Always conceal, never reveal…

THE WORLD ZIONIST (Masonic) LIE?   😦 . US to Arm China’s Pacific Neighbors to Counter Beijing’s Growing Influence Sputnik News May 29, 2015 United States lawmakers are looking to arm and train American allies in the Pacific as a countermeasure to what legislators claim is Beijing’s increasingly aggressive behavior in the region. The Senate Armed… Continue reading Always conceal, never reveal…

Treason, or Masonic patriotism?

. First, a seriously–serious factual view   😦 . Russian Air Force to Get at Least 50 New Strategic Tu-160 Blackjack Bombers Sputnik May 28, 2015 The Russian Air Force will receive no less than 50 new Tu-160 (Blackjack) heavy strategic bombers. The Russian Defense Ministry will purchase no less than 50 new Tu-160 (Blackjack) heavy strategic… Continue reading Treason, or Masonic patriotism?

My faith is in me, just so’s you know…

The ability of American politicians to pull god shtick out of their asses especially at election time and get a kneejerk almost mesmerised reaction from the American people is scary to say the least ~ To have the lowlife pigs try to sit in judgement on my mostly law abiding civic faith as taught to… Continue reading My faith is in me, just so’s you know…

All on the Masonic square…

. Back in the biblical days the bible implies the Jews told the Egyptians that their god was boss of all other gods (At least that’s ‘THEIR‘ story) and tho it says the Jews only wanted to worship their own god, evidently they needed all of the gold and jewels of the Egyptians to do… Continue reading All on the Masonic square…

“I-got a (Mental) disease” now?

A quick overview of ‘THIS’  post for those who like to tell everybody else what ‘THEY’ make of what I’ve said here, those same (Secretly) Zionist Masonic pigs who’ve been pulling their ‘ON MESSAGE’  bullshit while they committed their treason on America, just like they’ve done so on every nation they’ve ever infested since they began… Continue reading “I-got a (Mental) disease” now?

In plain Englaise? ~ Im Klartext?

THEIR MASSIVE (Secret) SHAM   😦 THEIR SHAME KNOWS NO BOUNDS?   😦 FUGGER   😉 DEVIL?   😉 GOD?   😉 “Tomorrow is the price you’ll pay, for the bullshit of today” is a cute little phrase I’d literally come up with as an 8 y\o busy plotting planning and scheming against Zion to avenge the death of my step mom… Continue reading In plain Englaise? ~ Im Klartext?

Is there worms in a wormhole?

You can’t stop lying, America?  😉 A ‘Wormhole‘ got your tongue?  😉 Does America even know how much printed deficit-money their corrupt Govt is using to finance lying about everything 24\7 now, or do they just go along with the big safety and security of ‘PATRIOT-ACTORS’ in their congress even tho they know they’re lying large… Continue reading Is there worms in a wormhole?


This’ll require some deep thought  😉 Hell Unleashed Paul Craig Roberts Prison May 14, 2015 This is what the arrogant morons who comprise the US government have stirred up: Watch this video for its entire 1 hour 20 minutes, and then ask yourself if Washington is making a good decision by driving us into… Continue reading HIT THE (Enlightened) RE-SET BUTTON USING SOME SIMPLE TRUTH

Well? ~ Nya-Nya Nya Nya-Nya?

A 100% Congressional Amnesty for treason?  😦 For the shooters of ‘JFK’ and ‘911’ etcetera?   😦 . . The Bin Laden Raid Was A Work Of Fiction, And Barack Obama Should Immediately Resign Michael Snyder End Of The American Dream May 12, 2015 Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has uncovered one of the… Continue reading Well? ~ Nya-Nya Nya Nya-Nya?

Only liars need to lie

. I-challenge you to genuinely think   😦 Before the old-order murders you  😦 . Sen. Rand Paul: What You Discuss on Your Phone Is None of the Government’s Business Sen. Rand Paul TIME May 9, 2015 The sacrifice of our personal liberty for security is and will forever be a false choice. I’ve long said… Continue reading Only liars need to lie