Jew-Mason pedo-deception

. . In Great Britain, Protecting Pedophile Politicians is a Matter of “National Security” Michael Krieger Liberty Blitzkrieg November 23, 2014 I’ve long written about how the percentage of sociopaths within a group of humans becomes increasingly concentrated the higher you climb within the positions of power in a society, with it being most chronic amongst those who crave political power… Continue reading Jew-Mason pedo-deception

Simple ~ Factual ~ A Psy-op ~

. . Report: Army Special Forces in Ferguson For Verdict Men outfitted in suspicious attire appear to provide security for courthouse Prison November 22, 2014 Members of a covert military outfit, most likely U.S. Army Delta Force, have been spotted outside the Clayton, Mo., courthouse where a grand jury is convening to decide whether… Continue reading Simple ~ Factual ~ A Psy-op ~

The Anarchist Professor

. AMERICA? = PATRIOT? (US CONTRADICTIONS) . They’re all just fruit pickers: Obama’s immigration speech ‘most racist’ ever? BizPac Review November 21, 2014 President Obama’s primetime speech Thursday night caused feelings of anger for many, and not only because he granted de-facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. During the speech the president referred to illegals as… Continue reading The Anarchist Professor

Making funny of the 4th of July

. ACTUALLY, MAKING FUNNY OF JEW LIES ~ (THEY SURE DO DO A LOT OF THEM NOW) ~ . AFTER THE 911 ATTACKS, SHIT GOT WEIRD ~ (THE BIGGEST ‘SHTICK’ ON THE 4th of JULY) ~ IT’S ALL HIGHLY ACCURATE SARCASM HERE ~ . . The New World Order: Does It Just Boil Down To… Continue reading Making funny of the 4th of July

Lateral literal linear & logical

. . How Did this 9/11 Truth Art Make it into the Museum? Museum art connects the dots Prison November 19, 2014 The National September 11th Memorial and Museum is a shrine to the official narrative, so why did they want Anthony Freda’s 9/11 Truth Art? . .   Lewie Paine • an hour… Continue reading Lateral literal linear & logical

Something real, without funny?

. . Texas Rancher: Executive Amnesty Rumors Fueling Immigration “Every time [Obama] opens his mouth about immigration… there’s a huge negative impact on us that live along the border…” Adan Salazar Prison November 18, 2014 . .   john born again in the usa • 7 hours ago  Look at the Huge Border Fences… Continue reading Something real, without funny?

Insane Repeated Zionist Lies

. . Canada’s PM To Putin: “I Guess I’ll Shake Your Hand…” Putin’s Response “Was Not Positive” Zero Hedge November 16, 2014 Following last week’s (humiliating for the US) APEC meeting in Beijing, in which the BRIC nations clearly distanced themselves from the “developed world” and the topic of the “Russian invasion of Ukraine” was largely… Continue reading Insane Repeated Zionist Lies

They just can’t stop lying!

. . Russia Demolishes Australia’s Kangaroo Court: Sends Four Warships To G20 Michael Thomas Prison November 15, 2014 TONY ABBOTT’S POLITICAL BOXING IS NO MATCH FOR VLADIMIR PUTINS GEOPOLITICAL JUDO ~ RUSSIA SENDS FOUR WARSHIPS TO AUSTRALIA NE COASTLINE IN ADVANCE OF G20 MEETING (Infowars repeats stories & lies on cue for world Zionism) Whether… Continue reading They just can’t stop lying!

Intellectual terrorism? Mockery?

. . Putin: Russian Economy Won’t Be Dominated by ‘Dollar Dictatorship’ Sputnik November 14, 2014 Russia plans to leave the “dollar dictatorship” of market oil prices and turn to using the country’s national currency and the Chinese yuan, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday. “We are leaving the dictatorship of the market where oil goods are based on the dollar and will… Continue reading Intellectual terrorism? Mockery?

Zeus Hades Jove or Baal?

. . Dystopian Movie ‘Idiocracy’ Predicted America’s Cultural Downfall Staring at buttocks becomes our national obsession Paul Joseph Watson Prison November 13, 2014 Mike Judge’s 2006 cult classic Idiocracy predicted our cultural downfall so accurately that elements of the dystopian society depicted in the movie are already manifesting in 2014 America. . .  … Continue reading Zeus Hades Jove or Baal?