Evil is as evil does…

JFK head-shot by Cheney ~ IQ of a doorknob


Preparing for War?

11 Countries to Supply

Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

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Sputnik News
June 5, 2015

Ukraine needs “only defensive weapons to protect its territory”, a report for President Petro Poroshenko’s annual address to the parliament read. Ukraine has reached agreements for the supply of lethal weapons from 11 countries, according to an analytic report for President Petro Poroshenko’s annual address to the parliament. “Ukraine reached agreements with 11 countries on weapons supplies, including lethal weapons. Significant progress on the issue has been made by our principal ally, the United States,” the document read.

The document also says Ukraine needs “only defensive weapons to protect its territory from aggression.” On May 13, NATO Deputy Spokesperson Carmen Romero said the alliance cannot address the issue of sending arms to Ukraine. The issue should be discussed by states on bilateral basis. In May, the US House of Representatives approved $200 million for weapons supplies to Ukraine. Earlier, this decision was approved by the US Senate Committee on Armed Services. President Barack Obama has not decided yet on sending lethal arms to the Ukrainian army.

This article was posted: Friday, June 5, 2015 at 5:34 am


I’d been tortured as a little 5 y\o boy by an American employee\operative of their CIA in 1962 and had seen American employees\operatives kill 15 children and be directly involved in the murder of another 5 by the time I’d turned 13 years old, so the USA can talk shit about who the bad guys are till their ‘JESUS’ (sic) returns, yet the reality is I’ve never seen Russians Chinese or Arabs kill kids in black ops, let alone kill them with such cruelty as I’d seen their CIA do it in the pedo political blackmail brothel they ran in the town I’d grown up in ~ (Adelaide) ~ It was a US taxpayer funded paedophile and sometimes snuff movie brothel who’s whole purpose was catching businessmen politicians financiers and royalty etc on film screwing or even killing children, and even babies ~ Two of the Masonic Zionist baby murderers were running shit as ‘NORAD’ stood down and the Air Force flew off to Alaska on 911 while in their official story 2 jets brought down 3 skyscrapers, one jet disappeared into a hole in Pennsylvania, and a 4th wiped out Don Rumsfeld’s ‘DOD’ audit office  😦

And that jet disappeared too   😦

Just like my human rights   😦

So maybe the Russians and the Chinese and the Arabs really ‘ARE’ just as fcuked up evil and sick as America says they are, and as America has been to me and to other kids murdered in front of me, but it was Americans I’d witnessed doing it 😦
Again, maybe Russians Chinese & Arabs torture kids to death for black-ops? 😦
Don’t know cause I’ve never seen them ~ But I’ve ‘SEEN’ the Americans do it 😦




JFK head-shot by Cheney ~ IQ of a doorknob

The CIA Admits It

Creates Terrorism

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Brennan’s half truth arrives amid evidence CIA played direct role in creating terror groups

Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
June 8, 2015

John Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, told Face the Nation the United States creates terrorism. Brennan phrased the admission in CIA-speak:

I think the president has tried to make sure that we’re able to push the envelope when we can to protect this country. But we have to recognize that sometimes our engagement and direct involvement will stimulate and spur additional threats to our national security interests.

Left unmentioned by Brennan is the fact the CIA creates terrorism. This is not speculation or a conspiracy theory, but rather a documented fact.


U.S. has long used terrorism to realize foreign policy goals as well as domestic…..



Yup, the Zionist owned Masonic controlled US Fed financing the Nazis, in particular illegitimate Austrian born Astor descendant Adolf Hitler to asset strip (Loot) Europe of it’s gold while near destroying Germany ‘IS’ a bit of a dead giveaway all up  😦

Maybe it could’ve been called an ‘ACCIDENT’ if it weren’t for America so obviously using 911 as a flagrantly crappy 2 jets into 3 skyscrapers lying excuse to go into Iraq and fight with it’s military and in the process steal their massive gold hoard 😦
It’s what all of the so-called weapons inspectors were doing all of the way thru the 90’s after the original Hussein got whacked by the way, as in rather than finding the non existent weapons program they were tracking down Iraq’s buried gold bullion 😦

Remember Hussein used 9 body doubles for his security precautions ~ It didn’t work cause the German born 41st Masonic Zionist Jew of America (Sic) had him whacked & replaced by one of those doubles by 1995 and the rest is, as they say, history 😦
But where do you draw the line? ~ Was it ‘ZION’ or was it America? 😦
When Fnort Kapox got emptied, was it American Zionists doing it? 😦
Or was it all Masons who were Zionist Americans, soldier boys? 😦

American Zionist Rat wheel ~

Pigs Muslims America ~

Not too fcuking smart either   😦

150 years of Masonic treason   😦

JFK head-shot by Cheney ~ IQ of a doorknob 560 ~

A 100% amnesty for 55+ years of treason  😦

Either that, or all truth is dead already  😦

How long you going to lie for them?  😦

This whole thing is to distract you  😦

Distract you from the treason  😦

Peter ~ PWV ~ Vanstone ~ Osama ~

Ex-US Intelligence

Officials Confirm:

Secret Pentagon

Report Proves US

Complicity In



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Zero Hedge
June 9, 2015

Two weeks ago, courtesy of the investigative work of Nafeez Ahmed whose deep dig through a recently declassified and formertly Pentagon documents released earlier by Judicial Watch FOIA, we learned that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.

In his words:

According to the newly declassified US document, the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence of the strategy, but described this outcome as a strategic opportunity to “isolate the Syrian regime.


“the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’” ,,,this article,, is nothing more then an attempt to reinforce the ISIS hoax,,, they do not care hooo you belive created it,,, all they care about is if you think it is real,, and is a threat they can then use to justify wars,,,,, ,,,it is the game,,, stop playing,,,.
Nice to have something to believe in tho isn’t it? ~ Like FAIRIES?’ 😉CIA Fairy ~ISIS FairyAl Qaeda Fairy ~American Dignity Fairy ~


I am starting to run out of things to “believe” in,,,

the good news is that that there are many things to discover,,,,


An intelligent life form that stranded the ‘GOD OF THIS WORLD’ in this solar system to await the supernova Christ and Peter seemed to be prophesying is a nice ‘BELIEF’ of sorts, in that hopefully this evil that rules this solar system isn’t all powerful and all pervading in the cosmos, something not too dissimilar from the old Prison Planet doctrine, yet 100% whatever it is if it even exists, it’s most definitely ‘NOT’ omnipotent and ‘NOT’ omnipresent and ‘NOT’ angry and ‘NOT’ invisible either, it (They) would be much higher tech than we’d ever reach in 100 million years, it’s likely they just don’t make a habit of hanging around immanent supernovas because they’ll go BANG  but that’s still a case of if they even exist ~ It’s certain the standard Judeo Xtian thing is a fcuking lie tho, because ‘EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES’ and they’ve been doing it since they began and just never stop doing it, ever ~ They’re about to do a whole lot more ~




an intelligent life form did something here,,,,, why is the real question,,,


By intelligent, I’d meant ‘MORALLY INTELLIGENT’ Owly 😦
As far as I’m able to tell, what with what’s in the bible + what I’ve seen Zionist Masons working for CIA do to children and even babies, there’s no morally intelligent life form active in this solar system cause the shit that’s happening is something you’d be right to expect to see in a Doctor Who ‘DALEK’ episode called…….





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