‘YHWH’ is a cockhead…

He’s an evil dead Jew cockhead  😉

Abram child killer ~ Plain and simple

(And he’s in your ass fool) 😦

God in his ass, bum, back parts ~ 600

Okaaay, this rambles on a b it, line of consciousness stuff, it just so happens that today my tumors are hurting and I’ve got no pain relief, plus I’m basically in a spiral\cycle of caring less as each day passes and I’m sure it shows in my writing ~ Anyway that said, the 500 y\o Pagan root-word ‘GOD’ simply means the “Spirit or soul of a deceased earthly priest or king” ~ They weren’t dumb ~ Everyone knows Jews sacrifice children, even babies, in their sick Jew kabala occult, ever since Jews got away with Egypt’s gold and jewels after claiming their “Masters” (sic) had loaned their “Slaves” (sic) all of their gold and jewels (Snicker) and then their angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent god had murdered all of Egypt’s children (Great cover story) when in reality the Jews had done to Egypt ‘EXACTLY’ what they’ve done to the world at large today 😦

They’ve proved beyond doubt that just as Moses and the Christ implied, they’re liars thieves and murderers 24\7 non-stop and that’s all they are, evil demonic criminals with good ‘PR’ skills with the best shtick and spin on the planet, and it’s not hard to take that a step further and state that the thing they worship was a ‘Liar thief and murderer from the very beginning’ and still is  😦

And what are they today?  😦

(Fort Knox is empty, remember)  😦

Netanyahu German Jew pig 666

PC Police Want to Ban Ham

Sandwiches Because Muslims

Find Them ‘Offensive’

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Employers should ban pork because it “offends” Muslims, suggests new report

Kit Daniels
Prison Planet.com
October 5, 2015

Businesses should ban ham sandwiches and sausage rolls from the workplace because they’re “offensive” to Muslims and other religions, according to new guidelines written for employers.

Credit: jeffreyw / Flickr

Let’s just ban muslims. It would be much easier and fulfilling…….

No-problems, ban Jews, ban Xtians, and ban Muslims too, ban the whole god damned 4000 y\o Abrahamic sham, but, before you do, ban pig-meat too cause pig meat is evil, the bible says, especially if you’re a pig and it’s you they’re eating ~ Wont be no real trouble in America tho until you ban suck-cockers, suck-cocking, and freckle punchers, especially if you ban gay oral sex and gay butt-sex or butt-sex with kiddies cause right there the entire Abrahamic Judeo\Islam thing falls down 😦
It’d all be illegal overnight, choirboys bishops rabbis and mullah’s, the lot  😉

Little boy Fcuk god pedo vreeps

Wish there was a few angry photos of me at that age  😦
If looks could kill, there’d have been a few less ‘CIA’  😦

Nine dead at

Afghan hospital after

U.S. air strike

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October 3, 2015

The U.S. military on Saturday acknowledged it may have bombed a hospital run by medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres in the Afghan city of Kunduz in an air strike that killed at least nine people and wounded 37. The incident could renew concerns about the use of U.S. air power in Afghanistan, a controversial issue in America’s longest war. Former President Hamid Karzai fell out with his backers in Washington over the number of civilians killed by bombs. […] U.S. forces launched an air strike at 2.15 a.m. (1745 ET), the spokesman, Col. Brian Tribus, said in a statement. “The strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility,” he added. “This incident is under investigation.” At the aid group’s bombed-out hospital, one wall of a building had collapsed, scattering fragments of glass and wooden door frames, and three rooms were ablaze, said Saad Mukhtar, director of public health in Kunduz. “Thick black smoke could be seen rising from some of the rooms,” Mukhtar said after a visit to the hospital. “The fighting is still going on, so we had to leave.”

Read more

This article was posted: Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 7:20 am


Obama bang nuke

We were bombing sand dunes and rocks until the Ruskies got involved. They started bombing the real killers so we had to start bombing something real. Unfortunately they were real Doctors.


Tombstone ~ Truth died 2001

They were probably cutting into the CIA heroin supply.

The CIA’s up and coming KROKODIL heroin supply. Needle up folks, the end is near !!!

They would sell it to their own kids if they hadn’t already been sterilized, most of the time it’s a requirement of their commitment to Satan, the Zionist or the highest bidder.

Lay off ‘The Satan’ (Priests of Aton) fool ~ The assholes doing this shit are mostly illuminated worshipers of a god you’d call Jehovah and others with a little bit more knowledge about why the Jews stole all of Egypt’s gold and jewels after claiming ‘Their god’ killed all of Egypt’s firstborn’ would call a “Liar thief and murderer from the very beginning” and still others would just call Lucifer and yet others call ‘BAAL’ or perhaps ‘ALLAH’ which is also Baal ~ The ignorance of the unlearned opinion can be forgiven, the damage it does not so  😦

The Schizo God ~ Lucifer Baal Jehovah Hades Zeus ~ Conehead ~ Priests of Yahweh, priests of Baal


What! Are you saying I’m not allowed to throw around a little propaganda like everyone else? It’s Bogyman talk like when people refer to a bad person or group. People been programmed to use Hitler, the Gestapo or the Germans as a reference point. We both know who the victims were in than whole Germans vs Jews thing.

Priests of Aton? ~ They’re my only friends, in that they’re not my sworn enemies as long as my Tee’s are dotted and my Eyes crossed, my P’s and Q’s goose-step on cue, and I’m not trying to make innocence carry my shit-can where there were other choices fairer in the cause of truth and love 😉
So-propagandize? ~ Sure dude, ‘Bend-it-like-Beckham’ as the saying goes, but know those “Priests of Aton” (Satan) aren’t big in the forgiveness area, better in the “Don’t get it wrong in the first place” kind of thing ~ I’m sure you’ll work it out  😉

For the record, it all exists in a “Land called Homily” poster 😦
Some Greeks and ‘SOME’ of the Chinese got the best take on it 😦
Nothing is what it seems, except maybe an old Doctor Who script about the Daleks doing the “Exterminate Exterminate” shit using their deluded human pawns as extensions of the irrelevance they have to the future of this galaxy ~ Heh-Heh-Heh, getting cryptic again Huh? ~ Never mind, all will be revealed if I’m unlucky enough to live long enough to do so, and if not? ~ Well, then “Lucky Me” then Ay  😉

Dalek worship ~

Report: Planned Parenthood

Hires Private Investigator to ‘Stalk’

Undercover Video Producer

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“I caught her prowling around the front door of my apartment when I got home this evening”

Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
October 5, 2015

This article was posted: Monday, October 5, 2015 at 2:25 pm

“Conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice” ~

Still illegal Loretta Lynch?  😉

Get some kind of special presidential papal-dispensation? ~ Rather than talk about ‘ANY’ of the shit America ‘SHOULD’ be talking about, like the Planned Parenthood vid story being a few years old already and questioning what type of moral or intellectual insanity thought that repeating it while concealing the deeper story of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice was smart, seeing that it was already proven that ‘PP’ themselves had commissioned the video with the fake footage to derail the American people’s discontent over embryo harvesting, instead you got US taxes running another head fcuk? ~ Now you should and you could be talking about many things, but instead, it’s ‘Gay’ this and ‘Gay’ that and ‘GAY’ judges and ‘Gay’ presidents and Muslim terrorists (Gay) crowding reality out of the media while the real stories you all hide from (Like babies murdered and harvested for body parts) becomes part of what America’s shadow govt decides you don’t need to talk about 😦
The Russian-thing in Syria was old news too ~ There’s a pattern of lying here 😦
There’s almost an avalanche of bullshit 24\7 now ~ Are you all nuts America?  😦

George Orwell Political Language

What the Secret Service Has

to Say About Hillary Clinton

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Joshua Krause
The Daily Sheeple
October 4, 2015

Perhaps it’s a little cliché to say this, but most politicians have no real substance.

They really only have two primary skills, which is acting and public relations. They are nothing more than professional election winners, and anyone with a half a brain knows that the politician you see on stage is a different person behind the curtain. However, this fact applies more to Hillary Clinton than any other presidential candidate. More importantly, she has clearly hidden her disdain for the average American. Once when traveling through Upstate New York, she started seeing cows and farmers. She turned to her staffer and said “What the f – – – did we come here for? There’s no money here.” According to one agent, Hillary also seems to loath anyone in the military, and didn’t let military aides wear their uniforms in her presence. “She was just really rude to almost everybody. She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.” As author of the book, Ronald Kessler so aptly put it “No one would hire such a person to work at a McDonald’s, and yet she is being considered for president of the United States.”

This article was posted: Sunday, October 4, 2015 at 7:07 am

Could you imagine seein’ that old sea hag standin’ in a line ?
I’d bet that she hasn’t stood in a line for over 50 years.

I-could see her denying her fellow Americans the right to ‘ANY’ type of real world Pole Shift preparation while she herself was well looked after by the taxpayer’s tit, something which would apply to all those leaches running, and could also see her giving the order for the death of half a nation in a single week, her own or anyone else’s for that matter ~ You’re living in a phaggooot controlled media now tho, so have a gay banana-day or suck on a sour persimmons and vote Hillary or Jeb in 2016  😉

Monkey Einstein 2016

Texas Top Cop: ISIS May Be

Infiltrating Border

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Says individuals have been captured from countries known to have a “terrorism presence”

Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
October 5, 2015

This article was posted: Monday, October 5, 2015 at 1:47 pm


I’ve trained ‘MY’ monkey’s to be kosher and cross-themselves and chant the ancient mantra ‘Oy-Vey Oy-Vey invisible cosmic magician’ as they fly out of ‘MY’ butt, and (Of-course) they’re trained to wipe my ass on the way out 😉
“My butt-monkeys” are better than “Your butt-monkeys” McCain  😉

Little Butt monkey American Idol Mason


Yeah, there jumping borders alright……

Uncle Sam the decider ~ Syria Afghan terrorist


Looks like America has come down with a bad case of “Go fcuk yourselves” syndrome, usually, tho not always, occurring when a treasonous group of insane Masons headed by nutter McCain copulate with the constitution without wearing a condom ~ Symptoms are 1/ Lying ~ 2/ Lying all of the time for no reason ~ 3/ Telling stupid lies ~ 4/ Telling stupid lies all of the time for no other reason than you’re stupid ~ 5/ Repeating lies all of the time because you’re stupid and you think it’s smart to tell more lies to cover up the lies you already said ~ 6/ Lying about not being stupid ~ and finally 7/ Not telling the truth and repenting because you like lying too much  😉

Top Cat Topp ~ Putin's father ~ Masons German Jews


According to Judical Watch–as reported back on April 14, 2015–there is an ISIS base 8 miles from the Texas border, in Mexico.


thecommonsenseshow.com [Dave Hodges’ great liberty site]

Ha-Ha-Ha, according to 911 with ‘NORAD’ standing down and the Air Force flying off to Alaska so their 120 mile attack radar couldn’t prove there was no jets, America has a treasonous (German Jew) Masonic fifth column in the ranks of the elite ever since old ‘Sherff-41’ became prez, or would you prefer to backdate that to old……

Jimmy I’m not a Zionist Carter  😉

(Carter, the guy who gave Israel 19 American nukes on credit, same time the German Jew pictured underneath him got Israel to launder aid money to be sent back into America to buy off both sides of congress for the German Jew Masonic Illuminati conspiracy)  😦

Carter Mason Fascist 666

Bush treason Mason German Jew

 Just don’t forget I’m of illegitimate German-Jew descent myself too, cockheads  😉

Oh-yeah, ‘Pollyanna’ left the building 51 1\2 yrs ago and was never seen since 😉

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