Criminal-cowboys scare you puss?

Sheriff Star Trump Obama and Dubya WANTED LARGE

The new sheriff will be gunning for them anytime soon now…

Time ticking by NOW Grin 600

Just as soon as he gets everything else sorted out first…

SHERIFF Pedo-Dungeon double Nov 6 560

He’s a bit of a pussy but that don’t matter, right?


Lighthearted jocularity but it’s all serious stuff…

I’ll not bother to list the insanity’s of the Washington spin-machine over the last two years one by one here because it’d kind of make this post depressing if not downright confusing to people uneducated in the manic deceptions of those with something to hide over the slow dance-of-conspiratorial-death takeover of America by the Sept 11 plotters in the Knight of Malta Masonic Lodges, I’ll not bother to list the insanity’s of their deceptions other than to point out 2 curious facts ~ Fact one, the so called 45th president is definitely NOT the original Donald J. as in the same deal the same circle of devious Prussian descent Knight of Malta controlled deviates who gave America the runaround with the Kennedy deception have for whatever reason done it again but that’s only for those who know about the treasonous stuff they pulled…

Johnson and Prince Phillip 560 BWKENNEDY BOTH 600

And the second point is to point out that in his first two months in office this faker you have now re-ran Obama’s fake Parkland Florida school shooting as if it was real and had just happened again which kind of reminds me of something my step mom used to say to me as a kid back in the 1960’s, she’d say “Only liars need to lie boy” which in itself also reminds me of something else the German born twin brother of America’s illegal 41st president also told me back around the same time as he was training me in black op psychology in between pimping me for Odessa in a Central Intelligence pedo snuff movie brothel they ran for Knights in Odessa…

Bush #02 Darker humorless bastard 560 (2)

“Whenever there’s a lie you’d better find out why”…

trump-grump-parkland-mistakes BANG 560Parkland principal Schwammberger BW Darker 560Schwammberger Spicer Parkland Etc 560fat-tony-and-his-schwammberger 560

Something’s up America, something big bad and evil…

Trump Nazi assassination FAKE RED BW 560Treason Amnesty anti-hypocrisy darker 560


But if you can’t do this below, does any of it matter?

punch-n-judy-corrupt-congress Nov 6th 600Miss the bus Nov 6 Nazi Eagle 600

6:00 AM AEST Saturday Oct 27
Aaand Re-EDIT 7:20 PM same day!


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