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Are We Living In

The Last Days?

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Michael Snyder
End Of The American Dream
September 10, 2015

Could it be possible that we are living in the period of time that the Bible refers to as “the last days”? And if so, what does that mean for our future?  As we approach the final months of 2015, it seems like more people are talking about apocalyptic scenarios than ever before.  The mainstream media is doing articles on end of the world fears, and it is being reported that 41 percent of all Americans believe that “we are living in what the Bible calls the last days.”  For those that believe, the signs are everywhere – geopolitical instability, moral decay, steadily increasing numbers of natural disasters and a global financial system that could fall apart at any moment.  Others mock the idea that we could be living in “the last days”, and many of them point to the amazing technological progress that humanity is making and the unprecedented prosperity that we have been enjoying in recent times.  If things are actually “getting better”, they argue, then how could we possibly be living in the end times described in the Bible?  And of course atheists are convinced that God doesn’t exist at all, and that all of this apocalyptic talk is just a bunch of religious nonsense.

So what is the truth?

This article was posted: Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 5:31 am

Avatar  Magen • 18 hours ago

Jesus Christ is either real or He isn’t. If we believe in Him and He doesn’t exist, we lose nothing. If He does exist and we refuse to accept Him, then we lose everything.

Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, Moses, Neville Chamberlain, Homer Simpson and Watergate plumber G Gordon Liddy were all sitting around one day with the one true god up in the one true heaven discussing what to do about the trouble with the Iran x America crisis and how to bring peace to the world 😉
Jesus Christ said you should “Love those who hate you and pray for those who despitefully use you” while Buddha only said one word, “Tolerance”, before Mohammad gave his opinion for Sunni Muslim’s and another opinion for the Shia Muslim’s  😦

Moses just quietly sighed and said there never would have been any trouble in the first place if only everyone had “Obeyed the Ten Commandments” while Neville Chamberlain said he’d “Make a new deal with Fuhrer Adolf Hitler”  😉

G Gordon Liddy said his solution was much simpler   😦

He said that he’d “Kill the warden with a pencil to the eye and then get the old ‘CIA’ plumber gang together again to put Richard Nixon back in the White House” 😉
The one true god just groaned, and then went out for a pizza with Homer  😉

Homer ~ Wanna go out for pizza god

CNN Poll:

Trump Surges

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Carson climbs to 19%; no other candidates in double digits

Bradford Thomas
Truth Revolt
September 10, 2015

A new CNN/ORC Poll found that Donald Trump has continued to move up in the polls, surging 8 points to 32%, the first Republican in their primary poll to reach the 30% mark. As Trump continues to climb, so does fellow outsider candidate Dr. Ben Carson, who earned 19% in the new survey. Meanwhile, no other Republican candidate managed to hit double-digts. CNN provides a summary of its findings:

Trump gained 8 points since August to land at 32% support, and has nearly tripled his support since just after he launched his campaign in June. The new poll finds former neurosurgeon Ben Carson rising 10 points to land in second place with 19%. Together, these two non-politicians now hold the support of a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, and separately, both are significantly ahead of all other competitors.

This article was posted: Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 1:40 pm

I-didn’t have a dream the other night, and in this dream I-didn’t have, the cartoon character Donald Dcuk and cartoon character Don Rumsfeld as well as the other cartoon character Donald Trump didn’t all go to a secret US taxpayer funded Masonic cartoon character’s meeting in the Scottish cartoon-castle Mcgillicutty 😉
During this non existent taxpayer funded meeting of Masonic cartoon characters named Donald they didn’t discuss what the old Scottish rite of Masonry wouldn’t do to rescue the York rite Masonic lodge from the grip of German Jew Illuminati who were trying to take over Disneyland, ‘AKA’ Washington DC ~ I-swear on a stack of bibles this dream never happened, yet when I-woke up, it still wasn’t happening  😉

Seeing as this dream never even happened in the first place, I’m relieved that the US Department of Homeland Dream Police (sic) are still sucking on the taxpayer titty to stop this attack of Masonic cartoon character Donald’s on my subconscious integrity while they protect the world from imaginary terrorist cartoon characters  😦

Donald Dream Mason Masonic

2000 treasonous Masons pulled 911   😦

Cessna 911 Smoke and mirrors Mason

10,000 blackmailed treasonous Masons covered it up  😦
 Still claim you don’t need a 100% amnesty for treason?  😦
Freemasons, I’m not JUST being sarcastic you pricks  😦
I’m JUST being truthful, but doing it sarcastically  😦

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