The House of the Rising Sun

. IT’S THE ANCIENT WISDOM, STUPID . Alarming poll response from US Muslims on free speech. . Hannah Bleau Bizpac Review September 12, 2014 . While some Muslim Americans are joining the ranks to fight for the Islamic State, a newly discovered 2012 poll found that the majority of U.S. Muslims have a fundamental problem with the freedom… Continue reading The House of the Rising Sun

A line of illogical logic

. PRISON PLANET RANTS Once Again Obama Shows He Is Clueless About The Middle East . Michael Snyder Economic Collapse September 11, 2014 .   Sheldon Cooper • 10 hours ago WW3 !!! . .   Et.Tu.Britass (To) Sheldon Cooper • 2 hours ago Bomb Switzerland where all the really-big human worms hang out ~… Continue reading A line of illogical logic

Photos never lie your honor

. The Truth About ISIS & Obama’s War Speech (The best enemies money can buy) Paul Joseph Watson Prison September 10, 2014 . “By announcing a plan to arm so-called ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels who have directly provided weapons to ISIS terrorists, in addition to air strikes inside Syrian territory, Obama is pouring gasoline on… Continue reading Photos never lie your honor

Is ‘HE’ mocking-us again?

. Unemployed More Likely to Shop on Average Day Than Look for Job . Ali Meyer CNS News  September 9, 2014 ~ On the average day, unemployed America is more likely to be shopping—for things other than groceries and gas—than to be looking for a new job ~ (Bureau of Labor Statistics) ~ .  … Continue reading Is ‘HE’ mocking-us again?


. More idiotic ‘Prison Planet‘ comments from the idiot ~ (The one below was placed on an article on Russian nukes) ~ .   Et.Tu.Britass (To) Vengeance • 18 minutes ago  Anybody still got any pictures of the 70 kg 18 klm per sec anti grav kinetic weapons the Yanks perfected in the 80’s? ~ Obviously… Continue reading IS THIS WHORE DIPLOMAT JOKING?

“Saturno Contempte Deo Dualis Morbidus Spiritus Demono Demente Sancto” ~

. JUST A COUPLE OF (In-broad context) RELEVANT INFOWARS.COM POSTS ~  (A short tho expanded comment to an idiot implying the Vatican is the prime cause of political and spiritual evil in the modern world ~ Masons have been ordering lower-order pawns in the lodge to go after the Vatican for a while now already ~… Continue reading “Saturno Contempte Deo Dualis Morbidus Spiritus Demono Demente Sancto” ~