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There’s Whiskey In the Jar-O  😦

Google Freaks Out

After Alex Jones Storms


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Big Brother gets nervous when little brother watches back

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
October 23, 2015

While Google has become notorious for spying on Internet users, when Alex Jones attempted to film inside the company’s headquarters in downtown Austin, he was immediately asked to leave.

Within seconds of entering the building for an event being held by Google, Jones and his film crew were told that the company didn’t allow video recording, despite the fact that a huge sign on the wall made it clear that Google was recording everyone in the vicinity. [….] NB: Another US Govt  ‘Cyber Security’ timefcuk repeat  😉

This article was posted: Friday, October 23, 2015 at 11:38 am

Oh, here we go with the tired old “Joo” conspiracy again. Did anyone see anything about Jews or Isreal or yarmulke in this article? I didn’t and I see no connection, not even an imaginative remote, unlikely connection.

Founder of Google,,Sergey Brin,,,,, and what is Brin,,,???,,,he is a Russian Jew,,,, co founder ,,Larry Page,,, is also a Jew,,,,,, so what do you say now skippy,,,??,, is that enough of a “imaginative remote, unlikely connection” for yah,,,???

My invisible-Jew cosmic magi-god, the angry omnipotent one who’s everywhere 24\7 watching everyone and everything, he just told me that if you don’t shape up and fly right he’ll send his angry invisible not quite omnipotent and omnipresent devil and a few of the smaller devils round to mess you up and burn you in hell forever 😦
Umm, actually, he didn’t tell me personally, he just sent his ass  😉

America religious right talking donkey ass


British Councillor suspended after saying Israel behind ISIS and 9/11


Who rules criticise


You mean, gosh, that omnipotent invisible cosmic magician guy, right? 😉
Hell, lots of people get their back up if you dare even philosophize him 😉
But if you actually dare imply that based on his last 6000 years of history as his word claims things went that he’s incompetent, well, it just makes you feel glad that they’re not allowed to burn you at the stake, or hang draw quarter root shoot and\or electrocute you, unless it’s an ‘NDAA’ thing  😉

Alas poor Yorick ~ NDAA


Change that name! Rigor mortis? You ain’t dying yet…lol.

“To be (Rigor Mortis) or not to be (Rigor Mortis), THAT is the question” I’m sure some illuminated Wagnerian buff must’ve said in an offhand manner once, usually depending on the manner of death that is ~ Some people get butchered cooked and eaten, others get roasted or blown up by a ‘MOAB’ or a ‘HELLFIRE’ missile, yet others are gifted to medical science ~ One of my first experiences of deep profound grief was the former, where a girl called “Monika Cross” was butchered cooked and eaten after her death so, no ‘Rigor Mortis’ ~ A well known German Jew American Masonic Zionist blue blood (41) once said to me a few weeks after he’d shot that first love dead in front of me as he, according to himself was only trying to console me in my grief, “We all die kid, and we all die of the same thing, ‘OUR HEART STOPS BEATING’ and then he just walked off chuckling at his own joke ~ I’m not sure if there was a dumber response he could’ve come up[ with, really, but if so, well then he settled for the lessor dumb ~  Wow, it sure was a DUMB thing to say but, in retrospect, entirely accurate, yet it eventually created more crossed transactions…

than the fcuking firebombing of Dresden  😦

The Brightside of Rigor Mortis

Clinton Told Chelsea Truth,

Lied to American People

on Benghazi

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Brian Lilley
Truth Revolt
October 23, 2015

Clinton screenshot 'PP'

Hillary Clinton and her department spent days after the Benghazi attack of September 11, 2012 telling the American people that the attack was the result of an “offensive” video posted to YouTube but on the night of the attack, she told her daughter it was a terror attack. An email sent to Chelsea Clinton’s online pseudonym Diane Reynolds at 11:12 pm on that day clearly said the attack in Libya…

was the result of an al-Qaida affiliated group. […]

This article was posted: Friday, October 23, 2015 at 10:44 am


Under 2 minute clips shows where we’re at and how we got there as a country.


When I’d been a naïve young 7 y\o budding occultist adept and a sad political hierophant trapped in a weird pedo snuff-movie political blackmail brothel, one of the things I’d wanted, in the context of that saying ‘Go fcuk yourselves’ more than anything else was for my abusers to ‘GO FCUK THEMSELVES’  😦

Gee, you took it ‘LITERALLY’ guys? ~ Ha-Ha Ha-Ha ~ ‘OH-WELL’  😉

She has more damage then anyone person has ever even came close to, she is unelectable. If Ron Paul was unelectable due to just his age then this woman is a figment of our imaginations.

Run Paul, ‘Mr missing babies’ himself is unelectable? ~ Damn, that’s-sad  😦

Dead babies question


Take your MEDS

Never heard about the serious questions (Accusations) surrounding more than a few so-called ‘Still-births’ among various charity births that were dogging the venerable Doctor Ronald St Paul? ~ It’s a wonder swallowing American crap doesn’t make more Americans sick but, hey, you probably develop a tolerance once you’ve done it for enough decades ~ ‘GO TO HELL’ congress, go to hell  😦

Zion's true hell ~ Black Hole ~


When anyone attacks the Federal reserve with endless resources you can expect to see scummy made up dirt to be flung, stop believing everything you read on the internet.

I’d ceased to ‘BELIEVE’ anything at all whatsoever after the shooting death in front of me of a girl I’d been tender over 51 1\2+ years ago, instead only relying on what I’d seen with my own eyes, but if the American people ever get their soul back and manage to take their so called “Faith in Gawd” seriously to the point where they then grow a set within the same miraculous divine intervention that would seem to need all things considered (sic) then I’ve got some first hand hard evidence, eyewitness evidence of a capital crime that cost first a mother and then her little 2 1\2 y\o boy and then on top of that a federal policewoman their lives that I’d sure like to place before a grand jury of his (St Paul’s) peers, whether or not the United States had gained the 100% amnesty for treason and all associated crimes that are in any way attached to the treason need, and ‘THAT IS NO JOKE’  😦

Meanwhile, the greatest nation in the world now desperately clings to a 24\7 system of total denial over everything it’s political leaders have done, to America as well as the wider world and maintains that with a system of govt that obviously needs an extra judicial indefinite detention and extra judicial execution of accused persons ‘NDAA’ to sustain it, rather than due process ~ ‘Pine Gap’ in Australia was often used to fly various people, not always ‘CIA’ and\or US Military people into my country of birth and residence, Australia, completely bypassing immigration records, both in and out, in the pursuit of a very dark devious and evil worldwide criminal pedophilia and child murder network, and your obscene Doctor Ronald St Paul was just ‘ONE’ of those persons on or about “March 16 1995” despite whatever (Completely expectable) surface alibi’s he would have (Obviously) had prepared in advance  😦

You’re the biggest frauds on the planet, Masonic Zionist America  😦

Sen Ron Paul ~ America ~ 2016


Michael Savage has all the names of the top military officials that were fired after Benghazi – NONE of them were asked to testify at the Benghazi Trial. Really good podcast. Alex should have Savage on to discuss Benghazi. His book, “Stop The Coming Civil War” is both insightful and intelligent.

(Don’t bother with the vid, it’s crap, it’s just there for context)  😉


‘Stop the coming civil war?’ ~ You can NOT achieve that goal without first putting a 100% amnesty for treason in place in exchange for any seeking the amnesty simply telling 100% of the truth about their own ‘AND’ about other’s involvement in said treason ~ If anyone claims it’s implausible or impossible, I’d not try to support or dispute your perspective, merely repeat, elaborate in great detail if you will, you have exactly 0% chance of even delaying ‘WW3’ let alone avoiding the breakdown of civil society via a civil war without first returning to a standard of political moral philosophical and even religious exchange where ‘TRUTH’ is the central mode of communicating ‘ANY’ ideas whatsoever, and currently ‘THAT’ is as dead as Dealy Plaza America 😦
It is 100% doable tho, that 100% amnesty for treason, yet some fear it 😦
But the reason some fear it is they think it would allow them less power 😦
Small minded thinking is a droll inbred 3rd cousin of ‘STUPID’ most days  😦

Treason Amnesty Inbred


This lying, thieving, murderous, atheist, commie bull dyke will be the next US President, because the US public deserves this she devil. If the current homo, crack addict, commie, half breed, son of a whore US President does not start the full scale nuclear war with Russia and China, rest assured that this monster will.

Yup, Jim. You got it, boy. And what “truth” did she tell Chelsea?

There is a LOT more to that fiasco than is letting out of the bag. . Hillary’s right hand man in Banghazi was a gun runner and x CIA, he first ran guns paid for and supplied by the United States working closely with the Muslim Brotherhood to Al Qaeda mercenaries in to take over Libya, Next he ran an estimated 800 tons of weapons to al Qaeda mercenaries out of Libya into Syria by way of Turkey. The reason Stevens was murdered was simple: Stevens knew everything about the Obama administration’s gun running weapons into Libya and the middle east before the Benghazi Stevens knew all the details of major arms shipments to Libya that would ultimately make their way to Turkey and into the hands of Muslim Brotherhood supported al Qaeda forces in Syria. Included in these shipments were 20,000 ‘man pads’ shoulder fired missiles used to shoot down air craft. It’s so dirty, SO dirty.


Hillary Clinton ~ Benghazi gold ~


Yup’ a nuke war is not far off ‘ with the things going on now with russia and china we will see the sky a bright orange within another year .Get prepared to meet your maker folks .
For most of you, it’ll be a puppet-maker named GEPPARTO right?  😉

Senator Pinocchio

You don’t need a full 100% amnesty for treason America  😉
Senator Pinocchio says you just need more consensus  😉

Clinton Pinocchio

####### ####### #######

I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humour and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes, and all past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) and royalties remain those of the original owners, period  😉

(PS: Watch out for ‘NSA‘ phishing using these blogs)   😉

Grim Reaper Free Freedom Funny


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