The Legend of Zion…

Dies a slow painful-death inside  😦

‘Species War’ in (By) the mid 40’s, and idiots literally created them themselves  😦

Nazi eugenics by Mengele 50+ years ahead of his time created their NEMESIS  😦

Don’t confuse ‘Hollywood’ with reality, nor confuse Washington with it either  😉


Bizarre: Bush Insider Calls

Trump ‘Liberal Conspiracy

Theorist’ Over 9/11 Remarks

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Establishment media getting desperate as they lose control of narrative

Kit Daniels
October 20, 2015

Fox News’ Dana Perino, formerly a press secretary under George W. Bush, claimed Donald Trump is a ‘liberal conspiracy theorist’ pushing ‘soft 9/11 trutherism’ because he challenged Bush’s handling of the attack. “Well, I think it was a dismal weekend when you have liberal conspiracy theories being introduced by the Republican frontrunner,” she said on Fox’s The Five.

“It is soft trutherism, it is what it is like soft racism and soft bigotry.”

“You put it out there for a reason because you want to be provocative.” […]

Perino was referring to Trump’s appearance on CNN’s New Day on which he said the Bush administration was given advanced warning on 9/11 but did nothing about it. “They did know it was coming,” Trump said. “George Tenet, the head of the CIA, told them it was coming, so they did have advanced notice.” […]

This article was posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 1:16 pm


Israel did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World

I’d like to see ‘EVIDENCE’ that Israel got ‘NORAD’ to stand down and the Air Force to fly off to Alaska ~ Not just conjecture, ‘EVIDENCE’ ~ I’m no kind of defender of the indefensible, just like to see truth get a chance, like I’d like to see Israel declare a border any damn where they choose near the wall, pay for the land and water taken since 1967, put a three lane underground highway between Gaza and the West Bank, open the port of Gaza ‘FULLY’ to all forms of international trade…

and then, BEHAVE YOU A-HOLES  😦

And as for ‘PEACE?’ ~ Well, it don’t look like that will happen 😦
Meanwhile, which “Secret Society” could’ve pulled all that off? 😦
And which “Secret Society” had something to gain from that?  😦

,,let’s check out Dana,,,, She was the 27th White House Press Secretary, serving under President George W. Bush ,,,,
she was a spokesperson for the Department of Justice,,,,,,

“Perino was promoted to the rank of Assistant to the President, and served as White House Press Secretary from September 14, 2007 until the end of the Bush Administration in January 2009,,”  So,,we can see that she is an insider,,with many reasons to help cover the 9-11 lies,,,, that is how she got her job at FOX,,,,, the more they are willing to lie,,, the better their Zionists masters like them,,,,

,,,Good goyim,,,,,

“Doctor, the patient suffers ‘Reality Perspective Control Disorder’ ~ Do you think medical science can find a cure?” ~~~ “Ho, of course we can nurse, and if not, we’ll just get the White House Press Secretary to make one up” 😉
“Meanwhile, 10 cc’s of ‘Cocainium to the Cranium’ should ease their pain” 😉

Doctor Obama ~ Urine tests ~ John ~


Let’s check out the Bush family thingy. G.W., the Downing St. memos, no WMDs under there, 322 … Marvin, security CEO of the World Trade Center …

and last but not least, Jeb, PNAC member.

Stay out dah Bush’s,,,,,,,

Hang the Owl Stay out of the Bush's

That’s a ‘Screenshot’ of the post ~ But here’s what the ‘URL’ calls up ~

Something shonky in the American ‘Cyber Security’ house again? ~


Jeeeez-zrse-Careerist “Ulrique A Finklehoffer Scherff”  😉

That fat guy on the thumbnail of your vid (Screenshot) looks depressingly like a fat aging Bill Hicks doesn’t he? ~ Now I’m hoping, just hoping mind you, the comedian pulls thru, but wow, there’s something in those wandering ‘Joo Jeans’ that just can’t stop these theatrical public performances of Greek pathos 😉
You think there was a little ‘Hanky Panky’ somewhere?  😉

Alex Jones Bill Hicks ~ Choirboy and Bishop ~

The US Govt is REALLY fcuking me over with their ‘Cyber Security’ legislation largesse, it’s almost like any kind of dishonesty is deemed to be serving the ‘Safety and Security of the American People’ and yet, in point of fact rather than political spin, I’m pretty sure they’re just trying to make an example of me ~ In the previous 20 or so blogs, I’d been aware that I’d been sidelined to a very old subnet (Full of old repeated stories) where the ‘CSpam Corporation’ was, for whatever reason, playing a small tho not insignificant part in the deception, but come on America, come on  😦

I’ve never once had the chance to answer one single direct accusation the US Govt has EVER made against me throughout my entire adult life since 1979, especially but not limited  to the accusations of the men who ran the following murder I’d have no trouble giving a 100% factually accurate recall (Sworn evidence) even these 40 years on, and if you’ll just think about it, when added to the ritual baby torture murders (9) and ritual child torture murders (5) of Aboriginal children that ‘Scherff-41’ and ‘Rumsfeld Cheney + the fake Kerry’ did with ‘Scherff-41’ in the room running shit for the baby murders (It was in the 60’s, I’d only been a boy you fascist Masonic Zionist Yankee assholes) then here’s part of the possible reasons for that wall of fake ‘Terror’ accusations these criminal Americans have leveled at me using your taxes for years already…

1974… It was a very fcuked-up year…

‘Scherff-41’ plus ‘Dick Cheney’ and ‘Joe Biden’ literally holding my left forearm with each using both hands, pointing the gun at the back of the girl’s head as she straddled singer Ross Wilson, thankfully (In a way) perhaps 100% unaware of her immanent fate with the grim reaper ~ And those two future ‘VP’ assholes freelancing for either ‘CIA’ or the ‘WW2 Nazis’, or both, plus ‘Myself’ under their damned ‘MK-Ultra’ drugs, and a dead girl called ‘Evelyn Jane’ who, truth be told, was a stunner  😦

The evil fascist Pommy cnut that butchered and then cooked her corpse with skill prior to their Zionist Jewish Kabala ‘Baal Worship’ ritual cannibalism (Shocking but true) is known to me, they seemed to take some delight that, 20 minutes later, even in my heavily drugged state, him walking in with his hands covered in blood after the butchering bit and making a literal comment about how he ‘Loved Sticky Fingers’ would make an indelible impact on me, seeing as it was perhaps at least the 25th murder I’d witnessed since being tortured by them in childhood ~ That’s easily the case with 23 murders in front of me by age 13 in 1970, the first 2 murders in front of me by ‘Scherff-41’ at age four when he shot two men dead in front of me in one week (Terror for MK Ultra conditioning) with  the prostitution of my young body in their pedo snuff movie brothel at that age, then the first torture at age 5 by the man in the photo directly below, and yes assholes, he was a Texas legislature lawman, him and his half brother ‘Scherff-41’ regularly used to cover for each other…

Bush and BushScherff-41 ~ Gay fcuker prez

Both of the men above Literally tortured-me physically as a child  😦
Guess I’m glad she didn’t suffer much, all things being equal  😦

She was a (Young) full bodied woman of incredible inner vitality who would’ve easily made Marilyn Monroe look like an old street hooker if she stood next to her, the front of her face blown off onto Ross as he lay underneath her with a bullet to the back of the head from a large caliber revolver, and her poor father, tire magnate Bob Jane, then given a body to bury that he was told was decapitated and completely mangled in a car wreck, a body that he swore to his dying day was ‘NOT’ his beloved ‘Evie’ and it’s 100% certain that it wasn’t either, they literally ate her  😦

RIP girl, it was all so-damn WRONG ~ Such a tragic waste 😦

For what it’s worth, America still needs a 100% amnesty for high-treason  😦

Plus so-many other EVIL crimes, it looks like they’ve lost count of them  😦

Smily in Hades ~ Justice or euthanasia~ 'NO-COMMENT'

####### ####### #######

I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humour and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes  😉

(PS: Watch out for ‘NSA‘ phishing using these blogs)   😉

Grim Reaper Free Freedom Funny


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