Proud to be an Okie…

From Muskogee  😦

File this one under highly deceived or downright brain-dead…

At the time this song came out a small section of the community of these redneck hillbilly types were desperately trying to raise the roof over a large number of rapes ritual murders and other goings on by the secret government of America, but all to no avail as all the Masonic system needed to do was wave a little of their world famous SHTICK and good Ol’ boy warmth around while talking tough against those who rock the boat ‘Causing trouble’ as they’ll describe those seeking justice, as other good Ol’ boy types like Merle would get out the guitar and tell you what a wonderful place America was and how proud you should feel to be American as the lawful complaints of the wronged faded away like the collective memory of the Clinton’s land deals or the trillions that Bernie Madoff’s masters made from causing destitution or bankruptcy to the mostly non-Masonic 401k victims…

How the hell did it all get this way and what to do about it?  😦
Going about it back to front, here’s what you do about it  😦

100 percent Treason Amnesty in exchange for truth KIller Move

Take the Civil War days as an example, fifty years after the Crimean disaster permanently delayed and partially wrecked the forward momentum of Russia as a nation, the principle of a war to weaken the nation while the elite Masons and their mongrel inbred offspring usually sheltered safely without seeing a day of battle as grunts and foot soldiers was well established, the principle of merely going along to get along and getting ahead to move ahead and moving forward so they can avoid conflict with those in ‘Grand Lodge Central’ pulling the strings as conductors of the music on both sides of the maelstrom, and in the process promote some other inbred elitist bastard’s offspring into the stranglehold Masonry and it’s sister lodges going by other names has long placed on City Hall, including the offices of Sheriff Mayor Police Commissioner as well as local Doctor Surgeon Judge Lawyer Banker and sometimes baker tailor and candlestick maker ~ They’ve been doing that (Promoting their own) in house ever since the Civil War knocked out 600,000 of the best brightest and bravest in America as Masons of the “Order of the Golden Circle” or ‘KKK’ as it’s occasionally still known amongst those who even today don’t grasp that it was a Masonic Lodge submitting to ‘Grand Lodge Central’ in England from day one, a Masonic Lodge that held every position in the war cabinet of both the north and the south except for Lincoln and Seward, and both of them belonged to sister lodges anyway…

The People Who

Sold You Out


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Just who is screwing over America?

January 13, 2016

Alex Jones speaks with Peter Schweizer about the systemic corruption in Washington D.C.

This article was posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 1:46 am


HEY ALEX!!!!,,I know how you can find one of the people hoooo helped to sell us out,,go find a mirror,,,,,


Who’s America’s biggest threat? ~ Well, it sure as hell ain’t the Rockefellers because currently they’re busy being the biggest (Potential) threat to world peace since Adolf Hitler’s hemorrhoids caused his Astor-ass to give some big Masonic Zionist grief to the German Army in in the Russian winter ~ Four of these guys below have something in common, three of them have something else in common, two of them have something else in common, and one of them was running shit on ‘911’ ~ This is like a riddle, so which of the two Rockefeller-fellers below will yet bring…

the most grief to the world?  😦

Nelson Rockefeller Success Ashton Carter Chinese president RUMSFELD ~ BANG ~ John J McCloy

Syrian “Refugees”

Rape Three-Year-Old

Boy in Norway

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Migrants raping women, children in Europe

Kit Daniels
January 13, 2016

Middle Eastern “refugees” reportedly gang raped a three-year-old boy at an asylum center in Norway, police say.

Credit: ser_is_snarkish / Flickr

Police were tipped off about the Jan. 6 assault on Wednesday by a person calling from a telephone outside the Forus Akuttinnkvartering center located in Stavanger, Norway’s third-largest city. “We are investigating the case as if the worst thing has happened, we are talking about the rape of a child,” police superintendent Bjorn Kare Dahl told Stavanger Aftenblad. “We have no suspects yet.” After the attack, the boy was taken to a rape crisis center and then a children’s hospital, according to local media, who also said the boy and his caretakers were later interviewed by police. […]

This article was posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 5:17 pm


It’s not just rape, it could be AIDS..


aah,, Bob,, you do know that there is no such thing as AIDS,,don’t yah,,??,,, AIDS is what you die from,,when the misdiagnose you with HIV,,,, AIDS is…

the cure they kill you with,,,,


Ha-Ha ~ Heeeey, you knew criminal conspiracy to commit treason isn’t what defeats-ya nation Owly don’t-ya ~ It isn’t the treason itself that defeats ya, it’s the hypocrisy and fake-patriotism they get the nation to respond with after that that finally defeats you, much like ‘AIDS’ being the initial chemical contamination and the cure for ‘AIDS’ the death sentence, unless, of course, you’ve since agreed to submit…

America Patriot Actors 2004


These sheep just do not understand,,ET,,, I never thoughit would be this hard to show people the truth,,,, for some reason they have an adversion to it,,,


Your German-born 41st president “Ulrique (Fritz) Scherff” (Snicker) had explained that exact dynamic to me in the 1960’s while he went about telling me “Getting even” was impossible, as had his near lookalike brother pictured below and his exact lookalike brother also pictured below, or perhaps that’s him rather than his near lookalike brother pictured below, frankly I’m no longer of a mind to really give a rat’s ass but either way they were all Prescott’s sons, 2 by a German woman not his wife + the American one ~ Any-waaaay, they all three explained how intricate the conditioning among the serfs to be intellectually servile is as well as explaining how the ‘Missing pieces’ of information mean there will rarely be the logical response you would expect because, to the masses, the facts wont have the same impact without the bigger picture being apparent to them in the panoramic sense ~ This was while each served their time pimping me in the ‘CIA’ pedo snuff movie child torture brothel the greatest nation in the world forced onto me as a little child, each Bush boy giving me largely useless but extremely complex info, while together, if you put all the pieces together, it was a political hand held tactical nuclear grenade which the fascist German Jews in the Masonic Lodge wanted me to use to deconstruct the backbone of America social cohesiveness while myself, little old me, had other far bigger goals waaay above what these servile feudal minded illuminated globalist fascist pigs (Rats) had told me my lot in life was, something I’ve long both dissented on but also accepted at the same time without a conflict ~ To cut a long story short and partially leave them guessing, ‘MY’ particular life goals of getting even big time were achieved in 2006 without breaking the law or directly creating the death of a single innocent thru my personal actions, something my step dad impressed upon me for his own reasons, and yet these German Jew Masons and their egghead Conehead masters still seem to be like the cartoon character saying “Which way did they go George, which way did they go?” 😉

Rat Bastard Brownshirt Investigators of America Rat's ass Mason ~ Bush ~ Story GHW Bush ~ Early ~ 1950's ~ Narrow skinny shot FELIX (Leighter) BUSH BASEBALL Not president


We have allowed great wealth to take over our political system and it must stop now.


Bogart Hobo spare a constitution

US Navy seeks

‘long-term’ presence

in the Med, warns of

Russia’s increased


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January 12, 2016

US Navy weighs permanent deployment in the Mediterranean to respond to Russia’s increased naval capabilities, a senior Navy official said. As part of global rivalry, not countering Moscow at sea entails the “risk of falling behind,” another Navy chief warned. The US Navy is considering “long-term” deployments in the Mediterranean in addition to the ongoing use of four guided missile destroyers stationed in Rota, Spain, the senior Navy official told Sputnik on Tuesday. […]

Moscow’s revised maritime strategy, introduced in July 2015, specifically addressed stepping up Russian naval presence in the Black Sea, as well as in the Arctic and the Atlantic. New warships and submarines are also being commissioned for the Russian Navy to extend its regional and global reach. “If we do not recognize and adapt to the changing character of the game, we are a navy that is at risk of falling behind … our competitors,” Richardson said.

This article was posted: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 8:50 am


Im so scared ! Theres a Russian behind every tree ! Im so glad we have a ” Free “ Press and Media that keeps us so informed and always so honest … as honest as our [s]elected Congress and Presidents . And now the Russians ” hate us because of our Freedoms . ” ? …… After all most of Russia is full of Orthodox Christians shouldnt that be enough to hate them ? .. We are Americans after all we have been at war for 15 years in Afghanistan without a LEGAL declaration so we can Bully the Hell out of any damned body we want , right ? If we cant Bully them we can bomb them and have more people not love us . Dont worry about the price of war[s] this country can P R I N T its way out of debt ……. Call John McCain out of his padded room and he can lead the first flight over Moscow ..bye John you old A-Hole !


Excuse me, has anyone pointed out to you the “No-bid” multi-billion or even trillion dollar contract for Afghan Lithium? ~ That’s likely to be the real reason America went to war with Afghanistan, and remember, tho no war was legally declared they ‘DID’ go to war with Afghanistan, so it’s sure going to be likely they were (Only) there to…

secure the Lithium, just like Russia was…

Without Lithium all of the whiz-bang high-tech weaponry America places so much stock in becomes a pile of junk ~ Even so, it’s not America versus any other country, by now you ‘MUST’ know it’s America’s treasonous old elite secret society members who are were and will be the biggest threat to the American people since Roosevelt ignored the Pearl Harbor warnings, the exact selfsame ones…

as really pulled your ‘911’ attacks…


Why Capitalism

is Great

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And why Socialism sucks

Paul Joseph Watson
January 12, 2016


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and

(The hilariously successful subnet site) Prison

This article was posted: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 3:57 pm




I think your chart is ah little F’d up on the right side,,,,the Morgans,Goldman Sachs,and other old family banking names,,own the Federal reserves,,,

so they should be at the top,,,,


Splitting hairs there, maybe…?

Nelson Rockefeller Success


Did you know one of his illegitimate cousins once said…

“The secret to true happiness in a complicated world is to merely try to remain straight no matter how many men you have to sleep with to get ahead’ ~ Least, that’s what he was said to have said while his actions were speaking louder than his words…

and BOY, he sure did yell a lot sometimes 😉



Maggie Thatcher other people's money socialism


All financed by the Zionist capitalists too ~ You ever wonder if Jehovah is an intellectually retarded hybrid criminal ‘ET’ who escaped maximum security detention in a galactic prison for the Satanically insane? ~ Now watch the hypocritical…

Luciferin American Masons defend the Judeo-Xtian faith  😦



He predicted WW1 and WW2, fifty years before they happened.


He was in the loop, but despite what people surmise may or may not have been ‘OF’ the loop ~ I’ve been unwillingly in the loop since my early childhood, but not ‘OF’ it, despite that I’m predicting ‘WW3’ and ‘WW4’ and ‘WW5’ myself ~ Here’s what ‘WW3’ will be in the graphic below, but it won’t really be a war as such…

more a cull of sorts  😦

Kinetic ~ Mach 56.6 BEST QUALITY


Some people like worshiping others! Margaret Tatcher was no prophet nor anything worth quoting, besides does it mean when one become famous…

their opinion become a revelation?


She asset-stripped England for the Bavarian Illuminati using looted European ‘WW2’ gold at the exact same time Reagan + ‘GHW Bush the Third’ (Snicker) and their big crime Reaganomics was doing it for America with the junk bond money created by the same gold ~ Some people will kill you if you even mispronounce “Shibboleth” let alone dare question one, but what the hell does it matter when the whole world bleeds from the ass with illuminated ancient wisdom anyway…

Mason FIVE


Capitalism is a great thing so long as it is manged well. What libertarians claim is corporatism is nothing more than unregulated capitalism, or exactly what they claim will fix all the world problems. Like it or not the only way to stop corporatism is to restrict what a person or company can do in a free market and it means taxing the winners of capitalism to make sure the losers don’t fukin starve to death. In the above video the Chinese capitalist boom is mentioned, but you can’t just sing it’s praises without also showing it’s warts. Millions have been raised out of poverty, Great, but they got toddlers on the factory floor chained to windows while mom puts in her 12+ hour day making some useless plastic dodad that will be in a landfill this time next month.

China child


China is wealthy enough to place an automatic 5% tax on all workers, that’s female or otherwise who needs to care for their children while working so that every 21st female worker with children could care for her child and those of the other 20 and even give them basic “Joy Skills” as well as humor + at least one ‘SOLID’ quality meal…
Within 10-15 years that (Minor) investment in children pays back big, very big…

Jackie Chan ~ Very funny guys ~


Geeze-ass geriatric-Christ, all I’m trying to do is kick-back with a point of view…

Christ with machine gun

Thus far I’ve been led to believe that ‘Life sucks’ and then you eventually die…

As a follow-on from the previous comment about investing in children not directly related to this piece underneath about investing in humanity as a whole, the ancient wisdom of the secretly Zionist Masons of America and post ‘WW2’ fascist Germany chose to invest in me when I’d been a very small child, only their investment involved at least eight (Literal) physical tortures by age 15 beginning with at least two by age two, at least two more by age three followed by once at age 5 involving electric shock torture for the purpose of both terror and gaining submission to their damned evil supposedly deniable “MK Ultra” shit as well as a series of psychological x emotional tortures which were often worse than the physical torture, then prostituted me for my entire childhood (Literally) while forcing me to endure seeing 23 murders up close and personal by age 13 with 20 of those being children and 14 of those Aboriginal children murdered in bloody ritual torture murders by cutting them up with knives no more than 10 feet away from me ~ Nine of those 14 tortured to death in front of me by ‘CIA’ operatives and employees in those ritual occultist killings were only ‘Babes in arms’ as the saying goes, so, in all true sarcasm, I’m wondering if America thinks it’s ‘Investment’ (sic) in me has paid of yet seeing as, in the last 8 odd years alone they’ve spent over $2+ billion dollars mocking me in an electronic Orwellian head-fcuk designed to try to make themselves look good by making me look as stupid and powerless as possible ~ Damn you Masonic America, damn you…

As an investment in the world community of man, or so they liked to pretend, the world community of right wing Freemasons (Literally) built Socialism beginning in the late 19th century to raise worker productivity and living standards because it was seen as, in the long run, the cheapest way to increase profit and help modernize industry standards, with little if any true concern for little people above ANY of the 29th to 33rd degrees who in essence makes all of the decisions the others follow like sheep under a form of what amounts to little more than a subdued highly secretive form of ‘Occultist Maritime Law’ if that makes sense to those who know the score, one that threatens to cut their tongues out and rip their hearts out and bury them at low tide in between the low water mark and the high water mark if they transgress the unwritten law which forbids Masons disclosing any of their so called big secrets unless it was their GWM lodge master himself who ordered them to do so   😦

Bitch-bitch-bitch, whinge-whinge, complain-complain-complain  😉

Then in the 70’s and 80’s they used their (Artificially created ‘CIA’ run) connection with the Khmer Rouge slave labor abduction x genocide cover story which they were using to hide the centrality of America’s involvement in the abduction of South East Asians in general and Cambodians in particular for the purpose of building world Zionism’s underground bunker system, crushing them (The ‘ISO’ heads) cause they were possibly rightly seen as an emerging potentially dangerous divisive force who’d collected way too much corporate knowledge since George Orwell’s days and were deemed capable of mounting a sophisticated sustained intellectually sound socio-politically offensive campaign against Masonic feudal excesses as they (Masons) slowly moved into overdrive at the end of their Cold War sham to take the greater world of nations back to feudalism, all done within what you could call correctly call the “Globalism 2020” agenda the world is currently enslaved to  😦

George Orwell a revolutionary act

And why do you think I’m bothering with this, why do you think I’m doing this?  😉

Truth is I’m just passing my autumn days in as constructive a manner as I’m able  😉

#### ########## ####

Heh-Heh-Heh, a sometimes humorous constructive manner at that  😉


I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated nobodies ~ All past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) plus all past present and any future royalties also remain those of the original lawful owners  😉

Oh-yeah, repost at your leisure, yet it’s still MY blog, right?  😉

 But remember, the US Govt uses these to phish for thinkers  😦

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