‘Plausibly Deniable’…

“Honest critique is the subtle old art of intellectually nuking someone with the stupider lies they live by”  😉

Robby ~ America's business

For those who never knew, “Plausibly Deniable” is a ‘CIA’ term for lying thru your teeth with enough socio-political skill to get away with outright murder or any lessor crime such as treason, while ‘ANCIENT WISDOM’ is a term the secretly Zionist Masonic lodge uses to denote the same type of political techniques  😦

Americans are nothing but liars, liars and frauds now, the fantasy of ‘Superman’ as well as the old ‘Captain America’ ideal is as dead as a Dodo ~ Matter of fact, the biggest frauds on the planet once you factor in the reality of shit that’s gone down since their ruling Masonic lodge elite ran their Cessna pilot charade to hide a ‘Coup D’Etat’ which they themselves pulled on themselves using their own state resources ~ Going back nearly 52 years the same group killed their president and then covered it up with 50+ years of total bullshit ~ President Kennedy was dead two weeks before Dealey Plaza and yet 52 years after, easily surpassing any 50 year secrecy rule they still don’t have any of the patriotism or true respect for their dead president ‘OR’ their children ‘OR’ themselves to come out and tell the truth about it  😦

Instead, the German Jew descent Illuminati within their Masonic lodge continue to lower the standards in every area of truth, blurring ‘EVERY’ last remnant of decency and morality to try to justify the 50 year train wreck that came from that treasonous act of presidential murder which then led onto using the looted WW2 Nazi gold against your own country’s best interests, so destroying the concept of truth justice and the American way as you did so that they’re currently ‘MIA’ somewhere in the media spin of a Washington press Corp cocaine-fuelled fag-party  😦

To that end I’d pose a question to leading Masons like McCain and Biden as a critique like in the quote above about ‘Nuking someone by the stupider lies they live by’  😉

Ignoring the 2 jets into 3 skyscrapers fiasco for a moment, in your particular North American brand of Masonic ‘ANCIENT WISDOM’ thus far, did you guys actually plan to have a patriotic (sic) Masonic American train wreck like you’ve got, or did you just plan a treasonous Judeo Christian verses Muslim cluster-fcuk that left Jews as the ‘PLAUSIBLY DENIABLE’ innocent puppet masters of the aftermath and it all went off the rails because of the stupidity of your fixation with butt sex, bitterness, and cocaine abuse? ~ It’s a genuine question, tho rhetorical as the answer is already known to me and anyone else not lost within Masonic Zionism’s treasonous lies  😉


‘Black Lives Only

Matter When a White

Person is Killing Us’

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Yet another stinging rebuke of ‘Black Lives Matter’ by an African-American goes viral

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 26, 2015

Yet another video rant featuring an African-American slamming the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement has gone viral. The clip shows a young man asserting that black lives only seem to matter when the killer is white.

“Black lives only matter to black people when it’s a white person killing us, regardless of whether that white person is a police officer or a motherf**king mailman, states the individual. “All the time, black lives matter, but it doesn’t matter when other black people (are) killing other black people,” he continues, alluding to the fact that 93% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks. “So before we tell other people that black lives matter we need to tell ourselves first,” he adds, before noting that white people who have made the same point are castigated as racists. “Before we start saying ‘black lives matter’ to other races, we need to look in the mirror and tell each other black lives matter,” remarks the young man, adding, “Black people are the most racist people than any other race on this planet.”

“Police your own before you start pointing fingers and talking about everybody else, look at yourself first,” he concludes.

(NB: Yeah America, now perhaps you should ALL go and do just that, Mo-Fo’s)   😦

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

This article was posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 6:07 am


Heh-Heh-Heh ~ “Young Cassius-Clay” ~ Go get your black-belt boy, and you don’t stop or even slow down till you got your 5th Dan, and if your law allows you conceal carry and you got (Local) cop-buddies in your Dojo then you are one lucky fcuk who may survive long enough to shepherd some younger people thru a valley of despair and onto the mountain of self-awareness, the one where you don’t have to be some sort of sublime ‘Fahgootass-Suckhole-Maximass’ (Snicker) to get ahead 😉
Hug you mother often young man ~ Myself, I-regret not doing it enough  😦

Muhammad Ali ~ Cassius could've said that

(Every old woman you meet might be somebody’s mother, give some respect)  😉


I beat the shit out of a 5th Dan Judo twit.

That shit is for people who lack self esteem and confidence. They just dont realize that their fake confidence is what gets their asses in trouble.

5th Dan Huh? ~ Well, I’d heard a good street fighter could beat most 1st Dan black belts and a natural-born athlete x gifted street fighter could beat up a few 5th Dan’s if they got the jump on them, but you must have had ‘SOME’ sort of training of one sort or another to get a 5th Dan, unless of course they were from some sort of a Mickey Mouse school that gave them out like toys in a cornflakes packet ~ ‘NA’ poster, tell me true, you didn’t shoot him (Them?) a few times first did you?  😦

C’mon, own up, that don’t count  😉

Hey, I-got a cousin that’s a 9th Dan (Really) and even I-could beat ‘HIM’ up now at 58 if I-shot him once or twice in each leg with a .22 then kept five foot away from him and beat him up with a six foot long stick ~ Ha-Ha-Ha  😉

Mickey Mouse Martial Artist ~ Don't even think about it, Donald


PS: ‘Cyber Security’ again America? ~ ‘TODAY ME, TOMORROW YOU’ is what applies here ~ That’s an old Russian prison slang saying from volume one of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago book, and basically it translates best in the contect of America’s Orwellian fascism as “Today we screw me, and tomorrow we screw you” which is pretty damn accurate in what’s going down on this subnet when you combine it with something else he said which also applies here ~ It was “What you allow soon becomes the norm, and in the future, the norm is ‘ALWAYS’ exceeded” 😦
You may need to consider that when they tell you that “It’s all good”  😉

Gulag Archipelago quote


Black lives don’t matter when killed by illegal immigrants.
Foreign drug gangs come and go as they want.

“Plausibly Deniable” ~ You can do almost anything you want if you know how the system works and everything you do is plausibly deniable, all the more so if the criminal ring you’re in is “On the square” and those you (Deniably) use to do your dirty (Wet) work (Removing political problems) obey your commands and are always…
‘Plausibly deniable?’ ~ Hmmm, now what DOES he mean everybody?  😦

Jeb Bush CIA

There is a reason they don’t “police their own.”
Because they have to sleep in that same neighborhood at night.
“Don’t let the Sun godown on you” , has a particular ominous meaning.

Gee, I’d always thought it meant “Stay-away from Dubya” myself ‘DTE’  😉

Bush ~ King Solomon ~

lol, got lots of them tards around here with their little magical noise making machine that they are trying to use to control peoples actions and behaviors. Sort of like a virtual shock therapy thing. They will pay for their sins before I ever pay them tribute.

BJ Cartoon Blow Job Question mark male


If I understood this correctly – it is the biggest load of crap I have read in along time.

More whites are killed by the coppers than blacks – FACT
More whites are killed by blacks than anyone else – FACT
More blacks are killed by blacks than anyone else – FACT
Now have a say, know you know the facts

It’s……. ……. ……. a……. ……. ……. conspiracy……. ……. …….  😉

It's a conspiracy ~ 560


Trouble is for ME – I cannot sort out the wheat from the chaff anymore. You have the MSM churning out BS after BS and the “alternative” media, with their theories that seem to fall ito place. The one thing I can identify, is that TODAY, every news or so called news content sets a certain group of people off against another. MAYBE THAT IS THE CONSPIRACY YOU MENTION Divide and conquer

Pretty-much ~ Wait till foreskins are illegal and you’ll know for sure if it’s a conspiracy won’t you ~ Ha-Ha-Ha ~ Course I-jest, I’m of Jew descent myself and they all hate on ‘MEEE’ even tho I’m circumcised, must just be I’m an opinionated dcik  😉

lol I think we have the same problem.

I was once assaulted by a Baptist preacher who said, I learned along time ago not to listen to people who say I think… And I asked him why, does he not want people to think for themselves? You could see his pupils bleeding out.

Yeah? ~ Me too, only this guy was an Assemblies of God guy  😉

I’d asked him “Could he start a course on the words that the Christ himself spoke” and in the short rant he came out with his eyeballs were bulging, spittle was spraying from his mouth, and even tho he was a good 6′ 3″ it seemed like ‘THE LORD’ (sic) had temporarily blinded him to the fact the man standing in front of him that he was yelling at was around 257 lbs with 19 inch biceps + no neck like one of those WWE rhoid-rated wrestlers ~ It was truly an epiphany the day I’d realised that it was all complete fcuking horseshit, and judging by his lack of respect or understanding of the intellectual and spiritual power within the Christ words, probably the same arrogant ignorant elitist Jew mindset that figured murdering their Christ was serving their god  😦

That fool caught me off guard, it was (Really) a genuine question 😉
I’m glad ‘Little Doggie’ (Me) was on a leash that day, because things sure could’ve gone pear shaped pretty fcuking quickly with a fool like that getting agro and, well, thumping ministers of religion don’t give you such a great chance in court and absolutely zero street cred, so maybe Jesus was smiling on me that day?  😉

Pit Bull ~ Satan rebuke thee


By the end of this century about 40 per cent of all humans, and nearly half of all children, will be African, so what will become of Cecil the lion and the great white hunter?


“Deez Nutz” and socialist dude ‘NOTA” (None of the above) will pass a new 100% amnesty for all acts of treason going back 55+ years so that real truth can once again be heard in the halls of power, then they all stop talking shit about Muslims and own up to what they’ve done, they’ll deal with the (Real) debt and pump the economy by preparing for Pole Shift, then they’ll fix the Fort Knox problem by turning lead (Or Tungsten) into gold, they’ll no longer need to cure the common (Political) cold every four years, and finally, they’ll obey the teachings of the Christ for real rather than talk shit about the Judeo Xtian god any time an election is on and they can’t think of anything else to say to get the knee-jerk (Subliminal) patsy response they need  😉

All this will occur while they commit that never again will they dishonestly shape American political reality by refusing to talk about the consequences of the deliberate destruction of the older black consciousness movement via the sanctioned ‘CIA’ murder of ‘MLK’, and no longer refuse to admit the crack cocaine epidemic in the black community was deliberate, used to gut the black social structure and an independent political power they feared, and thus no longer need avoid the question of whether the murder of ‘MLK’ was a deliberate Zionist political act  😦

(The murder of ‘Martin Luther King’ was a deliberate Zionist political act)  😦

They’ll all just own up to what they’ve done and cease placing lie upon lie 😦
Revolutionary idea Huh? ~ Yup, that’s me, the little anarchist philosopher  😉

The little anarchist says ~ Trump reality


That actually would be excellent lyrics for a Bob Dylan song.

His son and myself could co-write it, and he and his dad could arrange and produce it, but only after the amnesty was passed first and reality ceased to be produced by M. Night Shyamalan and J McCocaine on a fcuking drug induced bender  😉

Ooh-Ooh, sarcasm-fairy got me again ~ Good old sarcasm fairy  😦


Obama: “We Can’t Pay Attention” To

“Folks Whose Ideologies Run Counter

To Where We Need To Go”

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P.W. Adams
Progressives Today
August 26, 2015

He positively isn’t interested in bringing the American people together. As a matter of fact, he has proven time and again that if you don’t believe in his vision for America, then he doesn’t care what you think.

This “screw you” attitude was once again demonstrated on Tuesday as President Obama gave a speech at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. After making a joke about the Free Market (the joke was pretty hypocritical considering Obama has done his best to stack the “free market” against fossil fuel while propping up “clean” energy he went on to say that “We” (meaning Clean Energy lovers) must ignore folks with different interests and ideologies while “he” (the President and his followers) shove their clean energy vision down the throats of Americans. Ok, he didn’t say it exactly like that, but that’s what he meant. Here are his exact words:

“There is something big happening in America right now. For the first time, we can actually see what our clean energy future looks like. And, yes, the closer we get to this future, the opposition will fight even harder to keep things the way they’ve been. Folks will get louder in some of the backlash, and they’ll put out press releases suggesting that somehow this is bad for America. We can’t pay attention to that. Folks whose interests or ideologies run counter to where we need to go, we’ve got to be able to politely, but firmly say, sorry, we’re moving forward.”


Communism always works the same way, ”Change by demand!’

“We cannot defend freedom abroad, by deserting-it at home” the dude says on this short clip I’ve posted here for my blog ~ Umm, do you think anyone is going to tell the “Patriot Actor’s” about this amazing new concept, the one that says that you “Cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting-it at home” cause it sure looks like they missed that one, what with all of the panic about the large number of mad radical Muslims who, with my help, were learning how to fly Cessna’s on the internet  😉

Look America, there’s no-way to say most of this without the sarcasm 😦
There’s (Literally) no-way to make sense of it without being sarcastic 😦
Besides that, I-like being sarcastic, damn-it all with peas and gravy 😉
Truth is I-really ‘LIKE’ being sarcastic ~ It’s not illegal yet is it guys? 😉
Has America passed an “Anti-International Sarcasm” law already?  😉


He needs to be tried for treason and then hung by the neck till dead along with the rest of his cohorts.

Nonsense ~ Not all of them ~ Most of them, sure, but not all of them Word 😉
Change needs to come slowly, out with the old, in with the new, slowly tho 😉
On the other hand, they ‘ARE’ planning on murdering half of your nation 😉
So maybe ‘CHANGE’ needs to speed things up a wee bit, just a ‘CHAD’  😉

Josh Earnest for president ~

Quasar to Wordsworth

Your German born 41st president Booosh (sic) once said to me that Muslims would never achieve nothing because they had no unity, he said they can’t stand together as one to defend their positions against Zionism, Viz-a-Viz the Sunni Vs Shia sham, then went on to say that ‘THEY SMELT’ (Really) as well as describing them as “All sitting around in a circle giving each other hand jobs” ~ Sadly, he was often pretty damn dry and accurate in his assessments of political situations, tho usually out to lunch when it came to the humanities ~ So how about ‘JEB BUSH’ or ‘HILLARY CLINTON’ in 2016 America, then we can all stand around (In the cold) waiting to watch you guys give each other a warm (Patriotic) treasonous fraternal reach-around 😉
Matter of fact, it don’t matter ‘WHO’ you choose, we’ll all be standing around in the cold waiting to watch you give each other a fraternal reach around ~ The least you could do is hire Vince McMahon and the ‘D-Generation’ crew like ‘HHH’ and Shawn Michaels to write your stuff so you can make it funny for the rest of us  😉

You could call it the ‘WWWE’ maybe, as-in World Worm Wrestling Entertainment, and we can all have a hoot and a holler about all the stupid demonic Zionist shit  😦

Jeb ~ Me or the dyke ~


God you are a moron .

Your god is a moron? ~ You must be a Mason, if you were a Jew your god would be the classice (Luciferin) “Liar thief and murderer” just as the (Jew) Christ stated…

So Mister Mason, “Goodnight, and good luck” with that 😉
(You metrosexual ‘CSpam’ taxpayer-funded pansie you)  😦

You are ready for a rubber room .

Yes, Room 757 plz, better alert all the Cessna-pilots I’m coming wankaaah, and call out the national guard too, plus place the nation on ‘DEFCON-1’ and pass a Level 3 patriot act so you can ban skateboarder’s in case they think they can fly Cessna’s  😉

By the way Pal, according to ‘Doctor Robert’ you suffer from ‘Reality perspective control’ disorder, and the only known cure for such an evil malaise is to (Lawfully) hang the US congress until they say sorry, and then start again  😉

Just give it a miss douchebags ~ Your credibility is totally maxed out  😦

YIPPEE ~ I'm a Cessna pilot

You American-kids still have my sympathy   😦

You used to have my empathy too   😦


Like those poor kids raped and ritually murdered by Zionists at the “Itchycoo Park” festival all those years ago, sacrificed to the twin gods of ‘Teutonic Stupidity’ and world Masonic Zionism whom the world forgot about as it moved on thru the flower power days with only (Sad) occasional publically acknowledged deaths of innocents like the Kent State murders to wake anyone to the fact a “Liar thief and murderer” whom the Christ stated Jews worshipped was ‘STILL’ ruling on Mt Zion, as it still is today as our world ‘MOVES FORWARD’ or so they say, one day closer to the Armageddon which Jews not only prophesied, but work towards fulfilling  😦

Kent State ~ Greatest country in the world

There’s nothing to see here kids, move-on  😦


There’s a sick dynamic in play here, one that amounts to the distilled essence of 25,000 years of ‘Egghead’ failings, 12,000 years of Zionist piggery, 4000 years of Jews thinking they’re smart for tricking everyone else while the illuminate Lucifer (Spirit) was tricking them, 3500 odd years since Moses was ritually murdered cooked and then eaten as punishment for telling all those stories about Abram sacrificing children and Israel stealing Egypt’s gold and killing ‘THEIR’ children, then 2000 years of idiots not knowing the Christ’s corpse was cannibalised, 1400 odd years of Muslims not knowing that their prophet’s cadaver was cannibalised after his murder in the same shit Baal worship bullshit as claimed the Christ, then a 1000 year Norman Conqueror (Zionist) Reich leading up to the creation of the Freemasons out of the detritus of the post Templar Norman feudal gold theft guilds, and now this last 400 years of secretly Zionist Masonic lodges deluding themselves that just because they’re tricking everyone else, that means they’ve got ‘ANCIENT WISDOM’ and thus they’re supposedly the smartest most illuminated morons alive on this doomed planet  😦

Conehead dead Cuanide AP rounds ~

Are we doomed by some 25,000 y\o fcuk-up’s?   😉

The truth is more realistic than that since 80+ years ago Masonic Zionism created the Nazi party and, in the process so wounded their hearts and souls with mostly sexually based fag feudal occult rituals and so wounded their spirits with the murders of those they’d loved within a type of manipulative emotional bastardry that Zion relies upon, they (The secretly victorious ‘SS’ Nazis who were really just Masonic Jews) then went out and in a very fecund pattern repeated the same flawed feudal dynamic on the next 4 generations (4 x 20 years) since then, resulting in a world that’s warped, twisted, weak, misled, deceived deluded and living in denial over what it’s based on, what it believes in, and what it’s really reaching for and how it does it  😦

To the ‘Egghead’s’ that started this, I’d just like to remind you that you’re not so smart or you wouldn’t be stranded on a planet orbiting an immanent supernova, and, thanks to Mengele’s eugenic skills, you’ve already created the species that will prove to be your ‘NEMESIS’ ~ Now if you’re waiting for a punch line here, I-can think of several, but, why would it even matter anymore? ~ What a charade  😉

The “Symbolism” in that song is meant to be just a little too far away from here for you, however the comments on the fake ‘Prison Planet’ subnet run by a hypocrite America with it’s Cyber Security paranoia isn’t too hard to grasp for those who think for themselves, and the simple narrative before and after? ~ Simply true  😦

Fcuk You America  😉

 (But ‘NOT’ your kids ~ They’re as partially innocent as I-was at their age)  😦

Yet as-soon as they become as hypocritical as their feudal Masonic Zionist masters who keep trying to sell American idealism and American patriotism along with American hegemony, all (Secretly) under the control of the German Jew Masons who’ve run this last 50+ years of insanity since the US tortured me as a 5 y\o, then seriously…


 (Dead-serious)  😦

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