Gee, someone killed the living god…

Please excuse-me if my humour comes across as intellectual terrorism, Okay?  😉

And excuse me if my intellectual-terrorism comes across as humour too, cool?  😉


Award-Winning Comedian:

Politically Correct Left

Has Killed Comedy

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“It’s the liberal agenda that dictates what can and cannot be joked about”

Paul Joseph Watson
June 29, 2015


Bafta award-winning comedian Stephen Merchant argues that the authoritarian left has killed comedy, with satirists afraid to crack controversial jokes for fear of offending politically correct sensibilities. In an interview with the Telegraph, Merchant, co-writer and co-director of the wildly popular British sitcom The Office, complained that perpetually offended Twitter outrage mobs have made public figures petrified to speak candidly. “This idea that we have to police ourselves, that we might say the wrong thing and upset someone or something. It’s not fun. It’s just not fun,” said Merchant, noting that the BBC would probably have never broadcast The Office if it was made today. Merchant pointed out how the left had replaced the old puritanical right as the new force of censorship.

“It feels like we’ve come from a point when I was growing up, where the right, if you like, were dictating what could be said and done and seen – where Mary Whitehouse was the figurehead of censorship,” said the star of Hello Ladies, adding, “Increasingly now it feels like it’s the liberal agenda that dictates what can and cannot be joked about.” ~ “People are being leapt on because they happened to use the wrong terminology about Bruce Jenner, or Caitlyn Jenner, or whatever his name is now, or her name. There I am making mistakes. I’ll probably get in trouble for that,” said Merchant.


No surprise, liberals have no sense of humor, they parrot ”Racist, racist, you’re an uneducated racist!” They all pretend to be attorney until they pull into the projects where they live, or swipe their EBT.



Funny is different things to different people ~ All thru the secret teachings of the Jewish kabala straight up butt-sex is needed to contact the god of the Jews, meaning basically the Jewish Lord Fraud Almighty’s spirit must live in your asses somehow 😦

But in the ‘OT’ Jews describe their god as ‘THE LIVING GOD’ and the word used is the same used to denote the flesh of cattle, as in a physical being and not a hard to grasp concept like an angry invisible omnipresent cosmic magical omnipotent ghost ~ That said, myself, I’d find it kind of funny watching someone, perhaps myself, empty a clip full of potassium cyanide ‘AP’ rounds with some cyanide ‘DUM-DUM’ rounds every third bullet in the clip into that fcuking living god of theirs and see how fcuking omnipotent it is after ~ Now some ‘LIB-ER-ALS’ might not find that funny, the so called living god dying from a ‘Potassium Cyanide’ round but I-would, more so as the days go by and the crimes of both Jews and their evil fcuking god grow  😦

God in his ass, bum, back parts ~ 600

A 100% dry amalgam of potassium cyanide x sodium metal needs to be packed into small slots cut into the machine steel penetrator or ‘SIV’ centre, the cyanide amalgam then gets drawn into the flesh of the so called ‘GOD OF THE JEWS’ and the sodium makes the cyanide amalgam highly reactive with the moisture in the flesh  😦

So what about it assholes, is this just a joke in poor taste, or do you think there really is something your government & it’s state religion isn’t telling you yet?   😉

The Jew god of this world NEEDS killing too   😦

Whatever’s going on is simply fcuking evil   😦



Helium is LEAKING from

massive earthquake fault

in LA raising fears ‘big one’ could

be more devastating than thought

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UK Daily Mail
June 30, 2015

A huge fault in the Earth’s crust near Los Angeles is leaking helium, researchers have found. They say the unexpected find sheds new light on the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin. It reveals the fault is far deeper than previously thought, and a quake would be far more devastating. It follows a report from the U.S. Geological Survey has warned the risk of ‘the big one’ hitting California has increased dramatically. UC Santa Barbara geologist Jim Boles found evidence of helium leakage from the Earth’s mantle along a 30-mile stretch of the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin. He claims the results show that the Newport-Inglewood fault is deeper than scientists previously thought.

Full article here

This article was posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 6:24 am



Heard this ‘NIBIRU’ story from the original ‘Molly’ of CIA’s ‘MOLLY & SCOLDER’ (sic) back in the early to middle 60’s ~ It’s got ‘SOME’ merit, yet the myths may have one other cause which most unlearned people may not care for & many illuminated may conceal cause they don’t wish to reveal ~ First, it’s easily possible for that so called planet you highlight to be produced thru hologram 😦
Yeah, that’s whacky yet you’d best keep an open mind, which means ‘ALWAYS’ keep a few % of healthy scepticism on everything you think you know which is the basis of all true lateral thinking in a complicated world ~ Those who run this section of this 6000 y\o sham of denial on the facts of ancient pre-history over the past 40,000 to 400,000 years of earth’s history need a ‘CAUSATION EFFECT’ (Cover story) for the roughly 5 Billion survivors of the kinetic energy weapons they plan to use as the mechanism for the ‘FIRST CULL’ (Around 2 billion) of the excess eaters which their master plan claims earth is burdened by, said causation effect a rogue planet dragging meteorites into earth’s path ~ As for a ‘BEARDED PLANET’ that ancient history researcher Zecharia Sitchin claims the Sumerian and Arcadian writings spoke of at some depth might easily have been the moon passing thru close earth orbit and touching the atmosphere with a fiery glow as if a bearded planet, tho I’m using my own few tens of a % scepticism even to say that much about that subject  😦

It may even literally have been what brought down earth’s once 1000 mile water vapour canopy for those who know ‘THAT’ mostly hidden part of Antediluvian history occultist and political Masons of today so desperately seek to hide, seeing as it would add an unwanted tho small credence to Mosaic biblical flood myths  😦

I’d been told around the same time as CIA’s ‘MOLLY’ (41) told me of Nibiru as well as other hidden pre-history like Baalbek and the old 36 foot tall giants that built it, that the moon was an artificial satellite that orbited earth, and even told it was where the real ‘PHYSICAL’ deity, a non human high tech physical creator (sic) resided, a prisoner orbiting a planet that itself orbits an immanent supernova  😦

 Christ's Lake of Fire ~ Supernova ~

Now I’m just sharing here what others had told me, others that lied sometimes and ‘TRUTHED’ (sic) sometimes too if it suited them ~ I’m not proposing what I’ve stated above apart from the fact hominid 36 foot tall giants (And Coneheads) once walked this earth and were our ancestors, and also our (Immediate) creators  😉

I’m also proposing ‘LASER BASED HOLOGRAMS’ of that bearded planet myth called Nibiru are possible, and also propose that the ‘KINETIC ENERGY’ weapons described in the graphic below have already been perfected and will be used on the people of earth without prior warning ~ What is possible and what is 100% certain always interdict at one stage or another ~ I’ll just add that I’m pretty certain the people lying about the whole ‘AL QAEDA’ thing can rightly be expected to be lying about everything else too just like the Christ taught, and that’s a fact 😦
The dude (WW2 Fascist) who told me the moon was in fact inhabited by a stranded life force which can’t leave it was supposedly dead in 1945, so the fact of the big lie was present right from the start in everything I’d ever been taught by Zion 😦
I’ve also been told human ‘DNA’ and ‘DNA’ from the creature contained within the moon like it was some sort of Star Wars ‘DEATH STAR’ or perhaps even a weird sort of a real world Dr Who Dalek precursor have already been created by Mengele, as well as that moon sourced ‘DNA’ combined with reptile ‘DNA’ too  😦

(In other words, artificial ET‘s have been created)   😦

(Created from ‘ETDNA‘ that may have created us)   😦

(It created the Giants, Giants created Coneheads)   😦

(Coneheads in turn created the human Hobbits    )  😦

Dalek worship ~

Now they may say this is proof I’m full of shit but hey, it’s all THEIR shit 😉
I’ll just keep a healthy sense of scepticism about everything all of the time 😉
I’m sceptical of the angry omnipotent invisible cosmic magician (God) too 😉

Our Conehead Ancestors

What Nazis found in Antarctica would astound you   😉

Be careful you don’t aid treason against the species   😉

Atlantis ~ Antischrist ~

Just keep in mind the ‘Al Qaeda 911’ lies & liars   😦

Liars lie, lie about everything they’ll say and deny   😦

A high-tech Patriot Act ~ Absurd ~ 911


Nobody that’s honest could listen to the crap which America’s illuminated Masons say about that subject above without smelling a large rat and the droppings such rats leave behind them, and nobody that’s taken an honest look at the words of the Christ and why he was so soundly hated on could fail to see, or rather smell, the same type of rat with the same hatred of truth ~ Don’t kid yourselves, 1st century Jerusalem was one of the most politically fascist places on earth ~ It was Christ’s intellectual freedom that caused them to hate on him, and his debunking of the way they despitefully used their warped twisted and dishonest religious myths to control people thru superstition was what brought him to his occultist oriented death at the hands of men just like today’s German Jew descent Illuminati Masons, men to whom the mixing of old demonic occultist worship of ‘BAAL’ in the name of ‘YaaHee WaaHee’ and also their use of the iron fist of fascism on the other hand were simply the way they went about maintaining and expanding their control of those they duped  😉

Start to question everything   😦

German George 41 ~ Kinetic energy weapons ~

Rev 11:19
And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament:
There were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake,

and great hail.

Tools specific to Rev 16:21

Rev 16:21

And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: (70 kg) and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.

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