A Little White Bull…

It’s 100% certain, no chance of error, no lie, no exaggeration, no possible wiggle room in ‘ANY’ direction, that was not John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was in the Limo with Jackie Kennedy on the way to that speaking engagement in Dallas which the double could never have pulled off, basically because tho a near perfect identity double, he was pretty much next to completely fcuking useless trying to imitate Jack’s voice for whoever he really worked for ~ (Treasury?) ~ It’s a subject that’s long been widely known, so why the Masonic wall of Masonic lies around it?

70 Dead Dealy Plaza Witnesses   😦

It wasn’t even Jack Kennedy   😦

What do you want from me? Just let me breathe a little
What do you want to see? What’s in front of your eyes?
What do you want to believe? Still nothing can be settled
Hold on your words you say
It’s no good
What are your demands?
What do you think you’re getting out of this?
It’s one or the other!! I still don’t understand
What this all is, I don’t know
Beside me, laughing, you are…
Hey Liar, Hey Liar
What do you think of living without me?
Hey Liar, Hey Liar
Not knowing what’s lies, what is truth?
Must be a dream I see
It’s like deja vu again
Trying so hard to know inside of you
Staring your eyes to feel
Wishing to break through to you, but it’s a hopeless dream
So cold,  You’re beside me, smiling…
Hey Liar, Hey Liar
This and everything is a lie
Enough already
I’m tired, so tired
What do you think of living without me?
There is nothing left to bleed
My heart can’t take this anymore
Hey Liar, Hey Liar
What do you think of living without me?
Hey Liar, Oh yea Liar
Is there any reason to stay here???

“But it was only just a LITTLE WHITE LIE and I’m just a Little White Bull”   😉

” So it was only ‘Just a little white lie’ you call it? ~ Look what you’ve done”  😦

“Hey, fcuk-off parrot-face, it was YOUR LIE right from the start, all I’ve done was gone along with it for 50+ fcuking years waiting for things to get better as your master plan always claimed, till your ancient wisdom finally shows how wise your fcuking master plan really was ~ I’ve just agreed with you, so my part in the never ending patriotic American head-fcuk is the ‘Little White Bull’ bit, it’s your fcuking big black hairy conspiratorial International Zionist lie sold among the illuminated as a LITTLE WHITE LIE to save the world, remember  😉


Donald Trump Mentions

Infowars Report at

Campaign Stop

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Billionaire presidential contender saw Infowars’ exposé via Drudge Report

Prison Planet.com
July 25, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump saw Infowars’ report last week which showed illegal aliens caught in the act of drug smuggling, the realty mogul said at a campaign stop in Iowa today. After thanking DrudgeReport.com for promoting his visit to Laredo, the casino owning reality TV star revealed he had seen the damning video shot by Infowars, which caught drug smugglers swimming across the Rio Grande River before loading large packages of drugs into a parked SUV.

Here’s a transcript from his speech:

So while we’re there, you probably read it, it was at Drudge, who’s great by the way, Drudge is amazing. But the story on Drudge – and big story, it’s all over the place now – guys swimming across, and big bags of stuff, it’s drugs, swimming across the river, swimming right across, and they put the drugs… And actually the camera crew, or the reporters, were petrified because they thought they were going to be killed, because they’re showing this on camera the guys carrying bags of stuff, it was drugs…

See full video here.


Well that’s it then, the ‘DEA’ x cocaine-cartel’s latest big gambit, floating billions of dollars of cocaine and millions of dollars of heroin across the Rio Grande in plastic bags, has been busted by the triumvirate Trump x Drudge\Infowars confederacy  😉

They’ll have to think of another billion-dollar import-export business won’t they 😉
Hey, maybe ‘THE-TRUMPSTER’ can help them out there, him being such a wise and all knowing businessman politician and international man of mystery and intrigue, he’s bound to find another way to do business and get things done, if elected  😉


A gambit is never big, but it does open the game.


JFK’s Dealy Plaza death was a gambit, but JFK ended-up dead 😦
(It’s been clearly stated that was JFK’s body-double in the Limo)  😦

America is always big-diddled by Zion with ‘SMALL’ (?) gambits 😦
Not just the magic-bullet fiasco, the whole damn thing was a lie 😦
Sooooo, if faking the death of a president who may well have already been dead at the time at the hands of what later made 19 bubs from Oklahoma or however many, disappear in shit up at Bohemian Grove or it’s equivalent back in the day America still thought it was sane, and it’s just the small (Big?) opening gambit of the next 30 yrs, then what comes ‘NEXT’ can be expected to make 1963 to 2015 look like it’s a small gambit in comparison? ~ Well, Umm, Err, Ah, Err, ‘OOOH-FAH’  😉

It really ‘WAS’ a body-double shot in the Limo and the original was already off to meet the great Catholic in the sky ~ All presidents and real world high power political figures often have body-doubles, Saddam Hussein had 9 of them and one of them eventually took his place permanently, one of Gaddafi’s cousins who was a close lookalike even took a bullet in the head for Gaddafi, tho it’s unlikely he was a willing participant if you think about it, and as for Jack Kennedy’s body double the man’s name has already been reported by various dissenting American identities who didn’t wish to go to their graves as liars fakers fools or treasonous pieces of shit and, to a point, for me it’s irrelevant next to how the hell and ‘WHY’ such an all consuming convoluted lie was begun in the first place ~ The body double was regularly bonking Jackie Kennedy because, well, she was a normal healthy woman with the kind of needs that Jack Kennedy wasn’t, for whatever reason (Snicker) fulfilling  😦

The whole dirty treasonous story was fully shared with me in the 60’s, and take it for granted I’d immediately become more annoyed than you could imagine at this ‘EXTRA’ complication in what was already a multi layered lying Zionist head-fcuk hiding it’s WW2 Nazis in the woodwork of the ‘CIA’ that was fcuking me over and causing those I’d loved what to me was avoidable grief ~ You should look to yourselves America and begin to accept that those who rule you thru political and media deceptions treat you like you’re stupid ~ Are you?  😦

HHH ~ Ooh Fah ~

So what (Really) happened to JFK folks?   😉

It was his BODYDOUBLE in the Limo   😉

Rat's wheel of life ~ Nazis Jews 911 ~

“So now it’s OUR fault is it?”   😦

“Well yeah, basically, it is”   😉

“Sure as-hell ain’t mine”   😦


The actual intention to deceive is well proven throughout the troubled history of our species for those who know the deeper darker bits as yet hidden from the greater number of humanity just in religion, and the true nature of the planned future deceptions (Mis) using warped science, along with the final intent, can be reasonably be expected to easily fulfil large parts of the old biblical prophecy some bible nutz think they actually understand, yet they do not in ‘ANY’ way need an angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic cosmic magi (God) as some divine cause priori to fulfil it, just a humanity that lost basic truths to tricksters 😦

Just a humanity that’s lost it’s basic truths to tricksters  😦

A determination to deceive is what keeps a species defeated, whether that be the return of Jesus as the only begotten son of some angry omnipotent invisible guy, or whether it’s the fake first contact with an ‘ET’ created with eugenic science who arrives in hologram mother ships along with back engineered smaller craft  😦

Either way, if all of the lies of the technology of the past including what was around at Tunguska and whether the Nazis had anti grav (It did) and whether it was ‘ET’ or some giant Cone Heads who built the foundations underneath the old Roman Baalbek Temple of Jupiter 12,000 years ago , and whether the Great Pyramid of Cheops is 3500 years old or 40,000 years old or 400,000 years old, it all waits to be revealed with a kind of insane ‘WHAT (Fcuking) NEXT’ from……. …….

“The Lord who reigns in Zion”   😦

(Or so they like to tell us)  😦

The stupidity of the determination to deceive is the only mystery Zion has left within it’s ‘BOOK OF TRICKS’ and, quite frankly, for me that book grew old the day I’d understood how far the historical Christ had to go to shoot an intellectual and spiritual free shot above the horizon of demonic deception in his own day   😦

Conehead Zionist ~
 Holy Hologram Batman ~

Tech for holograms was good enough for ‘757’s’ on ‘911’  😉

Will the military lasers paint religious icons in the sky?  😉

Or will some big ‘ET’ return with a bee up his butt?   😉

Where's the original Kerry ~ America ~ Sham ~

Your Freemasons have let the fakery get out of hand  😦

Either way, they lied large about ‘JFK’ big time  😦

That was NOT JFK in Dealy Plaza, folks  😦

Carlin ~ The Average American LARGE

“Wake-up” America, “Wake-up”  😦


Freemasons lie   😦


You’re lying too America  😦


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