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Is Over   😦

Video: Facebook

Reportedly Censoring

Anti-TPP Posts

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Facebook has previously shown support for TPP

Kit Daniels
October 9, 2015

Facebook is reportedly censoring an article critical of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Within the first 30 minutes of its publication on, the article entitled TPP to Kill Thousands by Expanding Monopoly Power of Drug Companies would constantly hit around 50 shares on the embedded Facebook counter, but then the counter would drop dramatically, as shown in these videos (watch enlarged version here):

This occurred several times over the 30 minute period and an investigation by IT staff found nothing unusual that could be interfering with the counter.

This article was posted: Friday, October 9, 2015 at 5:33 pm

fuqs face crooks


Heard the one about a metrosexual Jew psychiatrist who wanted to become a proctologist? ~ He went to his local Rabbit and asked his advice, the old man merely stroking his beard twice before advising the man to take his dcik out of his patient’s ass AND head, then, “Go back to medical school”   😉

Zionist bum-doctor


to Protest Barack Obama

in Oregon (VIDEO)

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Jim Hoft
Gateway Pundit
October 10, 2015

There was an AMAZING turnout today to protest Obama in Oregon after the mass shooting at Umpqua College.

“Go Golf!”

Obama go-golf

This article was posted: Saturday, October 10, 2015 at 7:47 am

Place probably smelled like camel shit until he left.good for you Oregon tell the truth.


Time-wanker rabbit


kicking around on a piece of ground in your hometown…. lalala
Or 1\2 a page of scribbled rhyme ~ Sheee, 200+ posts  😉

whore spacelizard diplomat


hanging on a quiet desperation is the english way…
And liebchen, Getting even is the German-Jew way  😉
Eichmann ~ Mask your occult


When I-was going to St Andrews at St Clair, met three Anglo German-Jew kings yet one’s not there, one wasn’t there again today, we wonder if one more will go away? 😉

Eichmann Windsor jigsaw puzzle ~Stewart THE MAN + Charles


You have got to be kidding me!! So, Diana gets ruled by the elite?
She just goes to get pregnant with someone else’s baby?

Sort-of, her eggs, the boy she birthed is probably the one there now, split-blastocyst triplet from another womb is the one she raised and is now gone to meet his maker’s maker (Snicker) if you get my drift, and one more in the wings from yet ‘ANOTHER’ womb will replace the one there now, or so I’d heard ~ Shit Zion uses to confuse even there own used to confuse me as a kid, not that it was impossible to grasp, rather the purpose was so obscure as to be outside of all sane rational logic 😦
Almost like a “Chinese finger-trap” for your brain  😉

Never-ending ‘Psy-Op’ time-warped repeats, poster?  😉

Chinese finger trap ~ For the Lord shall reign in Zion

And these constant Orwellian REPEATS of old often-fake ‘News’ America?  😦

“Reality-Perspective-Control Disorder” is a new as yet unrecognized psychological disorder, a mental disease if you will that’s just short of madness ~ Don’t get me wrong there cause those who have it are indeed nutz, yet as they know what they’re doing, they’re not actually insane ~ (Yet) ~ It’s not ever going to get any better, or so it seems, not in any country that won’t allow truth to be heard, because the very thing that ‘RPCD’ does is subvert all truth, either turning a truth on it’s head to appear to be a lie, or taking a lie and maintaining it’s the truth to the exclusion of any real truth ~ Once again it’s called “Reality-Perspective-Control Disorder” and is spreading faster than herpes is in America ~ So yes, it’s highly contagious and you can get it from either butt sex or from lesbo tribbing as long as you always tell lots of little white lies about Zionist politics both before and after  😉

And the choice of the “Me-And-My-Monkey” song from Robbie Williams?  😉

Obscure, but he sure does sing better when he’s angry ~ He was angry that day  😉

Monkey Einstein 2016

 You need that 100% amnesty for 55+ years of Masonic-Zionist treason, America  😦

Without-it, your truth is smellier than the jockstrap ol’ Wyatt Earp was buried-in  😉

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(Official disclaimer)

I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humour and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes  😉

(PS: Watch out for ‘NSA‘ phishing using these blogs)   😉

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