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Prison Planet poofters?  😉

Previously unseen

footage of US 1955 nuke

tests in Nevada


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October 2, 2015

Six decades after the events, a series of unreleased videos has seen the light of day: four atomic explosions carried out by the United States in 1955, as part of Operation Teapot.

The operation was a series of fourteen nuclear test explosions carried out at the Nevada Test Site early that year, designed to further develop tactics for ground forces and improve America’s nuclear arsenal. Teapot was sanctioned by President Dwight Eisenhower in August 1954. Bombs with low to moderate yields were tested to assess innovations implemented by the US, as it sought a new pattern fission device – a design that would be seen in later generations of weapons.

The new devices were meant for broad strategic applications, including air defense and anti-submarine warfare. A later test in 1956, called Operation Redwing would also see a more compact and lighter generation of nuclear weapons tested.

There is something awe-inspiring and incredibly eerie about witnessing a mushroom cloud in HD. The YouTube portal Atom Central, which is obsessed with nuclear history and atomic bombs, know this.

This article was posted: Friday, October 2, 2015 at 6:28 am

Weapons that can not be used are useless.

One of ‘THE’ most embarrassing still secret incidents of ‘WW2’ was Hess sailing a non functional nuke into London up the Thames in a Portuguese fishing vessel often used for smuggling that was well known (And protected) by the Thames Water Police 2 weeks before the Scotland Crash Landing cover story, and another was Benito Mussolini in command sailing another (Non-functional) one up the Manhattan River inside Captain Erich Topp’s submarine prior to (Mason) Truman ascending the American throne, with the big sting at the highest international Masonic (Zionist) levels of secret cooperation being that ‘THAT’ is what decided WW2, period 😦
It was nothing more than a cold-hand (Treasonous) Masonic Zionist bluff on every country involved with Adolf Hitler himself falling for the same ploy by the international (Masonic) Zionists in 1936 in Berlin at the time of the Olympics, so you’ve really gotta admire the ‘SHTICK’ that Zionist Masons used on all their lower order Masons to con them into cooperating in it 😦
Fact is the entire world is one big dangerous cold-hand bluff mostly 😦
Eventually tho, Zionist insanity will fulfill their own bloody prophesies 😦
Check this bible prophecy in the graphic, the evil stupidity scares me 😦
America perfected this meteorite-mimicking weapon back in the 1980’s  😦

Kinetic energy weapon Mack 56.6 ~ 660

One of the keys to understand ‘WTF’ was behind what’s implied above is that both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler were Masonic Zionist Masons, with Rudolph Hess a member of the Catholic Masonic Lodges at the same high level, and in the Vatican Catholics have been closet Zionists since 1084, with all three being of plausibly deniable Jewish descent ~ Mussolini’s Jewfish ancestry goes back to a guy called ‘AVITABILE’ who was the Neapolitan Jew governor of the town of Peshawar in Afghanistan in 1841, while Adolf Hitler’s Jewish biology traces back to the American ‘ASTOR’ dynasty meaning (Tho illegitimately) uncle Adolf was obviously a Jew, not only that, he worked for world Masonic Zionism ever since the US Fed began to fund him in 1933 with money it stole from Wall St, being central to both sourcing slave labor for building Swiss and Crimean bunkers, plus looting Europe’s gold using his ‘SS’ troops to oversee such, all of whom traced hidden Jew lineage back to the Templars  😦

Remember Egypt?  😦

(Dead children and stolen Egyptian gold and jewels?)  😦

Although not in sole charge, Adolf Hitler was partially overseeing the timing of the nuke scam on London and New York described above, which the higher order Masons played on lower order useful idiots within the lodge, as well as indirectly being partially responsible for the creation of the Israeli state by Masonic Zionists thru his minor part in the creation of the holohoax myth ~ Remember from my many previous blogs, 400,000 died in the camps while a further 5.6 million were literally sent off by rail to work building the deep bunker systems which international (Masonic) Zionism now has in Switzerland and Crimea among other places  😦

Hardcore fact IS stranger than fiction  😉

Surprise-surprise, the god of this world is a liar thief and murderer  😦

########## ########## ##########

Now, the sarcasm, but still all true  😉

Snugglepus Exit Stage Left ~ MASONLiars and Murderers ~ Alex Jones Hicks MasonMason ~ Govt's R-US

########## ##########

Soros NGO Fakes Casualties

After Russia Strikes CIA

Terrorists in Syria

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Group works closely with al-Nusra in Syria

Kurt Nimmo
October 2, 2015

A Soros linked NGO operating in Syria with the al-Qaeda terrorist group al-Nusra is fabricating reports of civilian casualties, according to Twitter posts.

Faked Facebook lying America

This article was posted: Friday, October 2, 2015 at 12:04 pm


I hate to see anyone get hurt, that includes the “moderate rebels”, and any is tragic. “I just don’t believe the US ever had a stake in any of these regime changes”….

SoMuchForFreedomExperiment • an hour ago

I hate to see anyone get hurt, that includes the “moderate rebels”, and any is tragic. I just don’t believe the US ever had a stake in any of these regime  changes ‘WHAT LAY DOWN THE CRACK PIPE AND STEP BACK. THEY CAUSED IT ALL MORON. EVERY DAMN BIT OF IT ARE YOU BLIND ARE JUST STUPID?’

Speaking of stupid…….

“Then a window opened in heaven, almighty ‘GOD’ drove up in a brand new Porsche Cayenne and said something like ‘I’ll have a Big Mack, and a Big Marie + a little ‘Eggbert’ with salad and some bloodwurst sausage ice cream (sic) to take away’ please”  😉

Revelations Chapter 33 verse 666, Part A subsection B……

Meanwhile, back to a little more easily understood sarcasm 😉
That illuminated ‘Daisy-chain’ (sic) of Masonic Zionist ‘KAOS’ versus Masonic Zionist ‘CONTROL’ goes all of the way back to the very old Swiss Jew Masons via the German Jew fascist Masons in American and the secretly German Jew Masonic Illuminati fascists who’ve been in control in Russia for almost 200+ years, or so the German Jew fascist Masons once told me, but then, truth be told, you can’t really trust (Us) German Jews cause even when we tell the truth we’ve developed the skill of carefully leaving bits out to subtly and skillfully warp what little we ‘DO’ say in any unguarded truth so that we stay well in control thru the confusion of those lower down the daisy chain than we ourselves are, or something 😉
Don’t end there tho, there’s also a Mr Brown or Mr Black higher up than Swiss Jew Masons who was both (A physically existing) ‘Zeus und Hades’ up in the Mt Olympus thing once so I’m told, a man known in the elite Zionist circles as Mr ‘E. HEAD’ to his friends and ‘AKA known as ‘Ah-shit’ or ‘Oh-no’ to those he’s about to fcuk kill and eat or have fcuked killed and eaten for knowing too much 😉
It’s still not even the source of the illuminated daisy chain there because it’s said Mr Brown or Mr ‘E, HEAD’ himself has a boss or bosses who it’s said look like a cross between Batman and the ‘ET’ character and really pissed off most of the time because him and his others are sort of earthbound in the sense of stuck here with only the prospect of a 3 million year ‘RED DWARF’ (sic) journey to nowhere available with the current tech, despite what’s claimed, so whatever you make of the real power structures behind world Zionism and all of the cold arrogant often sexually perverted men of elitism and stolen privilege within, it’s worse than you think 😉
As to why the truth is still so suppressed after the ‘Prison Planet’ Masonic phishing exercise of 2004 to 2007 to find everyone who knew anything, the fact remains that any of you who think you know anything, whether you’re serving the beast like Zionist Masons or deceived by it as some kind of simple hearted feeble brained American patriot good guy, are trapped within a lie as old as the pyramids, that lie as to what’s really running things is deep, and there’s only one final solution when cornered 😦
It’s called a reactive potassium-cyanide x sodium ‘AP’ round 😦
If-only us humans weren’t seen as food that’s gotten too smart 😉
Not to worry, there’s a plan to replace us with a specially bred much dumber and stronger sexless hybrid species that’s expected to be more easily accommodating to our dual use, that of food + labor  😦

Gee, fellow resistance, it’s been almost a decade since Bill Hicks had that tragic accident with a tube of ‘KY’ jelly ~ ‘Prison Planet’ seems no worse for wear apart from the occasional bout of self-copulating melancholy followed by spirited renditions of “The Star Spangled Banner” and that other good old boy standard, ‘DIXIE’  😉

John Paul 2, Jesse Christo almighty ~ Fishhead Conehead hat 666 E Head Swiss cousin

Godkilla bullets  😦

Cyanide x Sodium Armor piercing round

Don’t kill nothing not trying to fcuk kill or eat you  😉

Man pig we are what we eat

Better start distrusting the OfficialStory people  😦

Treason against the species Rev 19 17-18

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