Double (Identity) Trouble

. 2014: The Year Feminists Lost the Debate Why are feminists celebrating 2014 when they were soundly humiliated on every front? Paul Joseph Watson Prison December 30, 2014 Why are social justice warriors celebrating 2014 as the year feminism broke the mainstream? In reality, feminists lost the debate – on every front. .  … Continue reading Double (Identity) Trouble

Gay political-kabala butt-sex = Zionism in the Masonic Lodge

. What goes on behind closed doors in the male section of the Masonic lodge in the way of kinky male only sexual witchcraft from the Jewish kabala would soon shock most people, yet not as much as Masons Rumsfeld and Cheney whacking JFK from the Grassy Knoll for other higher order Masons, and then… Continue reading Gay political-kabala butt-sex = Zionism in the Masonic Lodge

A Question of Balance

. Zion is ‘LION’ again ~ (They’re lion-large) ~ . At the end of this shortish collection of sometimes sarcastic and often witty yet very occasionally extremely deep and meaningful comments on the reality of modern fascist America on a fake sandbox-site the US Taxpayer has been supposedly funding for the maintenance of the safety and security… Continue reading A Question of Balance

America, you totally cuckoo!

. ISIS Supporters Praise Attacks on French Citizens Driver targets pedestrians after he is unable to find soldiers or police Kurt Nimmo Prison December 22, 2014 December 22, 2014? December 22, 2014? December 22, 2014? A driver screamed “Allah is Great” before running down pedestrians in Dijon, France, on Sunday. (Any Sunday?) Eleven people… Continue reading America, you totally cuckoo!

New York? = Toilet-paper for Zion to wipe it’s butt now?

. Video: New York City Police officers turn their backs on DeBlasio in disgust Prison December 21, 2014 Rows of New York City police officers turned their backs on New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio at a press conference Saturday night after the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn. Related posts: RoboCops: Professional policing of… Continue reading New York? = Toilet-paper for Zion to wipe it’s butt now?

America? = Full of shit!

. (Read the following post to find out how it started) . Syrian No-Fly-Zone a Bid to Save Al Qaeda Tony Cartalucci NEO December 14, 2014 Recent strikes on Syria by Israel have been alleged to be part of a regional plan by the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel to establish a no-fly-zone… Continue reading America? = Full of shit!

“We deny we’re in denial” ~ (Washington DC politicians)

. . Must See: An Explosive Debate Over Sandy Hook Prison December 13, 2014 Rob Dew moderates a debate between American Free Press writer Keith Johnson and Sandy Hook Investigator Wolfgang Halbig. This marathon interview covers many of the questions that investigators are asking about the events in Newtown, Conn., as we approach the… Continue reading “We deny we’re in denial” ~ (Washington DC politicians)