And the excuse of choice the illuminated old bastard’s use for denial of a problem is?


Only The Date

Is Unknown

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Monty Pelerin’s World
August 19th, 2015

The Greek bailout is the most recent example of “kick the can down the road” solutions.

The US housing bubble was an attempt to cover up/recover from the dot-com bust. Now the US is in a financial bubble engineered to recover from the housing bubble debacle. Soon this bubble will burst. Only the date is unknown.

Two predictions can be made with reasonable confidence:

The stock market is likely to be halved and that might be optimistic. Only the date is unknown. The economy will eventually resemble the Great Depression. Only the date is unknown. Nothing is ever certain. An experienced CFO told me at the beginning of my career that “even the impossible has a 20% probability.”

In deference to him and years of empirical evidence, I put the the above two events as virtually certain, i.e., an 80% probability.

The Current Problem

Phoenix Capital provided reasons to expect horrible outcomes:dow death cross

The REAL problem for the financial system is the bond bubble. In 2008 when the crisis hit it was $80 trillion. It has since grown to over $100 trillion. The derivatives market that uses this bond bubble as collateral is over $555 trillion in size.  ~~~~ That’s the (Repeated) article on the fake Infowars subnet site as is, an article that leaves out the fact that the so called bond bubble was built under Reagan with looted Nazi gold which the secretly Zionist Masons in the US Fed used to create the 30 year bubble, and also leaves out the fact that the 2008 wobble was when news of Fort Knox being empty leaked out, while merely implying by default that the $18+ Trillion deficit might just be what they borrow from World Zionism to pay the interest on the debt World Zionism gave them  😦

This article was posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 6:06 am


Sure, and which group of illuminated ass-clowns set all of this up?  😦

Grouch PAINBALL MID EAST Mason ~ 600 ~

Solution : Free US Congress from Israeli occupation

Free Congress from Istraeli occupation


Not likely lol   😉

Laughing horse and horse girl


Other (Other) ‘OTHER’ solution ~ Free the Masonic Lodge from being Zion’s whore of choice by establishing a 100% congressional amnesty for treason in exchange for 100% truth to a grand jury which might allow some truth in politics again up until WW3, then get testicle transplants from one of those small Latin banana republics? 😉
What? ~ Whaat? ~ Whaaat? ~ I’m only trying to be helpful here  😉

The US could learn a lot by honestly mocking itself like Pom’s used to  😉

America has a ‘LOT’ to learn from Cuba too ~ Time for a revolution 😉
What? ~ Whaaaat? ~ Can’t be no worse than what you’re doing  😉

Flat Earth Mason Masons Masonic ~


America is going 3rd world, Israel is going to the top. So sorry.

America und (sic) Israel und (sic) Germany und (sic) England leave the building completely in WW4 while WW3 merely loses about 160 or so million Americans to ‘GOD’S WILL’ as he also removes around 2000 million sinners and saints worldwide  😦

You’ve heard of him have you, the angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent guy who told Israel to ‘BORROW’ (Steal) Egypt’s gold while he kills all Egypt’s first born children, then gets his chosen people off to Palestine because it’s all his will?  😉

It’s the divine-right of angry invisible guys  😉

You couldn’t make this shit up unless you were Stephen King 😉
Heeey, maybe Stephen King was ‘MOSES’ in a previous life?  😉

Now you ‘DO’ realise this ‘IS’ just a bit of well founded sarcasm based on what their World Masonic Zionism really plans, and I’m not really making fun of the fairy story that America’s Judeo Xtian delusion, excuse me, heritage is based on? ~ After all, this is no joke, shit’s getting real in weird (Insane) ways for 2016 already  😉

So Razzle me dazzle me 2016 600


Humor helps, even bad humor. We are all a little worried because we really don’t know what is coming. I’m in a perfect little town lost in the mountains but my kids aren’t. So keep the jokes coming. It might blur the view for a while.

Snow joke, what you’re stuck with was what I’d grown up with in the 60’s in Australia, 9 x ‘CIA’ baby torture murders in front of me, 5 x child torture murders on older kids, tortured 3 times myself by age 13 and saw 23 murders all up by the same age, along with being raped and prostituted so many damn times I’d completely lost count  😦

Maybe America just caught a dose of karma?  😦

BTW, the humour? ~ I-write the funny stuff for my own sake 😉
My mom told me to ~ She said to just make it funny for me 😉
A way of dealing with the grief, anger, and righteous rage 😦
I’d like to think ‘AMNESTY’ for treason was constructive  😦

Angry boy ~ You're toast ~

Meanwhile in post ‘PATRIOT ACT’ America, in the real world, the insane clowns have completely taken over the place with their ‘NDAA’ to deal with anyone who asks difficult questions too often or refuses to lie on cue when asked to by someone who says they’re in charge, all while World Masonic Zionism is busy creating an unsolvable problem which the children of America and the rest of the world will be expected to carry on their shoulders without the necessary tools (Truth and constitutional rights) they’ll need to fix anything, meaning they’ll have no way to change any of it, and the Masonic Lodge still dares to call what they’re doing to us ‘ANCIENT WISDOM’  😦

Ancient fascist bullshit more like it  😉

Ancient Wisdom?’ ~ Yeah, it makes everything wonderful now  😦

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