A mirthfull magical myth? Or is this political anarchism and banned under Cyber Security anti-troublemaker sections of the Patriot Act?

Sick ISIS Execution Video Emerges

Of Prisoners Having Heads Blown Off,

Drowned In Cages, Blown Up In A Car

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Extremists up the barbarity as Americans focus on domestic strife.

Steve Watson
June 23, 2015

As the US focuses on important domestic strife, ISIS has popped back up from under the rock where it dwells to divert the attention of anyone who might have stopped thinking about giving all their rights away in exchange for security. Three new sickening execution videos were released by the group. All three are once again of a high production quality, and are clearly designed to raise the bar on the barbarity the group has previously displayed. One segment shows a group of men literally having their heads blown clean off with explosives.

Infowars 'ISIS' photo


Listening to Harry Reid on CSpam (Ha-Ha-Ha, ‘CSpam‘) monotonously talk about faked American shootings McCain dreamed up over the last 7 years to crowd out the political kills done under the ‘NADA’ (sic) ‘ACT’ as if they didn’t have enough real ones to deal with, I’m inspired to do a bit of humour ~ It’s a new anthem 😉
“Ta Da-Da Da-Tweedle-Dumb, Tweedle-Deedle Dee, Ta Da, Da-Tweedle-Dumb, Deedle-Leadle-Eee, Ta-Da, Da-Deedle-do, tha-Fed Da-Deedle dee, Da-Da, La La La La, Fiddle Diddle Fee” ~ (And then the chorus) ~ “FA-FA (Fa-Fcuk-fcuk-fcuk) Fa Fa Fa Fcuking Fee, FA FA, Fa Fa Fa-Fcuk, Fcuk a Diddle Fee, FA-FA, Fa Fa Fa Fcuk, Fcuk the Fiddle Fee, FA FA, Fa-Fa-Fa Fcuk, GAGA Deedle dee”   😉

Like-it? ` It’s copyright tho guys ~ No stealing it, alright? 😉

.George Washington ~ Anthem ~


It’s not all meant to be funny   😦

Kinetic-energy weapons ~ MASS METEORITE STRIKES 560 ~

Woke up with pain from a bowel-bladder tumour this morning, and it looks like it’s going to affect every single thing I’ll say from here on, simply cause it’s getting worse ~ So that said, and seeing as nobody lives forever and I’ve nothing to lose anyway, allow me to state two things clearly and without guile ~ The first is, it wasn’t Muslims who pulled 911 while getting ‘NORAD’ to stand down and the Air Force to go off to Alaska, beyond any doubt whatsoever it was the ‘FREEMASONS’ ~ And Masonry is simply the mask which world Zionism uses to do it’s insane evil in the world 😦
Muslims never prorogued the constitution, ‘MASONS DID’ 😦
Muslims never emptied Fnort Kapox, the ‘MASONS DID’ 😦

You may wish to refuse to allow the same ‘COMPANY’ run by the Masonic Lodge that brought you the Coup D’Etat on ‘JFK’ and the treason of Bobby’s assassination as well as the conspiracies of the Gulf of Tonkin plus ‘MLK’ and Vietnam and Cambodia all of the way up to 2 jets flown by enraged Muslim Cessna pilots into 3 skyscrapers on ‘911’ to have any further chance to fool you, or you may just be plain stupid after you let them if you weren’t completely cuckoo beforehand ~ If you not stupid, or cuckoo, just understand some of the fake god concepts and sham Muslim terrorist politics which the Masonic Lodge deliberately uses to keep you and the rest of the community baffled over the last 400+ years are so damn convoluted and thus hard to describe that ‘HARD CORE HUMOUR’ is the only way it can be done outside of an intensive 3 month long political training course, which I’m more than capable of teaching yet have no intention of doing so ~ Their world control gambits which Masonry performs on Zion’s behalf are always backed up by dishonest multi level Machiavellian political bullshit + occult psychology & financial tricks schemes and scams, as well as outright murder, so occasionally as it’s so damned complicated and depressing I’ll just mock them as I’ve been quietly doing for a little over 36 years now  😉

That said, it’s not all funny nor meant to be, because according to what I’d learnt in the 1970’s these secretly Zionist Masonic madmen are planning treason against the very species itself and desperately cling onto power with any lie available so they can finish their insane master plan as well as avoid any possible accountability or publicity or criminal charges over what they’ve already done, and it’s these same cycles of well crafted well coordinated lies and political spin which destroy all hope and truth in the decade ahead to hide the crimes of the previous five decades  😦

Read any jokes there SFB’s?   😦

They’re desperate to maintain their fascist secretly Zionist control for their own protection and expand their power and control for their ‘INSANE SCHEMES’ at any cost, it’s their only goal, and furthermore it’s what truly motivates them, their hypocritical religion and even their politics which is always under the control of their evil twin Judaic Abrahamic  ‘GOD-DEVIL’ matrix, which in and of itself is one hell of a cover story for their myriad of fcuk ups thus far which have cost a few 100 million lives over the last 100 years alone ~ It’s that dynamic which is leading them towards their next major North American false flag by the way, one which will, when it happens, be 100% certain to lead to around 160 million American deaths in a single treasonous week + around 2 billion deaths world wide, and usher in a new (Old) occultist ‘DARK AGES’ where the value of human life will never have been lower since those aforesaid superstitious evil times a 1000+ years ago when the occultist Norman Conqueror Crusader madmen these Masons descended from held the world to ransom with their insane occultist religious and political bullshit  😦

Jim Jeffries ~ All Australians are evil ~

So now, enjoy the humour in context   😉

Oh yeah, enjoy the song too if you want   😉

Dutch anti-Islam politician

Geert Wilders vows to broadcast

cartoons of prophet Muhammad on TV

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Sydney Morning Herald
June 19, 2015

The Hague: Publicity-seeking Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is to broadcast cartoons of the prophet Muhammad on television during time reserved for political parties, his party says. The cartoons will be shown on Dutch public television on Saturday, Mr Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) said on Friday, adding that they would be repeated on June 24 and July 3. Mr Wilders said he was making the broadcasts to defend freedom of speech after two militants were shot dead while attacking a Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas last month. Many Muslims find drawings of the prophet to be disrespectful or outright blasphemous and Dutch authorities have said such a move could see Mr Wilders’ right to airtime suspended for up to four years. Dutch embassies have reportedly been warned about what measures to take if the cartoons are broadcast, as they could spark violent protests. Mr Wilders’ announcement this month that he wanted to show the cartoons on television prompted the Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands to release its own cartoon mocking Mr Wilders as a spoilt child with a big mouth.

Full story here.


The god of the Jews and god of the Xtians and god of Islam all decide to bury the hatchet and make peace with each other, so all three go and see a psychologist up on Mt Olympus to get some counselling ~ The psychologist’s name was Dr Zeus of all things, not related to the famous Greek deity nor the children’s book writer either, while all three Abrahamic deities were supposedly the same schizo  😉

Dr Zeus said to the Jewish god “Now tell me, how long have you been nuts?” 😉
The god of the Xtians replied “He’s always been crazy doctor ~ He killed me” 😉
The god of Islam butted in with “You can talk, you BOTH hate me” so Dr Zeus calmed all 3 down with wisdom he borrowed from someone else, then gave them prescriptions for Zanax and an appointment to see him again in 6000 years  😉

Dr Seuss ~ Don't ask meee ~

You think they’ll kill-me for that?   😉


Salon: Blame Whites for

Mass Shootings But Not

Muslims for Terrorism

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Leftist outlet tells Americans not to blame groups for the actions of a few – unless they’re white

Mikael Thalen
Prison Planet.com
June 19, 2015

Following the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013, leftist media outlet Salon penned an article demanding that Americans not judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. Entitled “I am not the Tsarnaevs,” Salon writer Tsarnaev brothers’ criminal and perverse actions” did not speak for him or “the overwhelming majority of Muslims.” As the country struggled to comprehend the cold-blooded massacre of 9 black Americans this week at a South Carolina church, Salon, revealing its usual hypocrisy, demanded the complete opposite.



I don’t even care what salon says, I blame the US foreign policy for terrorism. I don’t need an opinion from salon or prison planet to see things for what they are.





There’s one sure-fire way for the 3 monotheistic Abrahamic faiths to all get together for the kind of unity that surely creates world peace, it being vaguely similar to the exact same unity that effectively obstructs world peace at the moment  😦

So maybe all secret society members of each major faith should all move forward by putting on their funny undies and their Lambskin Aprons, then dancing round the Washington monument holding hands with a small Viagra x ‘MDMA’ pill on their tongues while the Army blows Columbian Marching Powder all over them  😉

That way they’ll all finally be able to focus and agree on at least one thing, that they’ve all got a big ‘GOD-BONER’ and they’re feeling fine about how things are going 😉
Now some of you may honestly think that’s being more than a little silly 😦
Others may think it’s being extremely cheeky and also very-fcuking rude 😦
Well guess what? ~ My bowel-tumour wrote it just for you ~ You like it? 😦

Washington Monument 560 Grim Reaper ~ Same fate ~



Screw this BS, America is under attack from the weather weapon called HAARP . Wake up people, the weather is being controled by the NWO, and they are using it to take down cities, states and countries. This must stop Now!!!!!!



HAARP is really a weather weapon…I do agree 100%… Tesla invented the thing… Put it on the shelf because it was too dangerous to play with… Too bad he did not destroy tha research and blueprints for the damned thing.. These devices are Global now…. they are all over the place…. US Air Force controls and oversees these devices….



Maybe under their freemasonry religion it is all justified. Or maybe they are a death-cult, under their serpent masters. The military think it their right to wreck the world, to chase an imaginary boogeyman.



Its not the Freemasons…. sorry about that……


Perception is everything ~ To respond to your statement yet not fully disagree with you requires a measure of skill, both in defining a perspective we’ll likely disagree on and also delineating a perception with which to agree  😉

See this photo below? ~ It’s pretty heavy ~ It’s not actually the glove that’s causing that distortion of the man’s face and all of the muscles in his head, it’s merely the taped fist inside of the glove doing it cause that glove is only there for the ride ~ So it is with World Freemasonry ~ It’s what’s within it that does things 😉

Masonic Glove ~ Hidden Hand ~

I’m still offering to walk-away, Zion   😦

The IdentitySwap gambit is cancelled   😦


SC’s Gun Laws:

Background Checks,

Gun-Free Zones,

No Open Carry

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Bradford Thomas
Truth Revolt
June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015?   😉

June 20, 2015?   😉

June 20, 2015?   😉


Within hours of the mass shooting at an historic black church in Charleston by what appears to be a deranged white supremacist, politicians on the left — including  President ObamaHarry Reid,  and the mayor of Charleston—predictably blamed the horrific attack in part on a lack of gun control. But were lax gun laws, particularly in South Carolina, to blame?




1/ FBI head won’t call Charleston shooting a terrorist act The Hill | FBI Director James Comey declined to label the Wednesday shooting at a predominantly black church in Charleston, S.C., as a terrorist act ~ 2/ Bill Maher Says Matt Drudge, Fox News And Conservative Media Inspired Dylann Roof Daily Caller | “We can never know why someone snaps, but I bet you I know where he got his news,” Maher said ~ 3/ Hillary Clinton Denounces White Privilege, Calls for Taking Guns From ‘Those Whose Hearts Are Filled With Hate’ Breitbart | Clinton said white Americans need ~ 4/ No “Summer of Rage” or Shooting Hysteria in Charleston, SC Aftermath Prison Planet.com | Contrary to unrest seen in Baltimore and Ferguson, shooting tragedy brings community together. ~ 5/ Dylann Roof: The Racist Killer Who Had Black Friends Kurt Nimmo | Alleged manifesto will be used to denounce critics of race agenda. ~ 6/ Every Mass Shooting Shares One Thing In Common & It’s NOT Weapons AmmoLand.com | The single largest common factor in all of these incidents is the fact that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs. ~ 7/ Charleston shooting prompts gun-rights supporters to call for more concealed-carry at churches The Washington Times | A dozen states continue to restrict the carrying of concealed firearms in churches — including South Carolina. ~ 8/ The US Justice Department will investigate the Charleston shooting as an act of domestic terrorism London Independent | “The department is looking at this crime from all angles.”
See these ‘EIGHT’ (8) faker headlines on a fake story on this fake subnet? 😉
Ever since the (Fake) magic-bullet & the (Fake) Apollo thing, shit’s weird 😉

JFK und Bobby ~ Fake 600 ~

You need a 100% Amnesty for treason   😦

Otherwise, you can’t stop lying  😦

American Zionist Rat wheel ~

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