Masonic Madness…

“The feudal-fascist thing”  😦

Adolf Hitler ~ Money love gold

(It’s another long deep thinker’s post)  😉

(Make of it what you will, but think)  😉

NB: The Masonic Zionist owned and controlled US Fed financed the man above, a man said by some to be my biological uncle via my biological mother, a 33rd degree Freemason and direct descendant of Jewish Mason WW Astor no matter what denials are made to ‘Loot all of the gold in Europe’ as well as South America Africa and the Middle East + anywhere else the secretly Zionist ‘SS’ jackboot went ~ The same damn thing has just been done by American Masons to Iraq Libya and America itself  😉

After 56 years of abuse from these illuminated devils who claim all knowledge yet deny all accountability, to every single Jew or Mason (Jew) I’ve ever crossed paths with since the day I’d been born, the day my birth mom was ritually murdered (Literally) by the Masonic Zionist fascist German Jew scums who been murdering innocence since Abram got Jiggy with it, after all you’ve done, after every single person I’d ever loved since childhood was murdered, and after all of those who’ve ever truly loved ‘ME’ were also either hurt or murdered, I’ll forgive you, sure I’ll forgive you, I’ll forgive you when you made up for everything you’ve ever done to them  and to me and to those who truly loved me, as well as made it up to those I’d loved as well  😉

And then, when all of the souls in the ethereal CRIMEA RIVER (Sic) send you to the beginning of your torment in Hades, just the beginning mind you and not the end, a torment that you’ll have to bear  without the grand Jewish dichotomy (Lie) you use now to avoid everything, you’ll meet with me and them there, there where we all can talk it all over in a spirit of 100% truth in a far friendlier environment (sic) than we have in the here and now brothers father’s and others  😦

Hell ~ Zion's true fate ~ White Cat White Snake

##### ##### ##### ##### #####

“I’m only trying to love you, little boy”  😉

These were the words said to me by one many paedophile creeps in a Zionist ‘CIA’ run pedo brothel which they ran for the German Jew Masonic masters, words said by a man who hung around for 20 minutes after ass-raping me, basically flooding my heart and\or soul with a warm ‘VIBE’ or  a feeling of oneness union and peace  🙂

“Well I-don’t want you to, go  away”  😦

That was all I’d said in response, for one reason or (And) another now seems like a good time to expand on this particular comment to  do with the insane evil ritual-sex practices of the Jewish kabala often if not  always meaning ‘FORCING THEMSELF’ or those who neither want nor need their occultist Jewish kabala sexual intentions or their feigned affections, often tho not always with a fatal outcome  😦

Abram child killer ~ Plain and simple

I-seen 20 children murdered by these Masonic Zionist bastards running the US by the time I’d turned 13 years old, 14 of them tortured to death in front of me, nine of those mere babes in arms, so I’m going to be seeing things a little different than most, especially so as they also tortured ‘ME’ 3 times by that age and prostituted me from age four ~ There were worse things than even that done in the form of psychological torture and threats to loved ones, yet surely that’s enough to justify my present and future viewpoint which is simply ‘Fcuk the Jewish god, fcuk the Jewish devil, fcuk the Jewish paradise and fcuk the Jewish Hades, fcuk the Jewish light and fcuk the Jewish hate, fcuk the Jewish love and fcuk the Jewish hate’, and fcuk the 8000 years of Zionism which preceded the Jew and fcuk the 4000 years of hypocritical heathen Zionism which has gone down ever since Abram ate roasted child-flesh  😦

#### #### #### #### ####

Poll: 33% Can’t

Name A Single First

Amendment Right

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Trey Sanchez
Truth Revolt
September 19, 2015

Thursday marked the 228th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution which took place in 1787. To commemorate the occasion, USA Today released a poll showing the percentage of the population who can name their First Amendment rights. And the numbers aren’t good. Of the five rights covered under the First Amendment, thirty-three percent could not name even one of them. What’s worse is only 57% were able to name freedom of speech, clearly the most popular of the bunch. Nineteen percent named freedom of religion. Tied at 10% was both freedom of the press and the right to assemble. The prize for most overlooked goes to the right to petition, garnering only two percent. (The chart does not indicated how many were sampled.)

PP photo USA today poll

This article was posted: Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 10:02 am

You have a god given right to be stupid, if you give up the right to be stupid the state will appoint someone to be stupid for you ~ If you cannot afford to pay for the state to appoint someone to be stupid for you, someone will be appointed for free every four years to be stupid on your behalf and it’ll be paid for by your taxes, stupid  😉

McCain stupid

NB: American Senator J McCain, ass-raped me in that same pedo-brothel which the Beaumont children died in, at the same time the neo-official story still has him in the Hanoi Hilton ~ Obviously,  someone is lying large there, but it ain’t me  😦


Obama packing pen hand bag and high heels


Ahhh!!!! My eyes!! My eyes!!!!

*** I’m gonna use that photo to disable muggers ***


What would Joan say? Oh wait, she can’t say anything…

Probably say “Anybody seen my old friend Jim Croce” or whatever 😦

” Anybody here seen my old friend , Harold Holt ?

He freed lot a people , but the good , they die young….’‘ : (

Ouch ~ Last known sighting was as a lifeless corpse inside a US submarine, according to the official American Zionist story on the way to defect to Red China, a sub media were told was Russian after they first said it was Chinese up until some intelligence dude said all the Chinese subs at the time capable were in dry dock  😉

H Holt
The hypocrisy of America is now destroying it, exactly as planned 😦

Harold Holt … defect to the commie Chinese ?? NEVER !! Ah yes , the Hugh Beaumont murders …being typecast as the Beaver’s father ruined his acting career ( it really did ). Then he fell in with the Manson Family , and well , the rest is history .

Correction, Jane Anna and James Beaumont, the two girls raped in front of me after all three, including the 4 y\o boy were prostituted for two months after their abduction in a ‘CIA’ run child brothel, all three murdered with the little silver .22 auto of a future CIA director\prez, the German-born ‘SCHIFF’  😦

(Prescott’s illegitimate-son by a German woman)  😦

Tho, for the record, ‘HE’ didn’t pull the trigger 😦
He just fcuked young Anna in the ass or vagina 😦



The world really is like the ” Hostel ” movies …

I’m sorry , for what it’s worth , that you were made a part of their hell .

#### #### ####

Unless you’re stupid or unlearned, you can ‘NEVER’ believe a Jew, a Jew ‘GOD’ or a Jew devil, and without in any way lessening the fullness of that statement,  especially a  German Jew Mason or German Jew Masonic god or Masonic devil ~ Just before their next ‘BIG CON’ they will ‘ALWAYS’ precede their next dirty trick with a warm fuzzy light and a warm fuzzy feeling of ‘LOVE’ and then fcuk you over completely, and the same goes for those warm feelings of ‘PATRIOTSM’ too, suckers  😦

America Patriot Actors 2004

Report: British PM

David Cameron Stuck

Genitals in Dead

Pig’s Mouth

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Photo of prime minister in compromising situation reportedly exists

Adan Salazar
September 21, 2015

British Prime Minister David Cameron performed depraved sex acts with a dead pig as part of a college initiation ritual, according to a book written by one of his Oxford peers. The bizarre ritual was part of an induction ceremony into the Piers Gaveston Society, an ultra-exclusive University of Oxford dining club known for its decadent sex and drug-fueled parties. The current UK prime minister’s history of debauchery is outlined in the book, Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography,” penned by entrepreneur and fellow Oxford colleague Lord Michael Ashcroft.

(Edited for length and\or crap)

This article was posted: Monday, September 21, 2015 at 6:00 pm






Like the Masons who butcher babies at Bohemian Grove, Crowley was just a baby buggering child murdering Masonic Zionist of illegitimate German Jew descent, he was a card carring ‘Luciferin’ rather than a Satanist, because the true Satanist says ‘Harm none and do what you will’ while the German Jew Satanist,  including the average 23rd to 33rd degree Mason, seems to live by the Abrahamic code of ‘Fcuk whomever you will, especially if they don’t want you too’, and  ‘Ritually kill whomever you will if you can get away with it’ ~

Abram child killer ~ Plain and simple

(I’ve re-posted the graphic above for a reason, think)  😉

There’s these two half-brothers called ‘God’ und ‘Devil’ ~ Both seem to get a kick out of dumping on their cousins, a 12,000 y\o tribe of dead guys best called ‘SATAN’ or rather “The priests of Aton” to all of their friends of which I’m one, sort of, mostly…….

Always the God und der Devil dumping on der Satan……

Always “Mitt Der dumping”, sheesh  😉

(So fcuk the Jewish god and fcuk the Jewish devil with equal hilarity)
(Those that know these things think they’re the same-being anyway)
(Bit like Masons in congress pulling 911 and claiming they’re patriots)

The Schizo God ~ Lucifer Baal Jehovah Hades Zeus ~

US foreign policy in one picture!

Russian Lady Liberty starting dires


I’ll just wait for all the adults to tell me what to think, right?  😉

Shirley Temple virginal butt Lady Liberty Emu flag


Real politic – as Kissinger said, we don’t do it because it’s right or wrong, but because it’s in “our interests”. What kind of sociopaths do we have running this world?!

Mason Flat Earth

Has anybody checked the level of insanity in America’s masons yet?  😉

They need to check their level of competency,,, as it seems they do a shitty job of photoshopping in the same plane four times,,,,, the two guys run’n on the beach is a crummy photoshop also,, their feet are not even touching the ground,, and they have no shadows,, as clearly the boat behind them has one,,,,

,,,,,oh well Pope Fascist is here,,, so we are saved,,,,

Actually when the masons where in charge America was saner.

Since 1913 Zionist are in charge.

Twit, Bavarian (German) Illuminati-Mason Adam Weishaupt and the Mason George Washington were in bed together in everything that went down, and the German Jew control of the Masonic lodge has been in control of things right thru to the so called super patriot\humanist (Mason) Honest Abe Lincoln helping Boss Tweed grab the $100 million cash bearer bonds tax money ($1 to $8 Trillion in today’s money) put aside for the costs of the Civil War so the new nation wouldn’t be in debt to the bankers at the start of it’s union (Fail) and in fact German Jew (Descent) Masons were in charge of the US Fed creation with gold German Jew Masons stole from Russia, WW1 was German Jew Masons, German Jew Masons in charge of the British monarchy, it’s been ‘MASONS’ all of the way thru right up to 2000 Masons pulling off 911 plus another 10,000 running the cover up ever since, and yes Doreen, the German Jew (Illegitimate) descent Masons were and still are in control, as they were since Washington  😦

Obviously Masons in the vid below were a singular aberration  😉

Media Promotes

“Pedophile Rights”

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Not long after same-sex marriage ruling,
leftists now demand rights for pedophiles

Kit Daniels
September 21, 2015

Leftist media is now promoting “pedophile rights” as the next “social justice” movement, not long after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages.

Credit: Oddsock / Flickr published an op/ed by a self-described pedophile asking Americans to “learn to accept” pedophiles and be “understanding and supportive” of their “sexual orientation.”“So, please, be understanding and supportive,” pedophile Todd Nickerson wrote. “It’s really all we ask of you.” He blamed his “sexual preference” on his brain while asserting he’s “not a monster.”

“Eventually it all tangles together with the rest of who you are.”

This article was posted: Monday, September 21, 2015 at 2:19 pm

only good pedophile or chester molester is dead with a bullet between its eyes.

You certainly ‘ARE’ a nut job Micky-boyo, me and Ted, we got this sorted  😉

Me and Teddy, we got rights pedo millstone chain

They won’t be happy until the Bastards are murdering 3 year old toddlers and turning them into Pate..and get rich doing so.

There is no bottom to the pit of despair of the Great Satan.

Maybe you could ask old Ron Paul his recipe for the 11 herbs and spices?  😦

CHILD dead

Of course they are. The AngloJew elite and their JewsMedia are Anti-White and seek the destruction of all White Countries… = Filthy, Degenerate, Leftist Jews. But, let’s all cry for the poor, little, non-white pets because the JewsMedia tells us were all racist Nazi’s and well… because Holocaust.

Frog crying CROP Frog dying


‘Holo-Hoax?’ = 400,000 dead in the camps according to Muso, leaving 5.6 million railroaded to Switzerland to be worked to death building the massive bunkers Zion has there to ride out Pole Shift if they can, up until the star goes into it’s pre-supernova stage before 2Pet Ch3 (Bang) gets fulfilled ~ Lets not forget 2 other great WW2 genocides, that of Ukrainians sent to the Crimea yet listed as dead to build Crimean bunkers for Zion, some of whom had their identities stolen by German (Nazi) ‘SS’ Jews in the German Army who then took their places after the war as infiltrator’ s of the west, and good German soldiers sent to ‘DIE IN THE SNOW’ by Adolf Hitler on gay Herman Goering’s Masonic orders, yes, fat gay Herman Goering’s Masonic orders, given a choice to work for the fatherland, ‘WORK (In the bunkers) OR DIE’ 😦
When you think you “Know-it-all” you know ‘Jack-E-Shit’ brothers  😦

PS: ~ I’m German Jew, most powerful Masons in the world also biologically descend from German Jews ~ The entire Bavarian Illuminti were a  Swiss  Jew ploy to conquer the world by stealth ~ A Mason once told me all Masons biologically descend from Euro feudal Jews going back to times when they burnt their heretics at the stake and had a little “Feast of kill Patrick” (Snicker) after ~ Apart from the sarcasm about them all having a little feast on the roasted body of the heretic ‘Patrick’ which is also true, that’s what that Mason said, and it’s true ~ Really  😉

Hess on truth ~ 600 ~Famous Freemasons Jogn Steinback

Ignoring the English French Portuguese and finally German Masonic Zionist colonialism, those with an average degree of knowledge over the extremely violent nature of how things have gone down in the world in the recent past (200 years) ever since the Crimean war and the treatment of the Africans Afghans American Indians, Australian Aborigines and South American Indians, Middle East, as well as South Americans, Chinese of all tribes tho less so the ‘HAN’ because of their Jewish (Zionist) roots to one of the ten tribes that go back over 2500 years, as well as Russian people, Europeans of all races along with South East Asia in ‘ANY’ country and now the trouble brought on Muslims worldwide, the troubles over the last 1000 years by Zionists in ‘EVERY’ state and over the last 400 years by the treasonous Masons of Europe and then America, does that now mean that ‘Steinbeck’ must have been referring to other Masons when it comes to ‘Understanding other men’, because it definitely doesn’t refer to non combatant non-Masonic civilians who’ve been turned into toast (Burnt) every time they interacted with these enlightened illuminated lying pretenders  😦

From David, to the Normans, to feudal Templars, to the fascist Masons of today  😦

Secretly Luciferin, and gay-as-gay can be, it was all part of their Zionist occult  😦

Tough? ~ Some of them, except when picking on kids ~ Then they were evil  😦

And today? ~ They’re the joke they claim I-am  😉

But theirs is an evil Luciferin joke, and genocidal too  😉

##### ##### ##### #####

PS: For the sake of balance, it’s necessary to point out that of the four German Jew descent Masons, Adolf Hitler, plus the man most of you (Wrongly) think of as ‘GHW Bush’ and the American born son of Prescott Bush who had the legal right to use that name, and the fortunate son of Admiral McCain, remembering that Adolf Hitler wasn’t really as bad ‘OR’ good as either the history books and\or Nazi myths claim, with him in all truth being a German Jew Astor descendant and only ever doing what he was told by Zionists just like ‘Old 41’ (Schiff) and his American born 1\2 brother ‘GHW Bush’ who were both literally 13th cousins of the German Jew descent ‘Sax Coburg Gotha’ queen of England, the fact remains the fourth one ‘Senator John McCain’ wasn’t even worthy to wipe their butt’s after a poo or brush their anal hairs after sex  😉

PS: Not trying to be a smartass here, but is there any particular reason why the US Taxpayer is ‘STILL’ paying for this never ending run of repeated stories like this guy underneath from the 2012 Trump campaign being played as if it’s new news?  😉

Seriously America, are you fcuking nuts, or are you just fcuking nuts?  😦

Another sad example of America’s DEAD TRUTH is what it is  😦

American soldier ~ Cry for the death of truth

Donald Trump’s Mystery

Muslim Questioner a Serial


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Jim Hoft
Gateway Pundit
September 23, 2015

Was the mystery Muslim questioner at Trump’s town hall event a serial anti-TEA Party plant?

trump questioner muslim troll
The notorious Tea Party plant wore a Nazi shirt at the St. Louis Tea Party rally and an anti-Glenn Beck Obama-Muslim shirt at another rally. He may have been the plant at Donald Trump’s event last week?

** REMEMBER– TO ALWAYS FILM THESE PLANTS **Impeach the Marxist Muslim Taxpayer funded lies ~ Trump

This article was posted: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 6:05 am

(Edited photo above, shortened text)  😉

Hey, heeey, heeeeeeeeey, ‘Protestor-guy’ looks like somebody’s half-brother 😉

(Just ignore the film of him bitching on Muslims is from Trump’s 2012 campaign)  😉

Trump hey heeey heeeeey


Ever since 911 America don’t function without some sort of lie to run? 😦
You’re so-far down the rabbit-hole now maybe nothing can save you 😦
How about the pope runs for president on a Hawaiian birth extract? 😉
Donald Trump could be ‘Secretary for 401k Night Emissions’ Huh? 😉
Seriously, how many reruns of old news can your sanity stand?  😉

Come-on America, what’s all the rerun-bullshit REALLY for, Huh?  😉

The jews are getting a little antsy.

Maybe their not sure if they own Trump or not. They scheme constantly and I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t behind this oblique attack.

Jesus Christ is Jewish

And Donald Trump is a Freemason of illegitimate German-Jew descent 😦
Is there a problem? ~ Maybe Christ would’ve joined the Masonic Lodge?  😉

Magic hat rabbit Mason Presidential Seal

He is of Scotish descent You lying piece of brit shit Just like the witch in buckingham palace Go home Stay there!

Oh fcuk-off you moron, German Jews under their Swiss-Jew masters bred everywhere from the 16th century onwards after the creation of Masonry from the old Templar gold theft guilds in the early 17th century, you abstract piece of plausible pious poor boy denial, it ‘IS’ what it is ~ Maybe Trump’s grandma got raped by the Kaiser’s uncle or his mother (Was) inseminated by a stray Nazi?? ~ All I-know is he’s a Mason of German Jew ‘BIOLOGY’ just like the queen of England and like her 13th cousin your German born 41st president GHW (sic) ‘SCHIFF’ Bush you daft twit  😉

German-George (Bush) 41 ~ 666

##### ##### ##### #####

(Official disclaimer)

I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humour and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes  😉

(PS: Watch out for ‘NSA‘ phishing using these blogs)  😉

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