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Establishment Media:

Putin and Trump Working

Together to Defeat


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DNC and neocon talking points: Trump is a Putin tool

Kurt Nimmo
July 25, 2016


On Sunday, the New York Times published an article on its front page insinuating Russia’s Vladimir Putin is responsible for the DNC email tranche released by WikiLeaks last week. The “newspaper of record” posited “a Kremlin conspiracy to aid Donald J. Trump.” The Times admits proving such a conspiracy “is notoriously difficult” and then claims “researchers have concluded that the national committee was breached by two Russian intelligence agencies, which were the same attackers behind previous Russian cyberoperations at the White House, the State Department and the Joint Chiefs of Staff last year.” It declares “metadata from the released emails suggests that the documents passed through Russian computers.” […]

More PP BS July 26


I seriously doubt if Trump is working with Vladimir Putin. Rather Putin MIGHT be working with Julian Assange to get Trump elected. That remains to be seen, of course. Putin does believe, as I do, that Hillary Clinton represents a serious threat to world peace. That’s not hard to figure out. Read her portfolio.


There is good reason to believe that they plan on starting WW III, a nuclear war, during the next 8 years; and that after a brief exchange between Russia and the US, the Russians will incinerate 240 million Americans as the US stands down and lets it happen. There’s Deagle. (240 million dead number), there’s the Georgia Guidestones and Science Czar Holdren’s “Ecoscience” (6 billion people less is the goal), There’s Agenda 21 (the US is an off limits wilderness preserve, like… the Ukraine around Chernobyl), and Hilllary’s war mongering in the Congo, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, etc. Edit: and Clinton sold the Russians the enriched uranium to nuke us with. I mean, can it be more obvious? We’re on the list for being killed here. Oh, and Clinton sold the Chinese Red Army MIRV missile technology, complete with the warhead. We’re so screwed! But hey, Clinton supporters are getting free stuff, so there’s that.


You make a you make a great point about the numbers…noone has ever explained where those come from.… By the way, it wasn’t until December 12, 2014, that Deagel changed their death forecast for the US from 316 million to 69 million… before that they showed a reduction to only 188 million… that pesky way back machine!… God bless Vladimir Putin, and God bless the Russian Federation. The Russians saved America during the Civil War, and they were our best ally against Hitler… perhaps they’ll save us again!


Butt, butt, butt, butt, butt, the US Fed financed uncle Adolf with it’s 1929 Wall St asset strip, and your Masons stole Russia’s gold with the Tweed Tammany House money and used Russia’s gold to create the US Fed in the first place, and the gold the Nazi’s looted from Europe for their financiers became the (Illegal) 1973 US Fed Chinese gold loan…

Something stinka-bad here, something stinka real bad…

FAT TONY Hey Louie who farted


You know better than that, Bill Clinton sold China the tech for their plutonium-ion high discharge short cycle gas batteries that will power the ‘REAL’ megadeath kinetic-energy weapons in exchange for rare earth minerals America needed, and indeed along with Rummy and Cheney etc him and Hillary made a literal killing…

It’s all done thru shelf companies and holding companies…
Like the old Arkansas development thing “ON-STEROIDS”

The US perfected the tech in the 80’s in Reagan’s Star Wars, made them out of old German Foo Fighter tech, ’41’ likely whacked Chernobyl with one to hold Russia back with the connivance of Gorbachev who was Cheney’s cousin, then “Scherff-41” gave the tech to Germany for the batteries which was all they needed…

Everybody in the bloodlines made a very pretty penny in it…
Germany are ‘VERY’ heavy-hitters now, ‘VERY’ heavy-hitters…

Russia is catching-up, or has caught up, no-one likes the US…
And China? ~ To be avoided ~ Just leave them alone, period…

kinetic-energy-weapon-mack 56 CROP Cheney Mason

Exclusive Video:

Clinton Delegate

Explains How

Democrats Will

Ban All Guns

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Democrat operative says Hillary would support total gun ban

Adan Salazar
July 25, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a Project Veritas exclusive in association with Infowars. James O’Keefe will be on the Alex Jones Show today at noon CST to discuss the story. Listen/watch here. Check out Project Veritas here. UPDATE: James O’Keefe confronted Mary Bayer, the Hillary delegate featured in the video, who denied saying she wanted to “ban guns.” […]

Bullshit PP America


Molon labe scum



“The more a society glorifies its virtues, the emptier those virtues are in a real world” ~ (Tho I’d reckon going by sheeza that passes for political discussion your cows ‘ARE‘ scared, and your gun-dealers are doing better than Pepsi)


Hide, wench, behind your human shield.



Calendar 2012 Calendar 2016 Homer Simpson 100 percent treason amnesty DOH


Plato sez…



“Make the bastards tell the truth now, or forevermore endure losses brought by the ever greater lies they’ll tell to hide lies they already told”…



Uh, oh, Mary, bait and switch, treasonous.


Bait x switch, switch x bait? ~ Bait switch and masturbate more like it…

Trump 2012 don't forget nuttin


We’re united that you all aren’t getting all our guns.  We are united that the Banks own everything about every Clinton,Hitlery PILLAGERY CLINTON and her VP.  We’re united that Ted Cruz is still lieing Ted.  We’re united on borders.  We’re united on bringing jobs back to the US. We’re united in our dependence and honor of the truth. So you see Hillary. Republicans aren’t just united in defeating you, discrediting you and tearing you down that you don’t get another US Government office. I’m unified because Donald Trump is such a “unifyer”. And I’m not even registered Republican anymore since before last Presidential election screw job. I’m registered ‘Independent’– no part affiliation. But Donald Trump has my vote for President of The United States. PS. We’re united that you (and nobody else also) isn’t going to get all our firearm ammunition and reloading equipment also.


Voting is an illusion friend. Trump is just part of the show


I think you’re wrong friend. If any truly wants an “illusion” then they should look up Sandy Hook Newton CT elementary school massacre where no death certificates where ever issued. And CT state police ordered FBI website on deaths by guns by annual report for that year also showed nobody died. And no trauma emergency helicopters were ever called from Hartford CT to Newton to help with that FEMA capstone training event “illusion” that a teacher and 20 some students died. guillotine4NWO. Voting isn’t an “illusion”. That the NWO has all power, all control all authority and all jurisdiction for every purpose including every illusion is.


Obama Harry and Barry how dare you think twice 2008 2012


There’s a story I’ve told elsewhere…

There’s a story I’ve told elsewhere about being strapped to a chair drugged shitless on their “MK Ultra” stuff by ‘CIA’ with my eyes pinned open with surgical equipment a few months after their murder of missing Australian bub Azaria Chamberlain in front of me by a ‘POS’ operative for ‘CIA’ known to some in Australia as “Little Hans” a week or so after her so called death by a ‘Dingo’ (sic) taking her from her tent…

In kindness to Mrs Chamberlain, for an untrained victim it’s very easy to place fully believable memories into someone’s mind using those same drug based brainwash techniques, so she may very well have believed she saw a dingo take her baby ~ Anyway, at the time of the baby’s murder both ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) and Rumsfeld were in the house within the previous half hour of her (Azaria’s) murder with a literal ‘Bayonet’ to the heart, anyway, again, this part I’m relating here a few months or so after her murder was…

basically, just torture to make me forget what I’d seen…

That included seeing Rumsfeld Cheney and your fake Kerry torture 9 babies to death, and then your ‘Scherff-41’ and one of his brother’s torture 5 older children to death, all Aboriginal and all 14 that I’d seen slowly cut up with knives…

until they either bled out or went into shock…
That is not a CONDITIONED memory, it’s the opposite…
I’d been tortured and grieved many times to force me to forget…

Clockwork Orange ~ Two

This time (For the torture described above) only ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) and one other I’d not known by sight was in the house from memory, and for what seemed like about an hour to an hour and a  1\2 ‘THE’ most violent video shit I’ve ever seen before or since was endlessly played in front of me, no way to turn away…

eyes wide open, brain turned to mush by ‘CIA‘ hypnotic drugs…
No, it’s not a fantasized Clockwork Orange scenario, it really happened…

So much in life and in the world itself isn’t at all as they claim…

Homer and god don't exist

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