Stunning Masonic hypocrisy…

Hit this link to play a game of stunning Masonic hypocrisy shall we…

To start the ball rolling, better ignore outright America’s desperate need for a 100% treason amnesty for the Nazi Coup since the stolen nuke under congress and murder of the real Kennedy on Nov 11 1963 then read the following article quoted word verbatim from the MSN on the terrible crimes of North Korea while completely dismissing my commentary ~ If that doesn’t twang the heart strings of your hypocrisy as you pathetically cringe and reach for the sanctuary of the official story of everything then you better completely ignore the logical truthful perspectives I’ll place in paler text among paragraphs copied straight from the article in the above link…

For the sake of hypocrisy especially ignore America’s participation in the South East Asian and South American slave trade on behalf of President Kennedy’s fascist German killers, a literal real world slave trade in underground bunker workers, specifically the American Phoenix abduction program in South Vietnam and the Cambodian slave trade that ruling Mason’s in America’s political dysphoria used the US Military to force up into China with the American carpet bombing of non militant Cambodians, then ignore America’s abduction of 100’s of 1000’s of 14 y\o Iranian boy soldiers in the real Iran Contra fiasco where your Mason’s in Govt all looked at you right between your eyes and lied their teeth out, again all abducted for bunker building labor, all going down as those ruling Mason’s of the rest of the world’s nations under Bavarian Illuminati control so sadistically ran with the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge genocide cover story to hide THEIR crimes against humanity…

Their Judeo-Xtian god has been proven to be either a fake, a phony, or a wimp…


The MSN article below…

Thomas Buergenthal, who served on the International Court of Justice, is one of three jurists who have concluded that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should be tried for crimes against humanity for the way his regime uses brutal political prisons to control the population.

“I believe that the conditions in the [North] Korean prison camps are as terrible, or even worse, than those I saw and experienced in my youth in these Nazi camps and in my long professional career in the human rights field,” said Buergenthal, who was in Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen as a child, as well as the ghetto of Kielce, Poland.

He was part of a panel that also included Navi Pillay, a South African judge who presided over the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and then became the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, and Mark Harmon, an American judge who worked on the Yugoslavia and Cambodia war crimes cases.

The three heard evidence from former prisoners, prison guards and experts as part of an inquiry initiated by the International Bar Association.

The resulting report, which will be published Tuesday, found that there was ample evidence to charge the Kim regime with 10 of the 11 internationally recognized war crimes — including murder, enslavement, torture and sexual violence — because of its use of political prison camps.

“There is not a comparable situation anywhere in the world, past or present,” Pillay said. “This is really an atrocity at the maximum level, where the whole population is subject to intimidation.”


War crimes was it?

“Not a comparable situation anywhere in the world, past or present,” the lying wanker says, when the reality is both Vietnam and Cambodia were many times worse than what goes on in North Korea both in numbers and brutality which in no way excuses it, but highlights the hypocrisy of it, ignoring nearly 2,000,000 Cambodians forced up thru their northern borders into China after being forced out of their country in what can only be called a war crime by US Air Force carpet bombing, then like the missing 5.6 million holocaust Turk descent Jews from Germany and Poland etc as well as the 5 million missing Goyim from the holocaust that were railroaded to Crimea and Switzerland, those poor Cambodians were literally force marched up into China before being railroaded to Tibet to build the deep underground bunker German controlled Pole Shift survival monstrosity there while the South Vietnamese from the Phoenix program were mostly airlifted by Air America out to Diego Garcia and then stateside to build the deep underground bunker German controlled tri-state Dulles Oklahoma Pole Shift survival monstrosity, multiple millions of lives ruined for America’s fascist Bavarian Illuminati Masonic Nazi masters…


Again, back to the MSN hypocrisy…

Three generations of Kims have ruled North Korea as a totalitarian state defined by an all-encompassing personality cult that treats the leaders as demi-gods. Anyone who questions the leaders or the system is liable to be thrown in a penal labor colony — often for life, and often together with three generations of their families to eliminate the “seed” of “enemies of the state.”

Experts estimate there are as many as 130,000 North Koreans held in four huge camps, where they are forced to do hard labor, often in mines, and receive very little in the way of food, clothing or heating. The regime also operates “reeducation” camps for lesser offenses. They are just as brutal, but prisoners there generally serve fixed terms.

North Korea’s extensive human rights abuses were documented in a landmark U.N. Commission of Inquiry report in 2014. Following on from that, the International Bar Association decided to conduct an inquiry specifically into the political prison camps.

The three judges heard testimony and read affidavits from former prisoners and prison guards in North Korea, covering a period from 1970 to 2006.

The panel heard about starving prisoners who were executed after being caught scavenging for food and about the deaths of countless prisoners from malnutrition and overwork, sometimes a result of 20-hour days in the mines.

The judges also heard about rapes and the forced abortions of resulting pregnancies, sometimes leading to the women’s deaths.

One prison camp survivor, a doctor who had been caught trying to escape to China, said he was stripped and hung upside down, beaten, tortured with fire or water, and had water mixed with spicy pepper poured into his nose and mouth.

Although the most recent first-hand testimony the judges heard was from 2006, the panel received an affidavit from Thae Yong-ho, a senior North Korean diplomat who escaped from his nation’s embassy in London last year. Thae said he personally knew several senior officials who were sent to political prison camps in 2013 during the purges that followed Kim Jong Un’s execution of his uncle, Jang Song Thaek.

Although the most recent first-hand testimony the judges heard was from 2006, the panel received an affidavit from Thae Yong-ho, a senior North Korean diplomat who escaped from his nation’s embassy in London last year. Thae said he personally knew several senior officials who were sent to political prison camps in 2013 during the purges that followed Kim Jong Un’s execution of his uncle, Jang Song Thaek.

Kim Jong Un


Excuse a paragraph of accurate sarcasm, but go fund ‘WW3’ idiots…

No please, please, ignore everything in the previous blog about my overall health, or human rights and healthcare, so we’ll just stop right there for another Olympic hypocrisy break as we ignore the nine Aboriginal baby girls that Rumsfeld Cheney and the fake Kerry tortured to death in front of me as a boy from 1964 thru to 1967 shall we, and just forget the two oldest Beaumont children that the Central Intelligence agency operatives sexually abused and tortured in front of me in 1967 before shooting all three of them dead with a single shot to the back of the head, and ignore the 5 older Aboriginal girls that your German born 41st and his twin brother tortured to death in front of me from 1967 to 1969 too, all for the sake of the constitution and the safety and security of Mom’s apple pie right America? ~ Right?


The final bit of the MSN lunacy…

The bar association’s war crimes committee — which includes veterans of the Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic trials — together with the Washington office of the law firm Hogan Lovells, put together the case for charging the North Korean regime.

Of the 11 crimes against humanity listed in the International Criminal Court’s statute, there was evidence that the North Korean regime had committed all of them except apartheid, they found.

There is ample reason to believe that the political prison camps are still in operation, they said, with the four main camps clearly visible in satellite images of North Korea.

As the “supreme leader” of North Korea, Kim is ultimately responsible for allowing these crimes against humanity to be perpetuated in the prison camps, the report concluded. But it also said officials in the ruling Workers’ Party and in the State Security Department were liable.

“Given North Korea’s tightly controlled leadership structure, Kim Jong Un and his inner circle warrant prosecution under the principle of command responsibility,” the report found.

North Korea has resolutely denied running any forced-labor camps for political criminals, with a senior diplomat in North Korea’s mission to the United Nations saying in 2014, after the U.N. Commission of Inquiry report, that they were normal prisons.

Pyongyang would take “countermeasures” against any effort to refer Kim to the International Criminal Court, as the commission recommended, a North Korean ambassador to the United Nations, Jang Il Hun, said at the time.

His successor, Pak Song Il, sharply criticized the findings.

“I totally reject and deny this report as it is fabricated and baseless,” he said. By writing about the report, The Washington Post showed that it had “become the blind followers of the hostile policy of the U.S. administration against the DPRK,” he said, using the official abbreviation for North Korea.

Such reports do not help resolve the “current tense situation,” Pak said.

Previous efforts to hold North Korea’s leaders to account have not gone anywhere, in no small part because referral to the ICC requires the approval of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. China and Russia have made clear they would veto any such move.

Pillay said that should not stop the international community from trying to hold the North Korean regime accountable. “This is especially horrendous. It’s been sustained for so long, with no help to the people of North Korea from the world,” she said.


Go ahead America, forget your recent Nazi past…
Only it’s not the past is it, it’s the present idiots…
So what’s the plan then Huh, you even got one?

Walter and JaredSchwammberger and son

Hit the link, take a look at what ails you with those blinker’s off…

Now the context there is that some people in the beltway claimed Saudi Arabia was balls deep into the Sept 11 Cessna Pilot plot, and even tho that’s pretty much absolute crap in that Saudi’s had no way to wire up Bldg 7 for 6 months, Bldg 7 being where ‘CIA’ had it’s New York office, and no way to shut ‘NORAD’ down for 2 hours without direct Masonic support plus no way to send the US Air Force jets with 120 mile attack radar off to Alaska so they’d be unable to prove there were no jets that day and it was all just a big Masonic lie, America being so totally misgoverned as it is by Masonic figures at all levels, as well as in a practical sense no way to turn structural steel in the towers to dust nor get away with 240+ (?) tons of gold from under the Trade Center as someone did, as the insurance payout implies, all that means the Saudi thing needs to be used here to highlight something real, like really dishonest…

That something is a Nazi connection to the whole treasonous plot on the American state since they murdered the real President Kennedy 11 odd days prior to the Dealy Plaza sham, and here’s another solid reason for concern, it’s not just that the president’s son in law is the biological son of a ‘ODESSA’ member Walter Kutschmann, it seems that Saudi Crown Prince Salmad whom the president sent Kushner to negotiate with outside of State Dept directives is also one of Kutschmann’s son’s…

That effectively makes him Kushner’s half brother in the real world few still inhabit, so did the American people not ‘NEED TO KNOW’ what was in the president’s mind authorizing son in law Kushner (Kutschmann) to negotiate with Kushner\Kutschmann’s Saudi born half brother to to further screw the Palestinian people, or is the president himself merely just a cypher, a pawned figurehead for long term treasonous German espionage that has nearly finished America off already folks?

Debt clock USA

Hit this link too, many worldwide obeyed German rules…

Without that 100% treason amnesty in exchange for truth…
and treason indictments to force them into grand juries too as well…
you’ll cause the death of us all greatest nation in the world you…

PS: Thank you Roseanne, thank you…

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