Pointless pre-apocalypse humor…

DNI Clapper:

Russians Did Not

Change Any Vote Tallies

in U.S. Elections

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CNS News
January 6, 2017

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday that the Russians did not alter vote counts in the U.S. election. “They did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort,” Clapper said under questioning from Chairman John McCain (R.-Ariz.)



Clapper further implicitly conceded that whatever the Russians might have done in making Democratic National Committee emails available to the public, the outcome of the U.S. presidential election nonetheless reflected “the choices” of American voters. “We had no way of gauging the impact that—certainly the intelligence community cannot gauge the impact–it [Russian cyber activities] had on the choices the electorate made,” Clapper told McCain.

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This article was posted: Friday, January 6, 2017 at 7:50 am


There I-was the other day, minding my own business walking on down the old road to Damascus when a Cessna Pilot flew past me doing 540 MPH in a 757, and as he did he whispered into my ear that your Govt was lying to everyone Clapper…

Gee, you think he was one of those Muslim terrorists from ‘ISIL’ or ‘ISIS?’

### ### ### ### ### ### ###

Hmm, this bit isn’t funny America, this bit isn’t funny…


Do you realize how many times your lying fraud Govt has made stories up over the last 11 years now America, or repeated old stories, or even repeated made up fake old stories since the Black Rod down incident near Diego Garcia and the crisis of confidence over Iraq’s missing gold, Libya’s missing gold, and Fort Knox said to be badly needing to be audited which all came on hard between 2006 and 2009 when this part of lying at the drop of a hat began? ~ It’s not just 6 y\o Syria stories or fake live shooter exercise like Sandy Hook and Charleston and Orlando and San Bernadino etc, you had a taxpayer funded idiocy where they were repeated for whatever reason as if they were new, funnily enough the larger number of their lies justified by the 2004 Iraqi War ‘ON MESSAGE’ moment when too many coffins shifted by heavy duty forklift were shipped to account for the real deaths, yet were enough to account for Iraq’s missing gold…

It’s a national compulsion where someone treasonous in Govt has hijacked free speech and real news, only to replace it with a wall of state sanctioned bullshit crowding out all truth’s ~ Shits serious America, you’ve brought what little was left of the free world undone with your constant lying…


### ### ### ### ### ### ###


Avatar   The Deplorable Hobbit31 minutes ago

Last time I was invited onto a Maine class destroyer, the bill for the boat was just under one billion dollars, that’s 5 boats at yesterday’s costs. It was… 1999/2000. So today’s cost, Trump oversight, hmmm…2 1/2 extra boats. 1 billion people are vulnerable in China with the proper nuclear strike. We don’t need boats. We need nukes and honor Table, smart politicians. We can make friends with Russia. The only war we will win against Russia is an aerial bombardment war, that’s it. As a condition of doing commerce with the US, a nation must adopt the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Done. Everything else is false flag war bs drama.

Avatar   DidDibDib, Scout’s Honor (To) The Deplorable Hobbit10 minutes ago

In order of illusion: 1/ It’s Okay, Mr “Looks- like his long lost twin” president elect can pay for the new boats and build them in Zonko Diddly Widdle Waddle Wibly time (With Andy Pandy’s help) down on the brand new wharf at Dingleberry Downs… 2/ And China, China? ~ Their Govt will kill it’s citizens long before you do, just as your Govt will kill you long before China’s Govt kills you, and anyway, nukes are so ‘YESTERDAY’ like that Iranian cnut said…

3/ You can’t make friends with Russia, they haven’t forgotten your secret societies stole their gold in 1907 and used it to create the Fed, then used the Fed to asset strip Wall St in 1929 to finance the Nazis in 1933… 4/ If you ever fight Russia for real, Germany will side with them, something about WW2… 5/ You can’t really expect nations to take up your constitution x bill of rights until you do…


Avatar   The Deplorable Hobbit (To) DidDibDib, Scout’s Honor 10 minutes ago

Your reply is nonsense. I don’t expect, I demand a nation adopts the Constitution and Bill of rights or no commerce. End of story.

Avatar   DidDibDib, Scout’s Hono (To) The Deplorable Hobbit2 minutes ago

That’s a rather silly comment to make until you repeal your Pansy Riot Act Levels One and Two, and your ‘NADA’ thing, and then restore 100% of your own constitution yourselves, otherwise you’re just like hypocrites who talk the talk but don’t do the walk…


### ### ### ### ### ### ###


Avatar   Bomb_da_hell_out_of_something  25 minutes ago

Cessna Pilots In The Sky”…

An old CIA cowboy man went ridin out one day…
Upon Tom Ridge he rested as he went along his way…
When all at once a mighty herd of red-eyed Muslims came…
“Gordy-Gordy gumdrops”  he-says, “Someone else to blame”…

Their brains were few, their reason too, horses hooves them all…
Their balls were small their dciks were tall their hot breath he could feel…
A bolt of fear went through him as they thundered through the sky…
He felt the pilots coming hard, and he heard their mournful cry…

Yippie I ohhh oh oh

Yippie I aye ye ye

Cessna Pilots in the sky…

Faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred

Their turbans soaked with sweat

Cowboy’s ridin pretty hard to catch those boys by jet

But if he ain’t caught-em up by now

To give them their fair pay

He ain’t gonna pay them

Except the dirty way

They got to ride forever to that mosque up in the sky…
On 72 spotless virgins, as they fly-by hear their cries…

Yippie I ohhh oh oh

Yippie I aye ye ye

Cessna Pilots in the sky…

As the pilots flew on by him, he heard ‘Allah Akbah’
‘If you wanna save your soul from hell don’t fly on very far…
Cowboy better change your ways, or with us you must ride…
Tryin to scratch Satan’s balls, as he laughs and passes by”…

Yippie I ohhh oh oh

Yippie I aye ye ye

Cessna Pilots in the sky
Cessna Pilots in the sky
Cessna Pilots in the sky

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