Humble and contrite?

Yeah, sure, whatever   😉

The US Is Clearly

Losing the Information

War Against Russia

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Joshua Krause
The Daily Sheeple
October 4, 2015

As Russia continues its extensive bombing campaign in Syria, the war has quickly developed into two separate fronts. One is being fought with soldiers and airstrikes, and the other front is a pure propaganda blitz.

German-Jew (Bavarian-Illuminati) Masons have destroyed the future with the lies they use to cover their WW2 treason as well as their more recent sexual perversions and ritual kabalistic murders of men women infants children etc ~ You can ‘NEVER’ ever trust a Jew anyway, period, they were liars thieves and murderers from the beginning of their race in Egypt, but German Jew are the worst (Dumbest) of the worst 😦
More recently you had German-Jew Masons pull the 911 attacks 😦
It took 2000 Masons to pull-it + another 10,000 to cover it all up 😦
Remember ‘Schiff-41’ wasn’t even born in America you daft fools 😦
Yet there was his inbred-idiot son on the throne at 1600 for 911 😦
No fcuking ‘MUSLIM’S’ in 911 ~ It was all German-Jew Masons 😦
German-Jew Masonic Illuminati are what still ails this sad world  😦

Bible and belief ~ Post 911 patriotism ~

No conspiracy here, just German-Jew Masons  😉

Topp ~ Putin's father ~ Masons German JewsBUSH BOY AND PRETENDER

And what to do about it ‘BEFORE’ the next 911 attack?  😦
The next treasonous German-Jew Masonic attack?  😦

911 the official story ~ LIARS ~ Masons

A 100% amnesty for US treason, ‘OR’  😦
McCain 100 percent Grade A bullshit

Start hanging the illuminate scum  😦

(Firing quad first, then hang-em til the corpse rots and drops off the rope)  😦


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