Control Out Of…

KAOS‘   😉

Max and the Chief ~ US Fed debt

If you only knew how closely the Get Smart show parodied it’s subject matter  😉

Llook at what the so-called non-existent Bavarian (German) Illuminati who’ve run World Freemasonry for 200+ years on behalf of Swiss Jews in the Octagon Lodge have achieved since they pulled the 911 attacks using a politically blackmailed American Masonic Lodge as their plausibly deniable hidden hand  😦

1/ First, they actually pulled the 911 attacks as a primer and then took their initial step in taking the America political system over ~ They redacted (sic) 2\3rd’s of the American Constitution using their ‘Patriot Act’ which if nothing else deserves singular praise for the subtlety and skill of the sarcasm held within, hiding it’s true purpose from the prying eyes of average Americans seeking to know it’s true purpose, said purpose being the exact opposite of the meaning of the first word  😉

2/ They created the ‘NDAA’ to further enhance the role of secretly fascist Zionist power in America in pursuit of returning America to a form of feudal subjugation by derailing the constitutional guarantees of due process ~ This meant that from that moment forward the political mind of the American state would be secretly policed thru total fascist control of media along with the use of extra judicial secret state run executions for any who still bothered them plus arbitrary arrests of anyone the state chose to arrest, followed by indefinite detentions without trial if that’s what the state (Zionist Masons) decided they needed to protect the state  😦

3/ In concert with their German Jew descent Masonic counterparts overseas, America’s Masons, the same one’s as pulled the 911 attacks, emptied Fort Knox of all it’s gold after already stealing all of the gold from Iraq and from Gaddafi’s Libya too, all initially begun under the guise of a patriotic (sic) all out ‘War on Terror’ against Saddam Hussein’s non existent Iraqi ‘WMD’ stock  😦

4/ Emptied the once fully funded American ‘Social Security Fund’ and then led the American people into a deep debt asset strip cycle that, whatever the liars may claim to the be the real truth literally now requires them to borrow a further $18+ Trillion per year from shadowy figures represented by the likes of Masonic Zionist Illuminati Jew Baron Rothschild, just to pay interest on the real debt……

 Rothschild ~ Monty Burns ~US Fed Reserve Deficit

(Actually, that’s just what America borrows to pay interest on the debt)

Smithers and Burns ~ They're onto us ~

Syrian forces begin ground

offensive backed by Russia

air and sea power

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Andrew Roth and Erin Cunningham
Washington Post
October 8, 2015

Russia’s Caspian Sea fleet on Wednesday launched a complex cruise missile strike against Syrian rebels from nearly 1,000 miles away, a potent exhibition of Moscow’s firepower as it backs a government offensive in Syria’s multi-faction civil war.

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This article was posted: Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 6:03 am

Ever quietly farted in a lift and, you know how it goes, you stand there looking like ‘SOMEONE ELSE DID-IT?’ ~ I’ve often found American Masonic Zionist morality to be just like that, silently farting in a lift with total plausible deniability ~ Anywaaay 😉
A picture says 1000 words? ~ Well, so here’s 2 pictures ~ Peeeeeeeeee-YOU  😦

Post 911 patriotism acting ~ Turd Turd ~ American foreign policy

This is Russia show casing their military in the real world not a drill! America’s pathetic real world shows fall flat when compared! Russia is real world testing it’s new equipment and it looks very effective and efficient. This will surely boost Russian superior arms exports to countries unfriendly to the Septic Tanks! The whole world cheers as the Septic tanks are humiliated! gives me a warm glow!

Sometimes I-wonder if it’s just cocaine on it’s own that time-warped all of the older post ‘Young Republican’ time servers (sic) in Washington, or if it’s ‘REALLY’ all of the underage butt-sex that sent them all off into the closets of Narnia  😉

(Over $2 Billion spent on faked and repeated political news in 7+ years already)
(That’s what the Dr Who pun is ~ Are they nuts, or just caught in a time warp?)

Dr Who rogue time lord here to help

Fear and Loathing

in Turkish Airspace

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Ulson Gunnar

October 8, 2015

There have been now several alleged “violations” of Turkish airspace by Russian warplanes operating from within and across Syrian territory. Conflicting reports have come out regarding how these alleged violations are actually being interpreted and responded to by Turkey itself, with the United States and its well-oiled media machine claiming armed confrontation between the NATO member and Russia is imminent, while other sources claim Turkey and Russia are in close communication and apparent violations have been excused by Ankara.

This article was posted: Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 5:59 am

Spoke to a Syrian-immigrant on the tram the other day for the 2nd time and for the 2nd time when I’d mentioned how full of shit American politics was over there ever since David played fullback for Jerusalem, she stated ‘ALL OVER 5 YRS AGO’ 😉
I’d already known that and was glad for her simple egalitarian honesty 😦
Felt ashamed for America’s children tho ~ A Govt of liars ruling by lying 😦
Wonder how America justifies 24\7 lying to Americans? ~ Getting creepy 😉
Never mind, McCain still singlehandedly supports the Columbian “GDP”  😉

Cocaine is illogical, CaptainSpock McCain Masonic Lodge

Russian Allies Are

Already Wiping the

Floor with ISIS

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Joshua Krause
The Daily Sheeple
October 8, 2015

These days you have to be skeptical of every piece of information that you come across, especially if it comes from a mainstream Western news source. Of course, foreign news outlets aren’t immune from fudging the truth either. At the end of the day, everyone has an agenda, and you have to trust your gut until multiple sources come to the same conclusion. And when it comes to the war in Syria, nobody is completely innocent, so we have to take everything with a grain of salt until all the facts are in.

This article was posted: Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 6:01 am

Bearing in mind it’s been over around 3-5 years, you’re nuts America, crackers  😉


Endured a bit of real-world ‘Spy versus Spy’ stuff myself as a boy  😦

One more time, to derail the lies of Zionist Mason McCain and all of his treasonous fellow Masons trying to make me their ‘Fall Guy’ ~ I’d been tortured by a US Govt employee at age 5, 3 times by age 13 with 23 murders including 14 tortured to death, nine of them mere bubs in arms, tortured again at 15, prostituted for my entire childhood by “The Greatest Country In The World” with ‘NINE’ tortures by age 47 not counting the painful tumors ‘CIA’ gave me via chemical injection, last torture would’ve screamed unreservedly with ‘ALL’ of every breath for 30 minutes but was given a muscle relaxant after 3 minutes that stopped me screaming out loud  😦

For the next 25-7 mins I-screamed internally, just counting the passing minutes to try to (Pointlessly) distract myself  😦

Ever since the age of six one of my central goals was just getting away from the psycho fascist Masonic Zionist creeps who run America and, it would seem, much of Europe too ~ I’ve offered for nine years straight (Almost daily) to either accept a gift of 5 grams of heroin to euthanize over a 2 week period, or accept a (Largish) loan for lawyers and off duty coppers so as to simply quietly and legally permanently extract myself from Zion’s ‘CIA’ run world Masonic head fcuk, and in return offered a simple ‘NOLO CONTENDERE’ ~ That basically means “I-do not wish to contend” in the context of not wishing to be America’s friend ‘NOR’ their enemy either anymore than any average holocaust victim would like to hug a camp guard or go thru any kind of knock down drag out long court case ~ I’d rather just take (True) justice from the relevant Australian authorities who either abused my rights in obedience to the command of America’s Masonic Zionists, or simply looked the other way when they did it direct, from the dissection murder of two kids in front of me in 1963 when the future Chief Superintendent of the South Australian Police ‘Paul Schramm” was in the house wearing a blue hoop clown outfit as the two victims came out of a room with him looking very sad and scared indeed, to ‘AFF Assistant Federal Police Commissioner Colin Winchester’ throwing ‘BOTH’ their mutilated (One decapitated, one eviscerated) bodies a good five feet down in front of me, all of the way through to the ‘CIA’ run torture in 2004, a rape in a hospital in 2005, and various other acts of “Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice” by various Australian Victorian South Australian and Queensland state Govt authorities before and\or since then ~ So basically, simple euthanasia or (Quiet) justice with compensation, and no, this is NO joke, assholes  😦

After a literal ‘LIFETIME’ of torture rape and abuse (Including a literal lobotomy) I’m simply seeking to get away from the fascist Zionist creeps, and if, in the meantime, they find my sense of humor I’ve learned to use to keep an emotional balance and a healthy mental perspective to be gross absurd intrusive or abusive, well then they should just register their complaint with St Peter or Moses or Mohammed if they represent the relevant “Omnipotent omnipresent angry invisible Abrahamic Cosmic Magician” they tend to invoke and worship at election time  😦

If he’s at all real (sic) well then he’ll sort me out himself for my irreligious irreverent mildly anarchistic yet accurate potty mouth wont he, but if he’s not real, then maybe they should take a small warning at face value  😦

See you at the edge of Hades within 30 years, you Zionists  😉
And no, that’s no joke, it’s sarcasm, and very accurate too  😉

Hades MASON ~ True believers

And you ‘STILL’ need a 100% amnesty for 55+ years of treason, America  😉

You’re lied to 24\7 using suss terminology, trick figures, and spin  😦

US Federal Deficit

Better hurry-up and get that 100% treason amnesty America, before you’re led into your next false flag starting ‘WW3’ and other nations like Russia Germany and China having already surpassed you in the real world ‘WMD’ stakes, whether their leaders arte saner than yours or every bit as whacked out on bullshit, are tricked and\or forced by the Swiss Jews to defend themselves and our collective humanity takes a hit prophesied in Hebrew scriptures which, thanks to the secret Luciferin worship of most Jews today, seems to be determined to be self fulfilling  😦

Ordo AB Chaos

A generous loan for lawyers etc, or a gift of heroin to euthanize Zion ~ Respond  😉

But meanwhile, until then, looks to ‘Meee’ like the future is getting stupider  😉

 ‘Order out of Chaos’ my ass, Zion  😦

Not when you fcuk Meee over  😦

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