Highly skilled cold hard lawful professional killerz, and other killerz outside of the ring in politics, best labelled professional psychopaths…

Don’t kid yourselves, most, tho not all, well known professional fighters and others could easily accidentally kill someone in a ring in less than a minute if there were no gloves and no referee, and their focus got focussed in the heat of battle, yet in politics the killerz are allowed to almost murder at will, long as they ‘SELL-IT’ to the public for anything other than what it really is ~ Power corrupts, and the kinds of absolute feudal globalist power that the madmen ruling America and elsewhere now seek is the same kind of power that has brought death destruction and misery to the world at large twice in the last 115 years, along with prosecuting over 260 separate wars in addition to WW1 and WW2, so it’s just as well ‘World Masonic Zionism’ (sic) was wearing gloves as in a sense of truth and ethics, and always obeyed the referee of a guiding ‘HIGHER POWER’ like they always try to pretend to the proletariat  😦



US Ready to Destroy

Europe to Defeat Russia –

American Historian

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August 14, 2015

In order to weaken Russia, the US is ready to use any means and fight until the last breath, American historian Eric Suess wrote. Washington does not take into account the interests of its allies and is ready to accept damage inflicted on them. The fact that anti-Russian sanctions harm the European economy and that the EU is struggling to resolve the current refugee crisis is quite acceptable for the American strategists, the expert said as cited by DWN. In order to weaken Russia, US President Barack Obama has pursued a policy of destabilization in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and other countries, which negatively affected European states.Before the US bombing missions in Libya in 2011, the country’s population lived in peace and prosperity, Suess argued.

But now Libya has become Europe’s biggest problem. Millions of Libyan residents are fleeing the chaos in the country to seek asylum in refugee camps in southern Italy as well as other places in Europe.



Why though? What is dirtbag Obama’s agenda? Why start a war again, with a military he purposely deballed so we cannot win?


Having trouble eliminating the idea behind individual individuality?  😉

Screw you ~ Hades


US politicians are willing to lick the shit stains off of bankers shorts.

By regulating the banks Putin makes Russia strong. By not regulating the banks, Clinton Bush Obama makes America desparate. Thus the bankers have created a world crime empire. But the USA politicians work for a foreign power, as America is a war-mule for Israel. That is who the world economy is sacrificed for –

– that little shit in the middle east;

Netanyahu, his Zionists and neocons infesting the US power structure. Who wrote PNAC — a bunch of Zionist warhawks, traitorous impostors. PNAC gave you 9/11 — a new Pearl Harbor event. Of course it was a Zionist plot.


‘US Ready to Destroy Europe to Defeat Russia – American Historian?’
Along those lines, I’m ready to fight 50 Siberian tigers at once, naked, armed only with a pair of sharpened teaspoons in each hand, wrestle every bear in every zoo in Russia armed only with a truckload of Viagra, then fight both ex ‘MMA’ world champ Emilio Emelianenko along with ex champion Klitschko on the same night armed only with a box of pre-medicated surgical tissues to stem blood flow ~ (Mine) ~  😦

Now seriously, America, tigers, bears? ~ Emelianenko and Klitschko? 😉
Get a grip America ~ Stop letting congress shit in your ears so much  😦



It’s all about making America look like the bad guy in this world, USA leadership is doing an excellent job America is now hated around the world. It’s FED Bankster plan to have America Nuke annihilated Ugly America is justification.


Obama Bored destroy Russia China ~ World of Warcraft ~

In other words Russia and the U S team up to obliterate Europe. Seriously…. Europe has to go after becoming neo-con nazi’s responsible for 90% of the financial and social suffering on this earth.

“Silly-Stupid” on duty at “CSpam” today? ~ Again? ~ Doing double-duty? 😉
For the record (Seriously) according to the info I’d been given in the 60’s and 70’s by various secretly German Jew Masons involved in the long march plan for the subjugation of America, the (Master) ‘PLAN’ that world Masonic Zionism has now begun, all under the overall control of the Swiss Masonic Octagon Lodge, calls for any of us less clinically insane than them to largely be murdered by the ‘WMD’ of our own treasonous states in the case of the obvious superpowers, with America (Largely) terminating 1\2 of America, England terminating over 1\2 of England, all going down as Russia is wounding Russia, Germany wounds Germany, France is wounding France, China is wounding China, with those and any others combining their efforts to wipe out a collective 2000 million of earth’s less clinically insane denizens so the species can progress after the trash and riff raff non Jewish and non Masonic useless eaters and those less spiritually and politically illuminated than them (Less clinically insane) are dealt with by being sent to the great United Nations in the Sky ~ (GUNITS) ~ There (Of-course) we will all be met by Jesus Moses Buddha Muhammad Zoroastor Jehovah Baal Hades Zeus Lucifer and all of the lessor lights, only to be told it was all a mistake 😉
So umm, care for a bit of sarcasm with your extremely accurate truths?  😉

Gerbil with helmet ~ CSpan radio ~

all true, as has been practised toward U.S. citizens. When do we get tired of the elite and their entertainment, perspective, their swindling, their smugness…..? When the Rule of Law is seen as the the barbarous, duplicitous tool of those who mask their plans under rubrics of virtue or necessity.

I’ve nothing of value to add to this idiocy, sooooooo, here’s a bit of silly  😉

Netanyahu Obama Cock a Doodle Do

NB: No matter WHAT you may think you know of Jews and Masons, being a bio Jew myself and having spent around 70 to 100+ quality (sic) hours growing up with the main treasonous German Jew Masons in ‘CIA’ in a pedo snuff movie political blackmail ring they ran in the town I’d grown up in, the same men who in part ran the treason from Kennedy’s faked Dealey Plaza death (Shot in the back 2 weeks before then remember) then on thru Vietnam, the US Fed Nazi gold loan, Reaganomics, Young Republicans, then right onto 911, the truth is as nice as they may seem to be to you, if it comes down to their bosses telling them to fcuk you over in pursuit of the overall treason, they’ll usually just obey their bosses and bury you with all of the warm sticky hypocritical shtick they think they’ll need to successfully fool you, as you’ll find out during the week of the next major US False Flag black op that Zion pulls using the Masonic Lodge as their hidden hand ~ For those of you who claim to still be human, it’s been 53 years since a ‘CIA’ employee (Operative) tortured me as a 5 y\o, and the tumours they gave me are slowly and painfully killing me, yet rather than show some mercy and simply give me the 5 grams of heroin I’d need to comfortably and safely euthanize, or a loan for lawyers off duty coppers and medical care to get out of this hellish 55+ year act of total Satanic Zionist bastardry they’ve already put me thru using your taxes, America’s suck cocking treasonous pig govt would rather continue spending from their apparently bottomless Taxpayer funded cheque book to fund a seemingly never ending repeat of old stories in this electronic Orwellian media subnet to convince Americans I’m stupid, simply cause the Jew devils in their Masonic Lodge had me surgically lobotomised just prior to 911 ~ If you’ve read these blogs, then you might think that in ‘ANY’ real time real world political spiritual or even philosophical debate I’d knock the lying faggots in America’s political and political media machine on their ass with plain simple truth and logic in any real time debate  😦

You’re the biggest frauds on the planet, America ~ ‘FCUK YOU’  😦

I-wish I-was dead   😦


Oath Keepers to Hold March

Through #Ferguson With 50

Armed Black Protesters

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Jim Hoft
Gateway Pundit
August 16, 2015

August 16, 2015?   😉

August 16, 2015?   😉

August 16, 2015?   😉

The Missouri chapter of the Oath Keepers are planning to hold an open carry march through downtown Ferguson, Mo., with fifty armed local African-American protesters with AR-15 rifles. Armed Oath Keepers patrolled the streets of Ferguson this past week. This comes after St. Louis County officials, in violation of Missouri’s open carry law, insisted that members of the group could not open carry long barrel rifles within the city last week. St. Louis County Police chief Jon Belmar warned Oath Keepers this past week that open carrying long barrel rifles would be a violation of law.

So the Oath Keepers are holding a mass armed rally in Ferguson.
Free Thought Project reported:

Head of the St. Louis County, Mo. Oath Keepers group, Sam Andrews called Belmar out for his blatant disregard of the law. “He (Belmar) was thumbing his nose at the legislature of the State of Missouri. It was like he couldn’t give a crap about the Bill of Rights or state law.” Andrews told Red Dirt News that the march would be held in the next “couple of weeks,” as a means of demonstrating the veracity of Missouri’s open carry law to law enforcement.

Read the rest here.

This article was posted: Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 8:05 am?

Oath Keepers should arrest and try 330 members of Congress, Supreme Court and the illegal occupants of the Whitehouse RIGHT NOW!

Oh-no, armed citizens Thief Robber ~


I agree. All found guilty of treason should be hung. The Oat Keepers need support of the people though. The reason America has fallen is that most people are sitting around waiting for someone else to take back their country. Freedom never comes free. The price is bloodshed.


A 100% amnesty for treason in exchange for 100% truth would work in all practical terms because it would take away the glue that binds the treasonous together which is fear of malicious prosecution, whether based on fact or not, whereas the current mindset ensures every last pawn marches lockstep to America’s Zionist doom  😦

BANG-BANG BOOGA Amnesty killer-move ~

And the king of Israel answered and said, Tell him, “Let not him that girdeth on his harness boast himself as he that putteth it off.”

(First Book of Kings, Chapter 20 verse 11)   😦

Now WTF do you think ‘THAT’ means, you trippers?   😉

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