed for their treason against the species itself  😉


Wizard of Oz ~ Mason ~ Lying ~

It’s all right here :


Well poster, in all truth it’s Masonic Bavarian Illuminati” tho lets not quibble about exact info ~ It was these 2000 ‘Bavarian’ (German descent) Masonic pawns of the Swiss Octagon Zionists who pulled your 911 attacks using 10,000 American Masons according to the best experts in the field which, funnily enough includes meee (Snigger) but hey, my bowel tumor ‘CIA’ gave me via chemical injection in 1996 hurts more than a little right now, over the counter codeine don’t work, and together that makes me feel more than a little fatalistic and ‘MAD’ enough to be undiplomatic as days weeks months years and decades drag on and the fcuking thing still hasn’t killed me yet, just painfully reminds me that America is the greatest nation in the world according to those running the charade ~ In balance, here’s a completely pointless vid about 2 secretly (Bio) German Jew Masons who had, in one case, a direct tie to ‘911’ while the other is just there to confuse America, a role he plays like a Stradivarius  😉

Ry Cooder rocks ~ Didn’t seem to do that much after this, pity  😉

Clinton and lavrov in that photo pushing the reset button… Well they are both laughing… I think it’s not a reset button, its a let’s nuke each other button… A mutually agreed destruction button… Clinton especially looks crazed in that photo…

Again, pretty-much, that’s the plan, Stan ~ Better include Germany in that tho because the (Topp Secret) ‘Greater Europe’ is in play here and Germany itself well advanced enough with their gnarly little 28 kilo anti-grav powered kinetic energy weapons to take out your entire navy and most of your Air Force on it’s own if it wanted too, and even South Korea could thro you off their peninsular but obviously not without great loss, Russia is not to be pushed around ~ All of this tech is stuff which Russia tested back in the 70’s but lacked batteries to miniaturize stuff, something America’s Chernobyl attack delayed in a little in house ‘Zio-play’ which in Germany’s case meant stuff that both them and Russia had already largely knew how to do but needed plutonium gas-ion battery tech the US developed in ‘THEIR’ 1980’s 70 kilo Mach 56.6 city crusher kinetic energy weapons which Americans are kept in the dark by America over, to perfect ~ Truth is neither Germany nor Russia would trust the US to crap vertically when shitting next to a big brown bear in the woods, and, yes America, big brown bears ‘DO’ shit in the woods, so, given the degree of (Understandable) distrust of America expect the deal to be Zionist Masons in most of the major powers to use their own weapons on their own people in a roughly 2 billion cull, America having around half of their population excised by those disparate group of well trained crazies not part of the mainstream US military 😦
Ever heard that old saying “Heard it from the Topp?” ~ Well, I-did too  😉

But what comes thereafter? ~ Look, give up the little girl’s games, because the gay metrosexual establishment of America likes to portray they’ll all go underground or undersea or into orbiting arks for awhile and then a brave new world appears after Pole Shift, however both the Christ and his main man Peter (2Pet Ch3) seem to predict a supernova at the end of it, while the Christ also implies they’ll go nuts in their bunkers, the prophet Daniel implies the ‘ET’ + egghead and human ‘DNA’ mix will be like iron and clay as Daniel implies (Big mistake, wont harmonize or cooperate) and St John Divine seems to imply the new eugenics will go nuts when food runs out and start eating anything around, which will be surviving humans and the egghead’s whatever they’re called, so, Jeeze-Ass Christ in a cupcake, those of you who’ve sold out, enjoy your illusion of victory while it lasts if that’s what you bought, yet the rest of you better get a grip and don’t sell your soul’s for chicken shit  😉

Kinetic energy weapons MACH 56.6 Rev 16-21Christ's Lake of Fire ~ Supernova ~

########## ########## ##########

Me and America have a very-long (Highly-illegal) largely unknown history  😦

Tortured as a 3 y\o (For the purposes of ‘MK-Ultra’ for real) in 1960 at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital annex cum respite-house called ‘Escort House’ where most kids were sent to die according to my mom at the time, sick as a dog from mild liver toxins ‘CIA’ put in my skim milk powder mom still fed me and not my step brothers and sisters, diagnosed as ‘Cirrhosis of the Liver’ at the time, the men doing the drug based real world physical torture having American accents, then tortured again as a 5 y\o for 10 minutes with electric shocks to the legs and buttocks while strapped naked from the waste down to a metal table by the man in the following photo who is ‘NOT’ the German born 41st president ‘Scherff’ although America seems in deliberate denial over that fact too, he was merely his (41’s) half brother, also son of Prescott with the legal right to use the name ‘George Herbert Walker Bush’

Bush and BushScherff-41 ~ Gay fcuker prez

The man pictured in the top photo above was nicknamed ‘FELIX’ (The Cat) in ‘CIA’ when he was odd-jobbing in the murder of females while a Texas legislature lawman, his German born half brother covering for him during those times, while that half brother pictured below (Scherff) was nicknamed ‘Butch’ at first to the way he over-reacted when fellow ‘CIA’ ribbed him over his half brother’s gayness, and later while killing (Poisoning) politically active US Military injured in Vietnam after being fragged or shot by Rumsfeld was called ‘Cowboy’ in part because he often wore a Texas cowboy hat and cowboy boots ~ It was him who took over prostituting me once ‘Felix’ mostly left the scene in 1963 ~ In that particular US taxpayer funded living hell, all while being given serial drug based ‘MK-Ultra’ hypnosis, mostly fake eschatology, I’d also been tortured twice more at ages 8 and 12 and the one in the photo directly above, he was the one who personally (The one below) tortured me again at age 15 ~

He ran nearly all of the pedo prostitution of myself after 1963, and also oversaw the torture murders of 9 babies in front of me by ‘Rumsfeld’ (5) and ‘Cheney’ (3) and the ‘Fake John Kerry’ (1) whom America now has as it’s ‘Secretary of State’ who is 100% certain ‘NOT’ to be the original marine Kerry ~ Then, beginning round 67′ after I’d witnessed the murder of the 3 ‘Beaumont children’ up close and personal he (Scherff) himself was the one who (Literally) tortured 5 older Aboriginal children to death in front of me, slowly cutting them up with knives as the 9 Aboriginal babies had been, the last child he (Scherff-41) tortured to death in front of me screamed a good 25 odd minutes before shock or blood loos quieted it’s screams ~ Anyone see any human rights abuses or crimes against humanity by America there? ~ It’s amazing how some people just don’t wanna see shit right in front of them  😦

 George Orwell ZION

########## ########## ##########


I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes, and all past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) and all past present plus all future royalties also remain those of the original owners  😉

(PS: Watch out for ‘NSA‘ phishing using these blogs)   😉

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