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Drudge: Facebook, Twitter

‘Internet Ghettos’ Designed to

Demoralize Individuals

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Corporate-controlled social media killing open range of ideas on Internet, Drudge says

Kit Daniels
October 7, 2015

Facebook and Twitter are Internet ghettos designed to eradicate the open range of independent thought that was once the Internet, according to media pioneer Matt Drudge.

“I don’t know why they’ve been successful in pushing everybody into these little ghettos, these Facebooks, these Tweets, these Instagrams,” Drudge said on The Alex Jones Show. “This is ghetto, this is corporate; they’re taking your energy and you’re getting nothing in return.”

This article was posted: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 5:45 am

‘Bout time for a punk-Manga called “Drudge-Jed” or something ~ A real hoot 😦
Like the old “Judge-Dread” comics, only this guy dons an old pink satin cape scarf and pink underwear on the outside of his bright pink Spandex suit as he flies across Washington after daybreak to shine a little illuminated rainbow darkness on the true realities of America’s Masonic Zionist political charade ~ Not a bloody word about all of the institutionalized pedophilia as long as “Drudge-Jed” is on the job 😦
BTW, Zionism precedes Judaism by 8000+ years, they’re lying to you all  😦

Drudge Jed

Adolf Hitler should be remembered for lots of things, but very few are the things most associate with him ~ For a start he was a Jew, an Astor Jew, and illegitimate Astor Jew ~ He was also a Mason even tho it’s claimed he persecuted Masons ~ Truth is he only persecuted Masons who dared oppose world Zionism’s use of him and his US Fed financed ‘SS’ controlled Nazis to loot all of Europe’s gold and cause the conditions for the re-recreation of the Israeli nation state using Masonry’s control of the British and American Govt’s in the United Nations ~ Even the holocaust wasn’t what people think because only 400,000 died in the camps, with 5.6 million effectively being railroaded to Switzerland and Crimea to build Zionism’s massive bunkers there ~ But there’s something more that Fuhrer Adolf Hitler is incorrectly associated with, and that’s with a tragic military defeat in Russia  😦

It was simple treason  😦

Many of those ‘Gut’ (sic) German soldiers sent there were (Eventually) forced to choose surrendering and being themselves sent off as slave labor and overseers to build the bunkers of Crimea, with his Masonic ally Stalin and his henchmen all in on the plot, or spend pointless weeks and\or months slowly starving and freezing to death ~ One of the most treasonous traitorous double crosses in history on top of the double rape of Germany by it’s (Zionist) German Jew Masons in WW1 and WW2  😦

Never ever trust a Jew or Jew god or Jew devil, that goes 10 times more for German Jew Masons ~ For the last 200 years since the Crimean War while under the Swiss ‘Octagon Lodge’ (Masonic Zionist) control they’ve train wrecked every single fcuking thing they’ve touched, period, and now they’re overseeing treason against the entire bloody species when privately they claimed to be protecting humanity ~ ‘Liars thieves and murderers from the beginning’ to paraphrase the Jew Christ’s description of what the illuminated Jews of his day were worshipping ~ The more things appear to change, the more they stay the same, or get worse  😦

And look what German-Jew Masons have done to America  😦

Bush boy, gay as gay could be ~ FelixScherff-41 ~ Gay fcuker prez

Everything, everywhere, for 200 years, German-Jew Masons   😦

Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Kerry Liars 911 (2)

Better review your knowledge America  😦
(On how Zionism uses Masonic fools)  😦

Old J. Edgar Hoover knew the score ~ Political blackmail over weird sex, best on film although sworn affidavits were weighty, ‘THAT’ was how business was done to cover up Jack Kennedy’s murder 2 weeks before Dealy Plaza and that’s how it’s gone down ever since ~ It’s how the German-Jew Masons got all of the other Masons to cooperate with 911 ~ It starts with the weird sex, usually goes onto some form of pedophile activity, whether willingly or using the old ‘MK-Ultra’ tricks, then, once they ‘HOOK-EM’ they let them stew for a few years, chill, relax, think not much is required of them, lead them into thinking they’ve fulfilled their role with small favors, then they hook them with a financial fraud or two they can be blackmailed over  😦

It’s at ‘THAT’ point that they (Illuminati elite) ‘GOT-EM’ ~ See, they (Zion) can’t really raise the weird sex or the pedophilia because the mark would soon be able to point to everyone else, but with the financial fraud they use (Useful idiot) cut outs who can be thrown away (Plausibly deniable) and the congressman or senator can then be buried with the highest of self righteous hypocrisy 😦
Think of that Governor Rod R Blagojevich as the perfect example  😦

He must’ve decided to disobey and do the right thing ~ ‘WHAMMY’ ~ The man who explained all of this to me was the American born 1\2 brother of the German born 41st president ~ He explained it to me in 1962 when I’d only been a 5 y\o ~ It was quite a thing to wrap my head around at that age, however, being tortured at age 5 was one hell of a motivator and shit that came after even more so ~ I’ve made it a life goal to have a working knowledge of what ‘REALLY’ runs America  😦

Don’t forget secretly German Jew Masons Rumsfeld and ‘Scherff-41’ killing politically active American soldiers in Vietnam all thru the 60’s, with Rumsfeld shooting them or fragging them, and then ‘Scherff-41’ poisoning them if they actually somehow made it alive to the hospital ~ You’ve had nothing but treason from these illegitimate (Bio) German Jew Masonic Zionist creeps from day one  😦

Patriotism is dead ~ German-Jew Masonic Zionism killed it  😦

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