The Case of the Peculiar Detail

. The really serious stuff   😉 Lindsey Graham: as president I would deploy the military against Congress Amanda Taub Vox March 12, 2015 Republican senator and presidential maybe-hopeful Lindsey Graham stopped by the “politics and pies” forum in Concord, New Hampshire, today, where he announced that if he is elected president in 2016, his first act… Continue reading The Case of the Peculiar Detail


. Isis tricked victims into appearing calm with beheading rehearsals Rebecca Ratcliffe London Guardian March 11, 2015 Foreign hostages captured by Islamic State were subjected to numerous mock beheadings and were unaware they were about be killed, a former member of the jihadi group has said, offering an apparent explanation for why they seem so… Continue reading “WHAT?”

It’s ‘OK’ to question things deeply, and if you feel the urge to mock them too, cool, just don’t pick on the meek, alright?

. Most Americans Favor Invading Syria and Iraq Propagandized ISIS threat turns into consensus for endless war Kurt Nimmo Prison March 9, 2015 According to the Brookings Institution, only the economy is of more concern to Americans than the Islamic State. It cites a Quinnipiac University poll released last week showing nearly 70 percent… Continue reading It’s ‘OK’ to question things deeply, and if you feel the urge to mock them too, cool, just don’t pick on the meek, alright?

Quick historical re-cap and refocus

. According to two FCC commissioners, those new regulations are bad all around Brad Matthews March 5, 2015 The Obama administration and proponents of the FCC’s version of net neutrality may be ecstatic at the passing of regulations that make the Internet a public utility on Feb. 26th, but not all FCC members are… Continue reading Quick historical re-cap and refocus

Snow sarcasm, just simple fact

.    WARNING   😦 An ‘NSA‘ phishing-site   😦 . Our Middle Eastern “Allies” Fund Terrorists Abroad So They Won’t Attack Them At Home Washington’s Blog March 1, 2015 March 1, 2015?   😉 March 1, 2015?   😉 March 1, 2015?   😉 . Top U.S. generals say that our closest Middle Eastern “allies” support ISIS. The Independent reported last week: Dr… Continue reading Snow sarcasm, just simple fact

Pure sarcasm, purer than congressional blow

. The lowest form of wit   😦 . . New Docs Reveal Osama bin Laden’s Secret Ties With Iran THOMAS JOSCELYN Weekly Standard February 28, 2015 This week, prosecutors in New York introduced eight documents recovered in Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan as evidence in the trial of a terrorism suspect. The U.S. government… Continue reading Pure sarcasm, purer than congressional blow

The horrible hidden truth

. Sincere apologies for requiring you to think 😉 . Why the ‘Net Neutrality’ is a (Big) Trojan Horse For Obama’s Web Takeover Secret plan to grease skids for censorship & licensing to operate a website Paul Joseph Watson Prison February 25, 2015 The federal government is about to seize control of the Internet… Continue reading The horrible hidden truth

The hidden reality

. Ron Paul: U.S., EU Behind Ukraine Coup West behind overthrow of Ukrainian government, former congressman says Kit Daniels Prison February 23, 2015 The overthrow of the legally elected government of Ukraine was “was not only supported by U.S. and EU governments — much of it was actually planned by them,” former congressman Dr.… Continue reading The hidden reality

Zion still buggering the American anus?

. HERE’S THE HIDDEN REALITY   🙂 . Wonder what the world would’ve been like if the lord god almighty (sic) had made a few minor (Drastic) changes to the human anatomy and your asshole was transposed to sit right under your nose, while all of your talking and your blowjobs were done from between your… Continue reading Zion still buggering the American anus?

Mengele’s Zionist-run identity swaps

. TIME TO REALLY THINK   😦 . Ron Paul: Ukraine Coup Planned By Nato And EU Zero Hedge February 15, 2015 As Ron Paul recently exclaimed, the war propagandists are very active and are winning over the support of many unsuspecting American citizens. So we thought the followingg 90 seconds of ‘pure Paul’ would provide a… Continue reading Mengele’s Zionist-run identity swaps